Thursday, August 9, 2012


Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced today that 1Malaysia Development Bhd Foundation will extend RM100,000 in aid to the family of Alleycats band member A Loganathan, whose house was razed recently.

Speaking at a Women, Family and Community Development Ministry event with the underprivileged, he said this was to appreciate the late Loganathan's (right) contribution to the arts and the nation.

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bumi-non-malay said...

Is this UMNO Racist new Game....ask their murderous goons to target some Famous personalities, burn, injure...then come to the rescue with $$$$$$$ ...use media to Play it to the Hilt and Hope Rakyat diutamakan votes UMNO-BN??.....then 1st day of new 5 Year term.....Rape the country and the Janji tolong dilupakan......Loga' wife make sure $$$$ in Bank then vote DAP, PKR, PAS..... if after 3 hari zero don't panic ...3 days before election shout Janji UMNO adalah Jangi TIPU!!

Anonymous said...

I am a BN supporter. I don't agree with this at all.
Everyday you read about poor people whose homes were razed. They need that morey more.
If you dole money out like that, soon we will be bankrupt.
Am sure Loga's house is well-insured. They are not poor.
Is Najib so desperate to fish for votes since they Alleycat family are Penangnites.
Let Kim oops Lim Guan Eng made the contribution.
I think ada reporter yang gatal mulut asked him and he quikly jumped.

P.S.Is that Nurul Izzah's foto on the top. Wah she looks like a farmer's daughter.
Let father be a farmer and she a farmer's daughter. Ngam lor.

Fair for all

Anonymous said...

David Arumugam will then sing "SETIA" on RTM ?

fatcat said...

This one might many poor indians houses probably needs help to repair their roofs and here this singing group have sold millions of records gets 100K..

Anonymous said...

RM100,000 for Loga's family to rebuild,
RM500,000 for the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development for issuing the cheque,
RM1 million for Najib for making that public statement.

In the annual report of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, RM1.6 million was handed out to the needy.

That's how the number works.