Thursday, August 23, 2012


If You Cross The North Korean Border Illegally
You get 12 years Hard Labour.

If You Cross The Iranian Border Illegally
You Are Detained Indefinitely.

If You Cross The Afghan Border Illegally
You Get Shot.

If You Cross The Saudi Arabian Border Illegally
You Will Be Jailed.

If You Cross The Chinese Border Illegally
You May Never Be Heard Again.

If You Cross The Venezuelan Border Illegally
You Will Be Branded As a Spy And Your Fate Will Be Sealed.

If You Cross The Cuban Border Illegally
You Will Be Thrown Into Political Prison To Rot.

If You Enter Britain Illegally
You Will be Arrested, Prosecuted And Sent To Prison And Deported


If You Are An Indonesian and Philippino or lain lain



MyPR (Permanent Residence / Pemastautin Tetap)
A Driving License,
Voting Rights
Job Reservation,
Special Privilege to be Consider as Bumi,

If you convert to Islam, you can be Malay buy chulop like Rid Tee
Credit Cards,
Subsidized Rent Or A Loan To Buy A House,
Free Education,
Free Health Care,

And if you are a clever dickie,

you can be a Menteri Besar or even Prime Minister!

Oh Malaysia, what a great country, The Boleh Boleh Land !!


Anonymous said...

kerala mamak will do anything to fatten the family wealth

bumi-non-malay said...

Tun Dr.MEROSOTAN Malaysia...knows how to retain power by STUFFING the states that have FIXED Deposit UMNO-BN to retain Power..... Sabah Sarawak can give Malaysia an option to Migrate by a SUDDEN Change and form United Borneo....then send those Tun Dr. M Project IC people to Peninsular Malaysia and we go to Sabah / Sarawak.....this is to Surpass Singapore in 5-10 years. NOW Is the Time to Kick UMNO-BN + PKR Out!!

najib mnaukau said...

You know why ?
It is because Malaysia cannot find anyone of their own kind intelligent enough to be their leaders just like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir.
Not only he became a Malay, when he is not a Malay, he even went on to become the President of all the scumbags and parasites of Umno.
He then went on and cheated his ways to become the P.M. of Malaysia. That was his primary aims to become a Malay. Worst of all he even went on to continue his innate cheating ways to remain as P.M. for 22 years.
He is supposed to have retired and what do retired people do ? Play with their grand children, tend to the garden and etc but he is just as active, if not even more proactive than when he was the P.M.
Not that he was not proactive during the time when he was the P.M. , he was proactive only to collect his mega commissions from all the mega projects he implemented.
Now that he does not have any more right in the implementation of the mega projects he is very pro proactive in politics. Daily he is not only heard but also seen in politics. Because he now has all the time in the world to get involved in politics for two reasons.
First to ensure his son one day to become the P.M. and most important of all is to ensure he will not be indicted for all the atrocities, frauds and cheating he has committed and also to avoid the ill gotten gains be sized back for Malaysia to settle the debts Malaysia is in because of his stealing. I can go on listing and on for days on this shenanigan but I would rather plea to all true Malaysians to cast their votes so that all these scumbags and parasites will be kick out of Putrajaya. Don't wait anymore !

Anonymous said...

Everyday i prayed the devil will drag this Mahakutty to hell for the rot and sufferings he caused to the Sabahans....
Now he is spewing rots from his cancerous mouth...about the devils we should trust????
When will his punishment comes we wonder?

Anonymous said...

Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty came up with an ingenious plan to take over Sabah from the Sabahans, especially the Kadazan-Dusuns with his Project Mahathir.

Now Najib has followed his mentor's adivice by creating instant citizens our of foreigners. Foreigners from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia can become citizens of Malaysia automatically if they pledge to vote for UMNO/BN.

Mamakthir sold the rights and privileges to foreigners to have a strangle hold on Sabah.

Now Najib is selling the rights of Malaysians, especially the Malays, to foreigners because he does NOT TRUST his own race.

In years to come celop Malays like Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty would become the Menteri Besar or the PM and boss over the Malays.

Have the Malays become slaves to the crutch mentality and rent seeking that this evil, mad man came up with to control them?

They have to be morons if they are slaves of Mamakthir's project to enrich his family and himself.

Anonymous said...


You should get your Sabah/Sarawak blogger friends to post this to remind the people there that their rights have been encroached by aliens courtesy of BN.

Daniel Oon Swee Lee said...

You Chinese people worked so very hard, laboured day and night, toiled like kuli, (with blood, sweat and tears) just to pay taxes, cukai pintu, cukai tanah and renew licences, to the Ruling Elite Evil UMNO-BN Regime for the past 50 odd oppressive, dictatorial & tyrannical years! (Especially 22 years under Dictator Maha-Zalim Dr.M!)

Now what did the UMNO-BN Govt rewarded you Chinese people? The ever increasing influx of Pendatang Haram's! These Pendatang Haram's are awarded Blue IC MyKad with the criteria that they enroll as UMNO members and MUST be converted to Islam!

On Polling Day GE-13 , these Pendatang Haram's (Indians, Indonesians, Bangaladeshis, Myanmese, Africans, etc) will be queing-up standing next in-line beside you 2nd-Class citizens, with the same rights to vote the Govt that have granted them illegally the licence (MyKad) to be a citizen of Malaysial!

Ultimately the day will come when these Pendatang Haram's will be appointed as MP's in Parliament, and the Bangla's and Indons will be the NEW Raja-Raja/Sultans & of coarse the NEW King/Agung will be an African!