Friday, August 31, 2012


Let me put it plainly but bluntly!
BN you are finished, FINITO!

Blogger and author of Tiger Isles, Donplaypucks picked me up at Bangsar LTR station at 720pm enroute to the Royal Selangor Club. It is 2;23am, but I have to say this…..the crowd assembling and OCCUPYING Dataran Merdeka and its surrounding roads, despite it being declared illegal, reminded me of the eve of Bersih3.0. The message by a significantly young assembly is quite stridently clear….BN start counting your days.

BTW, the petty traders did a rip-roaring business minus ikan bakar!

BTW again…..the Special Bunch gathered….complete with our official chauffeur and Minister of Grub…..GUS GAN!




bruno said...

The ikan bakar boss is fucked.He has been sick since sucking his political masters batangs.Soon his masters will follow him too.

Anonymous said...

So much of bright future for malaysians!

In Melaka, all, yes, all those malaysian flags [banner] hanging from lamp posts and in AEON mall are wrong!! The crescent is to the right of the star! So much for patriotism! What a joke when the foreign reporters get hold of this FU state!

Jong said...

Three Cheers to ALL you young(and old) brave Malaysians out there at Dataran Merdeka, so very proud of YOU! HAPPY MERDEKA!!

Tunku Abdul Rahman must be smiling from above, so proud of you guys! Yes change must come, it has to come GE13. Let's get rid of this corrupt BN regime.

Anonymous said...

Stop the bull-shit.
Only old losers like Uncle Zorro and Donplaypuks are the few in the yellow Bersih washed-out rally.
We the Gen X and Y were enjoying outselves with Najib from last night to this morning parade and tonight's Janji Ditepati rally.

Young 'uns

zorro said...

Young 'uns...I like to see young people happy....if you are happy with Najib I am happy. But just be honest when you make a comment here. Go collect the money....dont forget to say thanks you for the "crutches".

Jong said...

Najib obviously know where his regime stands now and it sure must be worrying him.

Seen at Dataran Merdeka on morning of 31st Aug 2012, at the end of the parade, he literally 'turun padang' to mingle with the crowd for their 'kodak-moment'! Never had that happened before. I observed it had always been for those VVIP Cabinet ministers and their spouses to leave after The Agong, everyone then hop into their chauffeur-driven limousines for their sumptuous lunch elsewhere, compliments of Malaysian tax-payers!

Anonymous said...

Very angry to see Najib hijacked merdeka celebration to syiok sendiri in Bukit Jalil stadium.

Noticed his entire cabinet in new attire in every function. Who pay for the attire cost? Look at Singapore PAP leaders, they only dress in the same white attire in every function.

Anonymous said...

东姑阿都拉曼 在独立广场大喊"Merdeka"



Ubah Selamat Malaysia

Anal Selangor said...

This is a better national day message:

一諾千金 said...


Anonymous said...

Najib is using 'Tanda Putera' movie screening during the election campaign to warn the Chinese that he could reinitiate May 13 tragedy if BN were to lose?

Anonymous said...

BN is a party that works on patronage and has lost its way in the last 55 years in power by forgetting that its primary role is to listen and serve the rakyat. Just look at the current states where BN are the opposition, they are like chickens without heads and cannot provide any positive arguments or improvements for the state.
There is a lack on new blood in BN and this will lead to its downfall. Dr M is "spot-on" when he claimed that once PR wins it will be difficult for BN to win again - this is a FACT as the rakyat sees the improvement and transparency in PR's running of Penang and Selangor state government from deficits to surplus.