Sunday, August 19, 2012


My regular reader Manjit who resides in Finland directed me to a posting he put up in Najib’s Facebook. His posting lasted just a few minutes before it was taken down. Anyway here it is:

I just sent this out to the P.M Najib of Malaysia on his FB page . Lets see if I will be seeing the Raya in a cell. "Mr. Prime Minister I come from a family of govt. servants tracing back our roots to 1843. My ancestors have been soldiers and in the Police force my dad being the only exception being a Electrical engineer with LLN/TNB. This tradition has been carried on by our youngsters, my great grand nephew is today in PARA 2 with the British army in Afghanistan.


I find the statement by your cousin Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein ONN (HERE)rather disturbing. My family have always been supporters of BN but what your cousin stated has put a lot of us in rather foul mood. If you have people like him making statements like this without using his brains than you do not need Pakatan to beat in the next Elections, you have your own clowns in BN making silly statements like this who will make you lose votes. Does he mean to say that all this while the Police force have been just giving out parking tickets and directing traffic since Merdeka? So botak Chin shot himself in the head, the gangsters and triads which were the bane of KL in Bukit Bintang just retired due to old age and just gave up their bad ways> they repented due to their conscience? Either Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Onn is a moron or he is a retard and it is time you replaced him with somebody who actually has brains to handle the tough job of being a Home Minister. We the descendants of the Armed forces and Police force are owed a huge apology from G.O.M. You mean to say to all the widows of Police Personnel which includes my relatives that their Men and women who shed blood, tears and life were just main main? Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein statement is a total insult to their memories and to Malaysians who have stood fast and defended this nation. Please make that clown of a home minister to retract his silly statement, if it was coming from Ibrahim Ali or Bung Mokhtar we can accept it as they are clowns but for a person who has supposedly studied Law it is a joke!

I know it is Hari Raya, so Selamat Hari Raya pudichot Sham….could be your last as Minister when you pull down your cousin come GE13….fat chance you will “shake down the thunder from the sky!”


Anonymous said...

What to you want to bring home this raya? How about some truth?
Jom balik kampung bawa berita benar!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha Pudichot buduh Thank you for highlighting my concern. I 'm sure it's now passing through the grapevines of High street temple.
Artic Turban

Anonymous said...

Umno youth on the eve of Hari Raya tried to fan emotions and religious sentiments between Christians and Muslims, by posting a picture on its official Facebook page suggesting that a vote for PR will catapult Christianity into Islam’s unquestioned position as Malaysia’s religion.

The picture is a reminder of Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, which last year placed on its front page an unsubstantiated report suggesting that the DAP was conspiring with the Church to install a Christian as prime minister and create a Christian Malaysian state.

Enough reasons for all Christains to reject BN!!!!

telur dua said...

A moron is a moron is a moron. You cannot un-moron him.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Bernard, unable to access "HERE" the foolish thing stated by Kerismuddin. Please post again


patrick said...

...looks like his stupidity know no bounds!Hahaha!

bruno said...

What more to say about a man,who was well known locally as a national clown.Hishammudin later shot to fame as an international clown when his men attacked the women's maternity hospital during Bersih 2.0.And before Bersih 3.0 he earned the title of international moron,when he sent his men after invisible political activists.Is there a better word to describe this man.

vp biden said...

..paan di phudi...salaa haraam kodh najib te hisamuddin...dono bewakuf..!

Anonymous said...

VP saamjeh ahi, eeh seih gal hah,
Artic turban

Anonymous said...

from the Star...

"...Speaking at a press conference here Wednesday, SAC Ku also said 46 cases of house break-ins were reported over the past week, 22 of them in Sentul." Is this SAC Ku spreading a reality or perception that the crime rate in Malaysia has cum down?

Justice Lover said...

I lament the infamous saying such as to have labelled the NEP as “Walking Stick” or “Tongkat” for the Malays and other bumiputeras alike. Well, there is a certain truth in that if only it has been applicable to the ruling elite, families and cronies. NEP has no doubt succeeded in producing quite a number of selected lots to become instant bumiputeras millionaires and even billionaires especially during mahathir’s era.

What has happened to the malay/bumiputera masses and especially now? Their special rights and privileges as guaranteed in the federal constitution have been deprived of decades ago. Soon, if unchecked, the instant citizens originally from Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Myanmar are serious encroachments on the special rights and privileges of Malays/bumiputeras. Haven’t we learned the lessons from May 13th riots? Do we still put the blame on our non-bumiputra brothers for our miseries or should we envy sincerely the success of the chinese community in the business world?
Against the backdrop of NEP, it seems that we are allowing ourselves into the position as the malay proverb says: “Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga”.

Having the right socio-economic planning and of course coupling with good governance since independence, the malays/bumiputeras shouldn’t have unnecessarily suffered from economic backwards. Just look at the malays in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few. They are capable of surviving in odd situations and their mentality and economic standing are even on par with other developed societies despite no known “Tongkat” available at their disposal.

The point here is that has the NEP’s Walking Stick or Tongkat been for either the malay masses or the ruling elite and its cronies? If the latter is the answer, then boot them from Puterajaya before it is too late!