Monday, August 6, 2012


Often even a whole nation suffers for a bad man who sins and contrives presumptuous deeds.




patrick said...

...desperate last bid to rub shoulders with the rich and famous before he gets dumped!Celebs will keep coming 'cos 1M Najib continues to show them the money!He bought a whole stadium of attendees to listen to him didn't he?And what's Tiger and Najib got in common?They love chasing skirts!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha LOL !
Great piece !

Shhhhhhhh najib ! Dun tell them about those women

Anonymous said...

Who's paying for the game?

Anonymous said...

Georgecan pay for tiger's appearance fee USD1.88m, followed by food & liquor in Mines @RM888 per head (with braised scallop n sea cucumber n shendong cuntJ + nottingham premium ale) & ultimate hole-in-many from Malaysian supermodels/hookers. Want to join? Just lick his golf balls

Donplaypuks® said...

Tee off the 19th hole where no holes are barred!

wandererAUS said...

Two of a kind. It is likely they let their "TIGER" loose at the 19th Hole.
Dang! again Malaysians are made suckers!!...they have a good f**k we carry the baby.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,


How come u didn't write anything about DAP's MANO PUNDEK for his tweet about LEE CHONG WEI???

Is it becos MANO PUNDEK is from PR & you would be FIRED by ya paymaster should u do so???

Come On!!! Show you're a man of yaself. The entire country is already blasting that KELING away.

Anonymous said...

Mr Najib has always enjoyed life 2 da full. He will call GE similarly, right to the end as he awaits termination & jail term. Sounds familiar?

Anonymous said...

Najib will not have GE 13 until the term ends in April 2013.


The MIND!!!

zorro said...

Anon1209....boy....I dont waste blog space on stupidity although I suggested on my facebook that he needs to see a shrink! If you do not know what a shrink is let me know and I can explain. OK go play marbles now.

anti blue said...

RockyBru (apanama prodigy after pak lah was booted out) is featured in Saya Memilih Keamanan" ad on mainstream TV.

They say if don't vote the BLUE one then there will be no peace.

any comment, uncle Zorro bcoz i'm a first voter.

zorro said...

Anti-blue, follow your heart and you will not go wrong.

Anonymous said...

There goes Najib in his quest to score to score brownie points with his UMNOputra fanatics. The APCO mandarins would have charted out his road map to retain his hold on Putrajaya, but what Najib lacks is the finesse to remove the chaff from the grain.

How does playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods going to help the economy or the very divisive route that he has taken to bridge the chasm in our race relations? He has even seen it fit to proxy finance a racist May 13 film.

He is so adamant in his ways to stay in Putrajaya by hook or crook that he does not care the film might reopen old wounds and give some of his idiotic followers to start another one.

Instead of throwing the cowgate rouges in the slammer for abusing the rakyat's money, he is trying to incarcerate Razifi who is patriotic enough to expose the vile and obnoxious corrupt practices in Najib's UMNO/BN.

How does condoning criminal acts enhance his APCO devised image? Is he victimizing Razifi because he had the audacity to expose the Ampang LRT scandal in which Najib has his dirty hands? Is he trying to become another Mahathir who created the crony way of awarding multi-billion ringgit projects to his chosen friends. Is Najib perpetuating the patronage mentality in the country?

Najib goes on his image building promotional tours. His FLOM goes on a multi-million ringgit shopping spree while the poor rakyat has to suffer the ever rising cost of necessities.

The stark reality in the country will strike him during the 13th GE. By then it would be too late.

The urban as well as the rural Malays have woken up to his political shenanigans. They know what a farce he and his UMNOputra goons are. They would show their ire at the ballot box.

Even his bought foreign nationals with instant Mykads would not be able to save his sorry ass.

Can Najib give Tiger instant Mykad and a few million ringgit thrown in for good measure to induce him to vote for UMNO/BN in the 13th GE?

Anonymous said...

Oops, typo. Should be Rafizi and NOT Razifi. Sorry