Wednesday, August 8, 2012



shithappens said... err is 4give divine.....

at the very least an apology was offered...unless many from the dacing/cacing camp where ego supercedes all

Malaysian said...

Yes, to err is human and he should be forgiven.

Shithappens (what self-esteem you have of yourself?), don't make it a political issue any further, please.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Emotions aside, I think another 4 years wait is worth it.

Azizul Hasni Awang looks good to be the first Malaysian to win an Olympic Gold!

The MIND!!!

Anonymous said...


I thought you said it's a waste of blog space to write about MANO PUNDEK???? If yes, what's this title for??? An indirect way to salvage your words after ya BOSS had asked you to write something about it???

Never knew a PAKATAN RAKYAT blogger like you is a FLIP-FLOPPER just like BN. Cakap satu, bikin dua.

It's like you asking a kid to go & play marbles by telling the kid you ain't gonna talk about a specific topic. However, when the kid went & play quickly went against your word by talking about that topic of which you said you wouldn't waste time talking about.

Ada standard & class sikit boleh???? Old man like you still don't know how to have principles in life meh??? I think you DON'T need to go play marbles. You just need to go peel KUACI, will do.

*Sigh*...No wonder they said when you are old, it's a journey back to childhood. It seems the brains also serupa.

Anonymous said...

If "SORRY" is the GREATEST word, then.......

1) MACC should just say "SORRY'" for TEOH BENG HOCK's case & we don't need to go thru any RCI for it. Be it SUICIDE or MURDER....who cares??? As long as "SORRY" is said, then, it should be "Case Tutup".

2) PDRM should just say "SORRY" for the beatings of those YELLOW MONKEYS (I mean Bersih supporters). Who gives a DAMN whether is PDRM wrong or not as long as "SORRY" is said.

3) If all the CRIMINALS in our jails says "SORRY" then we wouldn't need to waste space building prisons to accommodate them. Let these CRIMINALS roam the street & allow them to rob us again. All they need to do is just say the great word of "SORRY" once again.

4) If "SORRY' is so great, we shouldn't need LAWYERS & JUDGES. We just need APOLOGIZERS.

5) Lastly......"FUCK YOU & FUCK YA FAMILY" & if you are angry with this statement, then, all I need to do is just "SORRY".

How beautiful is this word..."SORRY". It's the ULTIMATE PASSPORT from freeing oneself from all WRONGDOINGS.

"Malaysia BOLEH!!!"

zorro said...

Anon222pm...that post was in response to his SORRY after two days. The post was not about his off-color rantings! Of course, you don't get it!

Anonymous said...

Zorro wrote "The post was not about his off-color rantings! Of course, you don't get it!"

Sheer example how he's trying turn you round & round & round & round but at the same circle.

Just admit the fact lah. Trying to be delusive or creative here???

Anonymous said...

anon 343pm is spot on to justify this article's post. after 2 days or 3 days, does it matter? zorro got checked mate in his own game.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

He apologised and best to accept apologies.
I did wrote that Nurul is much more wiser than many of the veteran and older politicians .
We have to get moving to make it happen.

Bogey said...

anon222pm is just a pro-BN prick trying to get under your skin, Zorro. ... and I shall not say sorry for calling him a prick.

Anyways, to me, Macha apologised to LCW and that's all that matters. Better late than never. Besides, it's not for us to accept his apology, It's LCW.

Anonymous said...

If he is really sorry, he should pay for it, like pay 3 months of his pay to a charity
(orphanage or old folks home)

Sorry is not a game

Anonymous said...

Late sorry is still okay but when sorry is coerced out of a person it's not okay.

Jong said...

Why make a mountain out of a mole-hill?

What's all the fuss over Mano's unflattering tweet? Don't the man has his right to an opinion? So what if he hero-worships Lin Dan and not Lee Chong Wei, does it make him any less "patriotic"?

I am sure Mano is not alone. Infact he need not even apologise, for what? For his choice of word "...away" that offended some? Well if you guys are so narrow-minded then it's most unfortunate, your problem, not his!

Just because he is a politician you people see fit to demand pleasing words from him eh? OK now that he has apologised, does it make you sore-losers out there feel any better?

We can't deny the fact that LeeChongWei-LinDan match was an exemplary display of of world class Badminton and the best man won, a second time Olympics in row!

I just read a tweet "DAP mulls action on Mano"

This is madness!

YOU POLITICIANS on both sides of the political divide should stop riding on LCW's achievement but rather think of better ways to improve the standards of Badminiton that is so lacking today. We cannot rely on Lee Chong Wei alone, and please stop using him as your mascot!

cin2tan said...

ALL were hoping LCW to win ...but i was thinking LD 'should' due to his loving grandma's prayers ...& his clear tatoo on his left arm !

Jini said...

And I totally agree with Jong. This is not political and every man need not agree with his boss!

Anonymous said...

Just Change, For Malaysia. Berubah, Untuk Malaysia.

Jini said...

I am a pakatan supporter but they cant even agree on one merdeka song/theme. Why cant we the people disagree? Wht democracy is this?? Must it be 'yes boss!' all the time??? This is sports lah. I can support whom i like!! When MU plays with Msian teams, does everyone support Malaysia only?!!!

Bogey said...

Jini & Jong,

Spot on!!