Thursday, August 9, 2012


As reported by national news agency Bernama yesterday, Noor Afizal Azizan escaped jail when the Appeallate Court allowed his appeal to restore the decision of a Sessions Court which bound him over for good behaviour for five years, in a sum of RM25,000 for statutory rape.

The three-member bench led by Court of Appeal president Raus Md Sharif unanimously set aside the five-year jail term imposed on Noor Afizal by the Malacca High Court in allowing the prosecution's appeal for an enhanced sentence.

Raus, in his decision, agreed with counsel Hisyam The Poh Teik that public interest would not be served if Noor Afizal was sent to jail as he had a bright future.

He is not even named in this Gemilang 2010 squad! Maybe his is just tapping on the door!

Bright future as defined by law or perception. We are told repeatedly that nobody is above the LAW. But this is Bolehland. YES!

What of the girl’s future?

This reminded me of what did happen to Guan Eng when he defended a young maiden also from Malacca. Dang!

The court failed to define “good behavior”….any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...


If NATHANIEL TAN sees this article, I think he would SHOOT you with his WATER GUN.

Don't you know NATHANIEL TAN always fight for the crooks & guilty individuals??? Look at the way he fought for YONG VUI KONG (the Malaysian drug dealer on death row in Singapore). I believe NATHANIEL TAN was rejoicing UP & DOWN upon hearing the acquittal of NOOR AFIZAL.

You better hope NATHANIEL doesn't come in here. Would you say RAPE is "NO" but DRUGS is "YES"???

I wonder.

bruno said...

A rape is not a rape if you are a star or person in power.This is why we call the courts kankaroo courts.How about LGE went to prison in place of Thambi Chik.Only in Malaysia.

new fart said...

Why am I not surprised here??? Has anything changed?

Anonymous said...

Samsam: Anonymous 8:48 PM must be another of those paid cypertroopers. the Yong guy is just another of those "mules" trying to make what they thought would be easy money and used by the real drug dealer who would never be so stupid as to risk themselves to carry their goods. Do you have to take away one life just because he was found in possesion of some illicit goods while the real " drug dealer" still at large? On the other hand a 18 years was commiting "sxx-intercxxxse" with an underaged 13 years which is statutory rape. And you think this guy should get a suspended sentence with good conducts because he has "good future" which would be destroyed if he goes to jail???

Anonymous said...

A judge is supposed to decide primarily on a point of law, even if it defies logic such as in the grossly nonsensical archaic sodomy or oral sex laws. We are used to the double / triple stds as applied by Msian "UMNO Justice". Examples include Anwar's Sodomy I & II & Chua Soiled Legs misadventure where one is relentlessly hounded the other got off Scots free.

Heck, even the PM is an "innocent" murder suspect while the MACC has confirmed "killers" (RC verdict) in its midst.

Statutory rape ? wtf does it mean ?

Rape is when there is forced entry. Was it forced or was it a happy F*Ck. In the end we are all hypocrites, especially the learned crooked Judges

passion1 said...

Uncle Z,
the Chinese saying, ' Yen khan shou puu tung'(eyes can see, hands don't touch), is Good Behavior.
Keeping victim at arm's length, is 'Good behavior'.
Keeping that part at 'tongue's length',but can Blow only, is Good behavior.
So much for Boleh land dictionary.

rohaniah noor said...

what bright future? is ist 100% sure he will bring malaysia gold medal in olympic 2016?
kalau setakat menang event biasa2, org lain pun boleh...

Anonymous said...

Ini lah, UMNO boleh, Kangaroo court boleh and Malaysia Boleh. Allah fearing tak boleh!!

Anonymous said...





Jong said...

"Rape" is rape! No matter who, the guilty party - the RAPIST must be made accountable and condemned in the strongest possible term but sadly in UMNO land, the corrupt rich, powerful, famous and the well-connected gets away with murder most of the time!

Remember the Indon maid who was allegedly raped by a dirty old man on politics, what happened to the case, semua selesai with power and money?

And whoever the VVIP was that ordered the erasure of Mongolian Altantuya's immigration records, how come no action taken against him/her? Fear to investigate because of his/her VVIP status?

What's going on 1Malaysia? Have you no shame, no integrity? The whole world is watching.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Z,

What does this show?

In Malaysia's MELAKA, RAPE is not a serious case.....and to show they are not serious, they have institutionalise a school, for pregnant young RAPE victims!

thank you,

The MIND!!!

mitchell said...

OMFG!!!!! only in Malaysia....really dunno what else to say....a very dangerous precedent set today....potential sportsman or straights As can commit crime and get away with it...13yrs old girl?? what was the stupid dickhead thinking..

Anonymous said...

Mengapa Pakatan mampu hapuskan hutang PTPN dan mampu beri perkhidmatan pendidikan percuma dari pra sekolah hinggalah ke Universiti..ikuti penjelasan Ahli Parlimen macang di vidio ini minit yg ke 40...tontonlah!!!>>>>>>​recorded/23645108

Jong said...

The quality and integrity of UMNO land judges is in question, serious!!!

Where did they come from, huh?

wandererAUS said...

Monkey judge in a Kangaroo court can make a salted fish swim again!...all you need to have "power and money". "You can commit a crime but, need not do the time"

Fauzi said...

Have anyone of you noted that there is an advertisement in the TV3 that Bersih 3.0 on April 28 is Angkara KOTOR?

It shows that Rais Yatim did not understood the court ruling saying Bersih is not illegal. why then this type of ad in the TV. Contradicting to the court rule?

Lets jom wearing YELLOW or Bersih 3.0 T-shirts at Dataran Merdeka 10.00 PM on 30th August in our 10's if not 100's of thousands. Bring your whole kampung along.

We dun care who wins the GE election as long as it is BERSIH & ADIL. ( CLEAN & FAIR ). Its NOW or NEVER.

Jin Zaidi said...

Dr. Mahathir’s mind has been saturated with the unpredictable future of his legacy. This old man is just not willing to retire from politics for the two simple reasons as follows:

1. To protect his ill-gotten wealth(most probably in billion ringgit) acquired during his 22 years in power; and
2. To help pave the way for his son, Muhkriz, who has being groomed for leadership to take over the helm of the umno/bn government in the near future.

The question is why is he so ‘busy-body’ and acting like a de facto Prime Minister? He said that the problem was not Najib and he’s still treating Badawi as a scapegoat rather than blaming himself for his 22 years of bad governance; and indeed he has been a father of corruptions, nepotism and cronyism. A weak leader denotes a weak government and if in the west or europe countries, such leader would have been rejected and forced to step down.

The downfall of umno/bn in the GE13 means the end of his legacy and his future is bleak; and he might spend the rest of his life in jail. That is to much for him to bear. So, no wonder all this while he is in the forefront to fight the Opposition using what ever dirtiest means available to him.

So, give this old man a tough lesson by booting UMNO/BN from Putrajaya. Let’s vote for “CHANGE” and save Malaysia.

Artchan said...

Fuck Raus!!!!!

Johnnie Lim said...

What kind of idiot judge is this? An innocent girl have been wronged and the guilty one get off free? Is rape not a serious crime ? The judge must have thought this is a joke. Good behaviour? Can he guarantee this guy won't be up to his mischief and commit the same crime again and if he does he knows he will get away as long as he remain in the sport?
What has our so call woman minister got to say about this?? Now this one is really a joke a man in a woman's dept. If he did not come out and condemn this serious crime he better resign from this post., and let a woman handle it.

Anonymous said...

Rapists thrives under BN?

Jong said...

At last a Member of Parliament speaks up!

Responding to an infuriated nation, MP for Puchong Gobind Singh Deo calls for a "review" of the reduced sentencing by Court of Appeal -

The 3 member Bench led by Court of Appeal president Raus Md Sharif had lost all sense of justice, unanimously set aside the 5-year jail term to protect a paedophile-rapist(future!!), not his 13-year old victim yet not a murmur from the current Women, Family Community Minister & Prime Minister - Najib Tun Razak to see the urgency to speak up for the poor girl!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is by and large a safe country. We have good laws to protect the young. Consensual sex with a minor is regarded as statutory rape. Please be informed however that our athletes with a bright future And RM25,000 is immune from this law! Simply outrageous! No wonder crime remains low. This, I guess in the eyes of the police is not considered a crime.