Monday, February 21, 2011


He pays sub-saharan mercenaries to kill his own people.

He also paid Maria Carey USD1million to sing for him.

His soldiers kill their own countrymen for free!

Our Malaysian armed forces will never sink to this madness!



Anyway just in passing I chanced upon this:

Ahmad A. Talib
New Straits Times

Dr Mahathir finds Gaddafi more open, more receptive

Byline: Ahmad A. Talib

Edition: New Sunday Times; 2*

Section: Opinion

Memo: (STF) - The politics well in place, Malaysian businessmen should now move quickly to seek a stronger foothold in Morocco, Libya and Bahrain. Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad has once again shown the way forward during his recent trip to these three countries (April 15 to 21), reports AHMAD A. TALIB.

IT was way past midnight and Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad had not yet returned to the Al-Kabir hotel from his "assignment"…………

…..I just hope Najib and Rosmah will not send Air Asia or MAS to bring back our businessmen…..if any….from these three troubled countries….






sampalee said...

December 21st 2012 will be the day when the veil over Truth is Fully lifted.During this narrow window of time,The LIGHT of Truth will reach every corner and mankind will return to source and rediscover their True identity.As the veil come down again,mankind will not be the same again as they now have the compassion of Truth,having seen the with clarity without the aberration and colouring of the veil.

The year[2011] leading to it will be a period of unprecendated upheaval as the veil unmoved for thousands of year starts to lift.
The one most affected are the politicians and those whoes livelihood depend on deceiving the public with false promises and cheating them instead.
As we move into 2012,we will talk about politicians as we talk about the dinousaurs that rule the ancient world as the world we know get a new face.Bad people who are honest still have a chance.For the munafiq,it is D day for all of them.

bumi-non-malay said...

Once an Islamic Terrorist ALWAYS an Islamic Terrorist..Gaddafi = Tun Dr. MUNAFIK Mohammed went there to receive a MUNAFIK award for PEACE.... ha ha ha.

Goes to show What Other types of Terrorist Munafik Muslim would do to protect their Wealth like in Libya.....Just look at Gaddafi terrorist Son.....Like Mukhriz ...Like Hissapmuddin...Like Najis...Ready to TAKE down you who only have stones to fight THEIR MIGHTY ARMY......Because too MUCH CORRUPTION WEALTH AT country will take their $$$$$$ transfer unlike Egypt.....

Go to Tun Dr. Munafik Perdana Global4 Peace CRAP.....ha ha ha ha

TRIPOLI (Libya), Nov 30 -- Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad arrived here Tuesday evening for a two-day visit to Libya, where he would receive the Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights at a special ceremony to be held Wednesday evening.

ha ha ha A WAR CRIME IN REAL TIME..... That is Happening NOW in LIBYA..... Rot in Hell Tun Dr. Munafik ..... Allah bukan Butalah!!

Is what happening in Libya and Qatar and Bahrin A WAR CRIME..... Use helicopter and tanks to CRUSH unarmed protester in Libya.......

Don't ever think UMNO-BN Racist will not use ARMY to CRUSH Malaysian protesters......does Depends on whether the Malaysian Junior army Ranks will DISOBEY their Superior to Shoot to KILL unarmed ANGRY rakyat Malaysia..... those army who killed Malaysian(mainly Chinese) during May 13 are Ranked Highly in the Army Today....and that is a Fact.....will say more in my blog another time!!

Meanwhile...that is why Baru Bian would do good to be friendly with some Junior Army Officer of his Kind...He need back up plan to Take SARAWAK FREE and AUTONOMY! Why do you think Racist Zahid Hamidi wants to reorganise the ARMY Regiment and Locations across Malaysia.......?? To frustrate Racist UMNO Plans..... make some Barracks see smoke and so cannot move in yet.....that is Tok Janggut and Mat Kilau Jobs for you!! Plan we must....Support the RALLY AGAINST UMNO RACIST....Hindraf, Pakatan...semua Rakyat Malaysia Turun Padang..!!!

Anonymous said...

Birds of same feathers will flock together.

Anonymous said...

Our mainstream press do not recognize Israel as a country and simply call it as 'regim yahudi'.

So I am not surprised that madman Gaddafi is acknowledged as a hero by those BN flers although he is a known terrorist, just because he is a warlord of an islamic country.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply disappointed at the declaration by EPF of a mere 5.8% dividend or RM 21.61 billion payout for 2010 as inadequate and not commensurate with the 40% increase in EPF gross investment income of RM24.06 billion as compared to 2009's RM17.22 billion.

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi is in a different league from Mahathir. It will be an insult to put Gaddafi in the same cell as Mahathir ... insult to gaddafi, that is. At least, Gaddafi is openly ruthless and does not disguise it. He is there for people to openly hate him.

Mahathir? He is evil. He sow the seeds of disunity for 22 years under guise of bringing a race on par with the others. Even in the twilight of his life, he is openly promoting racial hatred. Next stop could well be promoting racial violence. He is EVIL and when I read of Mahathir nowadays, I think of Hitler ... and Mao Tse Tung ... and the biological experiments by the Axis countries during WW2. Malaysians for the next few generations will curse him ... for a start, I CURSE HIM for all the evil deeds he did and is still doing to anak-anak Malaysia.

motherchell said...

Thank you my dear Zorro for this highlight,
When the Security Council invokes Chapter 7 of the UN Charter -- Gadaffi may be barbecued. Its in a closed door session at this moment of time.
Did i hear someone in Bolehland say about body parts , disfigured faces and blood in front of Putrajaya???????????????
In retrospect---- will this water-boy be able to fly out of Sungai Besi with a no fly zone over Bolehland in place??

You take care my dear Zorro, Regards and good wishes