Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The cabinet has accepted a suggestion to reprimand three key BN leaders, Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Gan Ping Sieu and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin. for their open objection to Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950. This was dessert topic after brunch a few hours ago. Glaringly no MIC rep was a conscientious objector, it was observed.

Preceded by some vituperative Indian expletives I have never heard before, Raji exploded: Fat chance UMNO’s blue-eyed hand-kisser Kamalanathan can stand upright to be counted!


Anonymous said...

this KAMAL stoop so low to kiss the hank of MOO hee donpp what ajoke-- clowns running our nation-- see we see cesspool n shit all over -0ur nation is in a big mess-- corruption all over __

Anonymous said...

Kamalanathan accepts that he is a pariah according to interlok.
Hulu selangor awaits GE13 .

Anonymous said...

Moo forgot to wash his hands just now from the washroom?

telur dua said...

Kissing hands is good practice. Practice makes perfect. From there he can progress to kissing a--.

Anonymous said...

ha2 will he kiss UMNO toes?

najib manaukau said...

Why do you think all the coalition parties are in the coalition of BN ? Records will show everyone is in the coalition for the glamour and also the crumbs of what the scumbags and parasites are leaving behind for them.
Above all to kiss the asses of the morons and to endorse what the morons from Umno are passing. Just ask them to show what have they ever objected ? Everything the morons ever wanted and proposed were and will be legislated ! One day soon these ass kissers will even give away their wives or daughters to the scumbags and parasites when asked. It is for these reasons Malaysia is in a bloody shamble !

majib manaukau said...

What a sight to behold ? That is a good reason for the DPM to want to come the P.M just so his ass can be cleaned up whenever he needs to !

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

There is always the possibility
of UMNO-BN kleptocrats doing
a "good cop, bad cop" show.

Some of these "UMNO-BN internal critics" may just be playing an insincere game of the "good cop"
role in an attempt to fool us.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Kamalanathan is a shining example of the running dogs in MIC. These fellows are not in MIC to serve the rakyat, especially the stupid, uneducated, ass kissing Indians. They are there for the crumbs that fall off the UMNO table.

Hey, you stupid running dog (Kamalanathan) learn to stand up and fight for your constituents. Why are you kissing that moron's dirty, tainted hand? Haven't you heard of a hand shake?

So long as the MIC, MCA, GERAKAN and PPP shameless dogs have this ass kissing mentality, they can NEVER stand up as MPs, ADUNs and represent the rakyat.

All these scumbags from the coalition parties of the BN should be kicked out during the 13th GE.

Najib's 1WALKABOUT squandering the rakyat's money should cause him to WALK OUT of Putrajaya.

Nothing is sacred anymore. Even the spirit of MERDEKA has been hijacked. What fucking 'janji ditepati' has Najib accomplished.
All the 1Malaysia and other1this and 1that are nothing but BULLSHIT to con the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the picture. See how servile that pariah dog is. No wonder Indians are termed such in Interlok which the MIC could not even get rid of from the literature syllabus.

Any wonder why the Indians are 3rd class citizens or NO CLASS citizens, fit only to work in ALAM FLORA as cleaners.

Stupid MIC monkeys bringing a bad name to their families and to ALL Indians.

Jong said...

LOL!!! "Ass-kissers".
Guess this MIC chap learnt something from Umno's infamous son-in-law Khairy Jamaliddin, right before a shocked PakLah and VIP sympathisers, friends and relatives at Endon's grave where he perfected his bodekwara for that kodek-moment, remember?

Cari makan ma!

Anonymous said...

Dei para nai kamalanathan,
TAMILANnay nee soothu adichitay uon suhathuku.
Pooi sauooda para nai.

wandererAUS said...

This hand-kisser Kamalanathan will not hesitate to kiss our Southern Kerbau his two balls!...if asked to.
How can a corrupted UMNO Melayu project himself like a little god?...bloody great balls of fire!
This UMNO Thamby really takes the cake.

Crankster said...

He looks like he's aiming for lower than just hands. But I don't want to sound crude or anything.

Anonymous said...

next time, kala go lower an give him a good kiss.
what a sight to behold.
section 377 aint applicable for UMNoputras or BN crooks. ask chua soiled lek.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He is kissing is own hand wat