Saturday, November 24, 2012


Commander Thaya ended his three part INTERVIEW with Hindraf’s Uthayakumar thus:
“In the end if we (and by we, I mean Pakatan) win this election and the marginalised Indian poor are overlooked for a variety of reasons, those poor unfortunate souls can rest assured, that Uthayakumar, will never forget them, and will never stop fighting for them, no matter who the opponent is.”

My personal pledge: Include me in this fight no matter who the opponent is. I lived in Sentul and taught there for 10years 8 months. I knew how my Indian students lived. I was dissuaded by a former student from taking part in the HIndraf Rally because it was led by Uthyakumar. I retorted that I was not joining Uthyakumar but the marginalized abject poor that I remember in Sentul… poor that RM2 for school fees was too demanding. I joined the Rally to salute the   parents of my students who strived through adversities all those years.

 They were poor but their Sentul parents (laborers, mandores, clerks, mechanics, at Jalan Strachan railway yard) made sure that the kids never got tagged with the “you pitiful poor sod” tag. They were poor BUT they did not know that they were POOR. The Sentul Indian parents held sacred their self-respect….give the child his right to education even if two brothers had to share school shoes….the afternoon session brother coming in early in flops, and exchange shoes when the bell rang for dismissal.
At reunion gatherings I beam with pride when I hear about them owning their own houses and taking their aged parents out of Sentul. I reminded them of the abidingness, bravery, endurance, indefatigability, indomitability, patience, perseverance, persistence, staying power and stamina, their parents’ survivability and tenacity that saw them through grips of hopelessness. I am often asked at such gatherings how come I have not received any recognition or awards. “You all are living testimonies of the awards. I need no less.”
My Pa was an ordinary CEB (later LNN and now Tenaga) meter reader. My Mum sold cinema tickets at Carlton Cinema before she joined the British Army as clerk-typist. My Pa held three jobs, the last saw him closing the accounts at Coronation Park at midnight before cycling home to 729 Jalan Pauh, Assam Kumbang. He too did not want my brother and I then to believe that we were poor. He bought us Beano, Dandy, Captain Marvel and Superman comics and Enib Blyton. He bought us Monopoly  and Meccano sets.  Being deprived of the necessities, he believed would be detrimental to our development. He gave us the best he could afford. That money could not buy – self-respect. I MISS YOU, PA. That is why I can empathise with the LESS FORTUNATE and Pakatan bloody well do the same if they know what is good for them!


sampalee said...

We vare all children of GOD only few like you realise thbis Truth

raj raman said...

Thank you uncle Z.

Freemason said...

Bernard, you make us Khoos proud. I had a chance to make alot of money but I chose to reject that job as it required that I sold my soul by taking bribes. I am poorer financially but I am rich in the friends I have and a fellow kinsman like you.

John Khoo

Freemason said...

Bernard, You make us Khoos proud. I had a chance to make alot of money but I chose to reject that job because it required that I sold my soul and accepted bribes in order to make that money. I am poorer financially but I am rich in the friends I have and being able to stand tall

John Khoo

Donkeys galore said...

We come from the same generation where we, Chinese, Malay, Indian would share the water from under the tap from our own cupped hands to drink after a game. Ravi did not need a Uthaya as much as I had needed a Uthaya Tan or Lim or whatever. We got things done ourselves, hard as it was. Let not anyone tell us or insist that we needed the Uthayas to survive.
The Uthayas need the Indians more than the Indians need Uthayas just as UMNO needed the Malays.
We have our self respect, and certainly self respect does not come from having a Uthaya to beg for us.
Wouldn't we be more respected if we get things done ourselves rather than "may we have some more please"
Yes MCA has been begging all these years and you know where it got the Chinese. No, the Chinese got to be where they are by themselves, certainly not through the self serving MCA.
No, my friends do not need self pity nor sympathy, we do not need to beg that's for sure.
Ravi and I have migrated from the estates and we are proud of it.

Donkeys Galore said...

"will never stop fighting for them...."
Why is everyone trying their best to condition the Indians to be weak and need to be 'protected' and God forbid, spoon-fed. We have had living examples of where that will end up, why are you doing it to the very same people you are trying to assist?

Anonymous said...

Indians community mostly look for instant hand-outs. So Najib knew their weakness. BR1M will swing Indian votes to BN. Sad but it is happening.

bruno said...

First of all I do not trust this Thambi Uthaya.When the going gets tough he swam all the way to the UK and got political asylum.And his co-leaders in Hindraf got to eat nasi kandar in Kamunting.

And all of a sudden he walzed all the way across the causeway,to be escorted by SB guys for safeguarding him.If a deal between his people and Umno is not sealed,he will also be eating nasi kandar in Kamunting now.He is definitely a trojan.

temenggong said...

Good and thanks, Zorro. You were heard loud and clear.

zorro said...

Bruno, I think you got the two brothers mixed up. Uthaya was in Kem Kamunting. His younger brother sought refuge in London.

sampalee said...

I think those in PR have poor hearing.They are at the end of a full term and honestly the poor state remain.What did they do with the saving of reduced corruptions[if there is any]

Jeyan said...

Though I agree we don't want to create a generation of dependent race that thinks the rest of us owe them a living , the capitalist notion that hard work and determination alone is enough will only work if there is a level playing field . Here in Malaysia , even if u work hard and obtain the necessary qualifications , opportunities are denied based on your race and whom u know . The Chinese have managed somehow to overcome this discrimination with a larger population base and a stronger involvement in the private sector which these poor Indians though . Helping the poor to achieve that little bit of platform to be used as a springboard to better things is not going to create a dependent society . NEP in principle , I believe would have been a good thing esp if it had been used on all those who were very poor . Unfortunately , NEP had been hijacked by BN and their cronies ( Malay and non Malay) for their own benefit and had created a generation of Malays thinking their are Tuans and we owe them a living though they remain financially and intellectually oppressed by their masters ,BN

bruno said...

Zorro,thanks for correcting .My mistake.Cheers.

Tiger said...

I am a son of a teacher.
Like you Bernard, I too grew up in Taiping.
We weren't well off, but our childhood was rich despite not having any luxury.
I know what it feels like to starve, and to be deprived of necessities.
I only hope PR can correct the situation for Malaysians and in the right way too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tq so much for remembering Sentul.We still live in Sentul and are awestruck by the new developements here.Sad to say there still are ppl here who have not moved ahead with the new Sentul.Hope YTL will be kind to these folk.


Donkeys Galore said...

A Taiwanese visitor had observed how lucky 'we' have been when more than half the competition has eliminated themselves. (But sorry your country will continue to lag behind unless 'you' increase your population)
Want a level playing field? Come to Taiwan and you'll want to be on the next plane back, its all hard work and determination or bust, she said, a single mother with a special needs child.
Lets get things done ourselves, make things happen, let's try harder?
Say thanks but no thanks to the NEP. Do we need another Indian/Chinese NEP?
Some one tell me please, what number bus to Utopia?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

MCA is not offering the Chinese anything positive but just keep on telling them not to vote for an Islamic party. Can this type of strategy works? Is MCA reason of existence merely to oppose the installation of an Islamic party into the government?

Ngan Tengyuen said...

Pakatan needs to pull their shit together.