Friday, September 16, 2011


SHANGHAI FISH in today’s posting HERE is considering pulling down this logo from his sidebar. I say NOT YET……


As Taipingites, we cannot allow this structure to taint the town of everlasting peace.

If the PM wants us to BELIEVE him, he has to raze this infamous reminder of intrigue, treachery and selected persecution.

Perhaps the future Sultan of Perak should initiate this or do we have to wait for YB Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin to retake Perak?

Let me again say TERIMA KASIH to Bloggers who kept the above logo on their blog sidebar and kept faith with this effort.




Anonymous said...

Be positive. I think we should keep it. Some people may want to pay to experience life in the detention center. It could be a top tourism draw and a reminder of the atrocities of our government against those people who were detained on mere suspicion.

zorro said...

Anon815pm...knowing our flip-flop tendencies, if not demolished they will find another reason for it.

Anonymous said...

We never take the words of the flip-flop king .

ISA in the guise , May be a naming contest is coming up soon for the new version of ISA.

We are a sweet and innocent lot..

Jong said...

Obvious sign of desperation was all over the faces of those flip-flopping baboons lining up to give him the claps when he did the unexpected many Malaysians do not think he has the ballz oops, gall to make it possible - repeal the ISA. Question now is, how serious and sincere is Najib? - Bullshitting again?

Mere WORDS won't work. We want action, quick action and good follow-thru. It's common knowledge, the guy is cunning and cannot be trusted so why should we believe him this time?

Remember just 2 months ago, he and his kerisman cousin Hishammuddin went berserk at the thought of Bersih 2.0 that they shocked the nation, sent thousands PDRM to tear-gas and spray chemical laced water at protestants and participants, even threatened the use of Silat masters as first line of defense to whack the hell out of civil society in the streets of KL.

We should unite to make sure BN is repealed!

bennymat7 said...

Once again the presence of a sizeable Pakatan MPs & Aduns and the huge public opinion & protest against the ISA are the factors and reason leading to the possible repeal of ISA.( and replacement of another type of detention without trial in a different format and name- so that stealing of public funds can continue ? )
It is very important & crucial that we have a strong Pakatan representation for checks and balance. Better still a Pakatan Federal Govt to tackle all the very serious issues of Racism, Injustice and Corruption.
Let us all renew our faith in seeking a better Malaysia for all and lets NOT return to the very Dark Racism & Corrupt Days of Mamak Mahathir.
Najib can turn out be a fantastic ,reform PM if he give up Finance post ( see how Sarawak Taib & MahaTHIEF enriched himself and family ) and embraced the agenda of Pakatan Rakyat and reform our Polis,Judiciary, MACC & tackle corruption that is eating away the wealth of the country.

Anonymous said...

Fuck la Zorro, you people are a bunch of assholes.

ISA is abolished. Be done with it. Move on. Whats this nonsense now about wanting to demolish some building? And should this building be pulled down, what you want next??? Compensation??

Go fuck yourself or drink yourself silly. Drunkard. We need to focus on more important things like our economy, crime rate, education system etc instead of wanting some fucked up building be pulled down now.

Anonymous said...

... and if PR wins the next GE should we also tear down Putrajaya, seri Perdana, Parliament house, KLIA, Sepang, Dayabumi etc etc?

Dumb arse.

najib manaukau said...

May be that is what he might want to do just to build a new and more sophisticated detention centre somewhere else in Malaysia ?
Nothing will stop the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras from doing that after the next GE.
And then it will be built in a more remote area and harder for the visitors to go to.

Tiger said...

Eh, Mahathir must be rolling in his grave!

Anonymous said...

Crikey! Just how naive can Malaysians be? Just a word from the Sodomite that ISA is repealed and so many already celebrating? Fcuk Najis! Don't forget the arsehole said he would leave no stones unturned to find out about TBH's untimely demise and yet RCI came out with NOTHING! FCUK Najis until he is out of Putrajaya and we shall deal with him and the whole bunch of stinking Bumipootras later.

Jong said...

It may be faster and easier to repeal Barisan Nasional(BN) than ISA!

Let's do it, shall we? United we shall stand, come GE-13!

Anonymous said...


The ISA will be replaced by 2 other new Acts which when combined together will still be the same ISA. Najib is trying to be like a magician. He thinks that with a sleigh of his hand (in this case his mouth) of repealing ISA, everyone will rejoice at his "gift" to the Malaysian people (The Star referred to Najib's repeal of ISA as a gift to Malaysians, how sad). This is pure nonsense. Just wait for the 2 new Acts and we will see nothing really has changed.

Najib's boss TDM has also not yet spoken up on Najib's "gift" to the Malaysian people. TDM is waiting for the right time to condemn Najib just like he waited for 54 years to condemn Tunku Abdul Rahman's "Merdeka" liberation from the Brits.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ September 17, 2011 8:25 AM

It is fucking naive people like you that keep BN in power for over 52 years. So you are one of those who believe Najib when he swore by the holy book that he has 'never met that Mongolian woman'. There is no need to investigate and get the facts!

You see, life is not so simple that one word from Najib and the law is gone forever. The Parliament has to formally repeal the law and we all know darn well that between now and the actual event, Najib may start shitting in his pants or his people may tell him 'up yours' .... and ISA stays.

Also, if ISA is abolished, all those people who are still detained should be freed immediately from Kamunting. There is no law to deny them their freedom.

There! I'm giving you 2 points of wisdom to help you learn something educational.

Of course, you may choose to stick your head in the sand and your arse up in the air and let BN play you. You may actually enjoy it but the rest of us Malaysians are sick and tired of slimy creatures like Najib saying something and doing another.

zorro said...

Anon952pm....wah you very terror on Anon 825am. Chances are he may not understand what you mean by burying his head in the sand etc....for these types idiom and methaphors dont work. They will understand you better when you say: eat shit and die....but then again they may take you literally and actually do it. Anyway thanks for allowing him to see the light. Dang, I am getting into idioms again. Ciao brother.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Sept17 @ 9.52pm,

Firstly, it is blind gimps like you who are so one sided that you are walking around in blinders.

Your PR in the first place are the ones that put idiots like Ibrahim Ali in Parliament. Perak was lost because of some PR reps who claimed they were clean before 12GE but cant resist the RM when it was put on the table.

So, what the fuck are you talking about here? PR is better than BN? Idiots like you are so full of thrash.

Look at thrash like Wee Choo Keong, that fat ass Zahrain etc ... from where did they come from?? Do yourself a little favour little boy, before you want to educate others why dont you do a check on yourself first?

What about that DAP, Ronnie Liu?? Do you dare say he is clean?? Try to be honest with yourself boy. Do you dare say Ronnie is not involved with some illegal stuff in Pandamaran?? What about Lee Kee Hiong of DAP who dished out contracts to her uncle??

Look at your PKR. Can you honestly say that they are clean?

What a fucking moron you are. Bodoh sombong like that drunkard, Zorro.

zorro said...

Wah early ans so full of spleen...bad night because Arsenal got nailed?
Ronnie Liu, no trust him lah! If Pakatan takes over and they take wrong step, we will crush kick them out! Rakyat is boss, no?
Me racist, leftist,and now drunkard? Thanks yah! Have a good day after a bad last night.

Jong said...

Hey, the fuck is the fall of Perak could have been triggered by that Jelapang prostitute + 2 from PKR but could have been saved(don't we all know!) if that SOB putz had some degree of dignity and integrity and not prostituted himself too!

Anonymous said...

Yo Zorro,

I dont support Arsenal nor do I watch football. Dont assume as you will make an arse of yourself.

What the fuck are you talking about when PR take over?? They already took over Selangor and do you not see the likes of Ronnie Lius and Lee Kee Hiongs and their rubbish???

Old fart, you are a blind fool.

PR is the same like BN. All out to cari makan. So, please dont say one is better than the other.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jong,

Dont go and put the blame on the other side for not having dignity when your 2 PKR plus that Jelapang lady are shady characters. If you lot say PR is the solution, then PR should have selected men & women of dignity and integrity in the first place instead of wolves dressed as sheeps.

Now what about that Perkasa chap, Ibrahim Ali?? He was from PR as well.

Anonymous said...

Since Najib took over 2009, we are paying more in terms of taxes and the price of daily expenses have gone up, many fip fop decision have been made, abuse of power, corruption and wastage are still there.

How is it that his leadership have made any changes for the better. So the so-called 'COOL' PM have realy no substance.