Monday, August 20, 2012


“Passing a law loaded with bias to benefit one particular ethnic race is a serious flaw, especially when it is woven into the fabric of a supreme law called a constitution. The interests of other communities, according to the extreme flaw in our supreme law, quickly evaporates. I wonder if the Reid Commissioners were drinking cheap toddy, or smoking inferior weed, when they thought this through, and ultimately writing it in stone,” wrote Judge Navin Naidu, Founder and Law Professor at Constitutional Law College, Greater Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

As of Dec 27, 2007, the federal constitution has undergone more than 200 constitutional amendments. The amendments to the judiciary are devastatingly loathsome. Naturally, Article 153, however, is untouched, and still in the pristine condition it was originally penned to entrench more than affirmative action.

I wonder if the regime change post-GE13 will amend, or commend, Article 153. Will amending Article 153 become the Malaysian dilemma with a good measure of a counter-dilemma to accommodate the legitimate interests of all races?

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