Friday, November 2, 2012


By appointment I am back at UH and warded yesterday. Reason? The hospital authorities are onto it so I am not into it yet. Anyway the whole gamut and rigmarole of my medical history took precedence over why I am warded. Thus began the Q&A….my answers in italics:
You smoke? Sure!   When did you start officially?  Covertly and openly? What you mean? (I explained that covertly was a close relative of covered….she understood and continued:) So when covertly? 7 years old, smoked a rolled newspaper stuffed with coconut husks, in the jamban behind our government quarters. My grandma saw the smoke from the outhouse, panicked and formed her bucket brigade with a neighbor. The 7 year old choking TRUTH came out DRENCHED!  Then the covert got uncovered and a beating by Mum resulted. I quit practicing this theory of combustion….but OPENLY accepted a Matterhorn mentholated cigarette from one of my Form Five students when I called for a break in our extra evening English classes…..that was in the last quarter of 1965. How many packets a day? When I finally stopped smoking cigarettes and replaced it with pipe smoking, I would go thru 4 packets of Luckies non-filters a day! Your wife did not ask you to stop? My (ex-Salem) wife is a DECENT woman and knows better than to pursue a futile campaign. Mr Khoo, smoking kills! My younger cousin, the man behind Starbucks, Eric Khoo succumbed to a heart attack on the golf course two Fridays ago and he never smoked! Doc I know you are doing your duty dishing out this advice….dont waste it on me…. I am tired so leave me be.
She got my message but it would have been more effective, the way my friend Antares, my guest blogger this Friday, delivered it HERE!  


Antares said...

I have a pet theory why doctors and well-meaning health freaks are encouraged to pick on smokers. From personal experience I find that people who either never picked up the tobacco habit or managed to abruptly quit tend to be generally more disciplined and serious in their approach to life. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Incorrigible smokers on the other hand tend to be far more rebellious and devil-may-care - much, much harder to turn into a flock of well-behaved sheep. So the crux of the issue, really, is that Big Brother knows it's gar easier to browbeat and manipulate the ones who buy into what their doctors tell them and what they read in Reader's Digest. It has very little to do with health or longevity, I assure you.

If Big Brother were genuinely concerned about YOUR long-term health, it would have phased out the internal combustion engine and all polluting industries decades ago. And in the process it would have declared an end to war and begun to demilitarize the entire planet. Instead, the Puppetmasters are still plotting and scheming to cull the population by up to 90%. Where got meaning, ask you?

shanghaistephen said...

My grandma Jo who was very frail and about 5ft nothing, smoked regularly till the age of 92. She didn't die of smoking. She died of natural causes.
If smoking was so fucking bad, why pray tell me did the govt. dish out loans for tobacco farmers in the east coast states ? Double-speak morons who spend millions on "Tak Nak" bill-boards and at the same time give out tobacco farmers loans. How do you think these farmers going to repay their loans ?

caravanserai said...

Smoking injures
The body system
It's just got you awake
It never wants a short term

When doctors smoke
They say it's habit
They don't say to quit
They say don't follow suit

When habits are golden
It is hard to call it quits
The growing pain and old age
What's there to gain?

Let's the old dog stay
There is no way to call it a day
The decades into the smoke of scent
The smokers say it eases the frustrations

Anonymous said...

When I was in my late 20's, i had a bout of flu which invariably ended with a bout of coughing. Went to see a doctor and was asked the same question as to whether i smoked. I said yes and enquired if I should quit, and was really surprised when the good doc told me 'Enjoy'!

wandererAUS said...

Even in the healthy non polluted last frontier below, we still cannot avoid cigarette pollution! Although, I have given up after more than half a century smoking...reluctantly, this habit in Kangaroo land is causing me a big hole in my pocket!
Imagine, bringing my MR and spending it in AUD is a very painful affair.

wongty robert said...

As long as you enjoy life to the fullest surrounded by friends without any ill motives but kind thoughts and intentions for your well being, you will live on forever amongst us concerned Malaysians. Good health to you sir, we will need you more to watch over a PKR government after GE13

Jong said...

Blogging already Bernard?
Tabik you lah; admire your resilience! How true they say: Life isn't about surviving the storm but how you dance in the rain.

Take care and have a good rest, we need you to be at your fittest come GE-13! :D

Admin said...

hi zorro, you haven't told us WHY you were in Univ Hospital. are you sick? Hope not serious and you will continue to be healthy and use your sword/pistol to whip the corrupt BN. Hope you can continue at least till BN out of Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Majority of Chinese do not consider MCA as representing the Chinese here.The views and comments espoused by CSL and MCA belong to them alone and we do not necessarily accept them.In fact Chinese consider MCA as the eunuch in BN while Malays now consider UMNO to be the eunuch.So which is which ? We are also confused. Anyway whatever anger malays and muslims feel towards what CSL and MCA said regarding islam and hudud please vent it on them alone and not the Chinese here who have nothing to do with them.We are law abiding citizens who do not wish to stir up the hornets' nest.We already made up our minds on who to vote for come GE13.

Anonymous said...