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Anonymous said...

Another APCO self-glorification futile exercise for the "first lady".

Anonymous said...

Wah , you outshone the Mamakutty Apanama. No wonder lately he seems to be trying very hard to get some cheap publicity.

Bottom line- U help Me I help U.

Terima Kasihhhh- Alley cat's style.

charleskiwi said...

Rosmah, please don't put anymore Botok into your face, it is already stiff enough !

mauriyaII said...

When we have Big Ammah there is no point in having a stupid foreign minister and a foreign ministry. Big and her equally big ego is enough to see through Bolehland's problems.

Wonder whether the carpet dealer, Deepak is her personal adviser in these matters or only for testing the softness of the carpets he sells to gullible and nymphomaniac housewives!

Anything is boleh in Bolehland.

bumi-non-malay said...

How about those affected by flood and problems in Malaysia.......was sufficient done to help?? Or was the help only photo sessions and because of election coming..........

Whatever it is Rakyat Malaysia wants UMNO-BN Out and the Sultan - Agong better take heed like King Abdullah of Jordon to MEET the aspiration of the people....otherwise we will end the SHAM Democracy Illusion-dellusion Democracy of Malaysia...... Corruptions and Murderers like MACC, Police...Must be Punished.......Be tok Janggut, Mat Kilau...the time for CONTINUOUS disruption needs to continue!!!

Anonymous said...

"The government of Saudi Arabian
granted unlimited access for the
Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF),
MAS and AirAsia to airlift
Malaysian evacuees from Egypt to
Jeddah after getting a call from
Prime Minister Najib Abdul
Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor."
Really ??? Madam is so powerful???. Why, why, why??? Our PM or our Foreign Minister got no "jalan" with Saudi ka ??? Very funny...Madam could convince the Saudi Authority better than her husband and the FM!!! Better appoint Madam to be the PM and change the cabinet !!!

Anonymous said...


Asril Sani said...

Thank you Aunty Rosey. I read in the Star you saying you worked until 2.30 a.m to liaise with the Saudi royal house on this.
You said it was due to your close relationship with the Saudi Government that made it possible.
You also said hubby was too busy so you handle the matter. But you later told hubby what you had done.
Aunty, can we nominate you as our PM in the coming G.E.?
Sure someone in Negeri Sembilan can offer you a seat.
I am serious aunty. Shahrukh Khan can help you in your campaign.

Anonymous said...

For some reasons, the PM's wife always either look sleeping or sleepy. Same thing on those pictures published on Malaysia Insider's site.

Kiew of Sarawak said...

Come on guys, we are not "them". Don't speak like one of them. Or are we?
When a wrong is done, we critise. But when a good is done, it is only approprate that we express our gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zorro
This posting about the Fat Mama is in extreme bad taste. Your no shit Blog shud leave the Fat Mama out completely ( as also some asses like turn-on-fcking-mode, it filthies your otherwise gallant blog like no other

Anonymous said...

PM is paid to do the job at best level, or else rakyart should fired him.

What nonsense good-Saudi Royal ties resulted free flow evacuation planes. If PM not our country PM, no dongkey shit care to know about him and his wife etc.

Garbage is the word!

chan mali chan said...

Asril Sani

My friends and I also read about our aunty Rosey in the Star.
Wah, she said as a mother she cares and worries for the safety of the students in Egypt.
You believe ah? My friend was laughing because from what he heard Aunty don't care about her daughters from her first marriage.
And also Najib's children with his former wife.
That's what he heard people sayla.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
not sure what is the intention of ur article. It's the govt's job to ensure the safety of it's people. He's paid (and stole some) to do his job.

1. charleskiwi, it's not just Botox la. She had face-lift ie face surgically pulled, but it's so badly done she cannot move a single muscle! She give Botox a bad name, :(

2. mauriyaII, we also don need the bloated Women&ChildrenWelfare & Education ministry, Big Mamma can take care of it all. She is helping single women, abused children, opening kindergartens, smart kids etc. Ah, she's also promoting tourism, so Ng Yen Yen can go retire.

3. Asril Sani, Khairy is not running in the next election, so ur Aunty can run in Rembau. But they need to re-brand her image (the job will probably be contracted out to APCO, but wrong consultant, she needs a proper physical makeover & learn to speak to people, not talk down to people). First, stop injecting anymore fillers into her face, she looks too bloated; she also need to slim down (her short frame cannot support her heavy weight, her knees wobble every step she takes) and stop wearing those big wigs. When she finally learns how to smile naturally and walk properly, she can go visit the wet markets and shake hands with the meat/vege/fruit sellers and hawkers in pasar pagi&malam to canvass for votes. Yes, she can wear glove like any proper Muslim women do, we will not raise issue with it, tho's she may do it for a different reason than Cikgu Normala.

And Gong Xi Fa Chai to all!

Eric said...

To be honest I think the Malaysian Armed Forces are "punching" above their weight. I am impressed by their performance this few weeks..
.as for the UMNO government … whole different story, should be put out to pasture like Mubarak

Air Force plans 9 evacuations a day
February 05, 2011
CAIRO, Feb 5 – The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RAMF) plans to mount nine daily flights from Egypt to Jeddah using three C-130 military transport aircraft to evacuate Malaysian students from the crisis-torn country, the mission's chief Col Abdul Mutalib Wahab said.
He said the aircraft could carry up to 200 people in each flight, enabling the air force to evacuate up to 1,800 people a day.

Malaysia navy holds 7 Somali pirates who tried to hijack chemical tanker; 23 crew rescued

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia's navy was holding seven Somali pirates Saturday after thwarting an attempt to hijack a chemical tanker in the Gulf of Aden, authorities said.
The Royal Malaysian Navy said its commandos injured three pirates in a gunbattle and rescued the 23 crew members of the Malaysian-flagged MT Bunga Laurel early Friday, less than two hours after the assailants stormed the vessel with pistols and assault rifles.
The navy sent a ship and a helicopter, which were then 14 miles (22 kilometres) from the Bunga Laurel, after crew members locked themselves in a safe room and activated a distress call, it said in a statement late Friday.

Eric said...

Actually Malaysian Armed Forces did good
TUDM with C-130 Evacuations to Jeddah
& RMN dealing with the Somali "Jack Sparrows"

This video should be everybody's benchmark, comparable to "Team America' They were ready to go within 24 hrs. of the "event horizon".


Watch Operation Flying Eagle:


Anonymous said...

Wow, I cried profusely on hearing the kind act of the First Lady. I think the First Lady should be awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for Humanity. Who cares about the flood victims in Johore, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan? Their woes are not on the international radar and its not worth the efforts of the First Lady to get herself involved. After all the respective state governments can clean up the flood mess in due course and in time for the coming GE to win more votes.

Hail the First Lady!!

Eric said...

WEIRD every state or country has some sort of Emergency Management Body...Malaysia has ROSMAH ???

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Yes, the Fat lady of Malaysia is powerful.
As powerful as C4 (pounds for pounds)

wandererAUS said...

...That First Fat Lady appearance has automatically devalued the prestige of your blog...I have to cleanse both my eyes! That ugly b*t.h!

Anonymous said...


Can I ask you one question? Would the PM's wife do the same if let say a bunch of Malaysian Indian students got trapped in India in a similar situation just like the one in Egypt or Malaysian Chinese students in China? Do you think they will quick enought to send a plane either to China or India to pick them up before even asked?

I once heard from a EU politician telling the Australian government that the Aussie can't joint the EU community because their farmers in Europe votes too!

In politics, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Like someone commented here, what about those who got affected by the flood. Has the PM's wife picked up the phone yet, or is she still waiting for her handphone battery to get recharged first? Perhaps she can open her home for those affected by the flood.

And ask your Aunty Rosey to come to Ipoh and stand for Parliamentary election! I am sure the good people of Ipoh will welcome her with open arms.

zorro said...

Anon1035am...a note sent to Patrick Teoh's Niamah on the plight of a Malaysian family's bid to get out of Egypt might be enlightening:http:

zorro said...


Anonymous said...

The Arab sheik must have a fetish liking for Lostmah!

Anonymous said...


did you get free dinner at Niamah's restaurant during CNY?

Anonymous said...

look at teh height difference in the picture. So 69 position will hard to achieve?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link.

Wow, the Staff from the Embassy must be the first to abandon ship, right?

Asril Sani, very quite-lah! Didn’t your Aunty Rosey tells you that they only evacuated students and not all Malaysians?

You all would have known that the Australian government too sent plane to Egypt to evacuate their own citizens. The difference between the Malaysian plans to that of the Australian was that the Australian also picked up citizens from NZ, UK and few other nationals too, at no cost to them (I believe). This is because of our good diplomatic relationship with these countries.

I just wondering if SIA would offer the same service to Malaysians trapped in Egypt despite all the mud throwing incidents between the two nations lately? If not, can you blame them? I would be disappointed if they don’t but I can blame them either?

Once again, nice article. I am sure Utusan, Bernama, NST and The Star must be desperately trying to publish this story themselves too.

zorro said...

Anon1225...not yet since he opened for business! You depend on free dinner? Malu yah?

Anonymous said...

Other countries already evacuated 1 week ago.

Anonymous said...

After the flood , one victim stopped to thank the volunteers who had contributed so much to this moving tribute. " NO ONE NOTICED WHAT YOU ALl DID ," HE TOLD THEM.

Precisely this NOT the wud be reply from the 1 PM- " That's the way We like it." . In simple word- NO NEED PUBLICITY FOR THE GOOD DEED. We did it from the HEART.


Hai 1 PM , The service that we do for the LORD (caring for HIS children) may go unpraised by men But when we stand before HIM , HE will reward us then.

It reminded me of question my pastor put to us long long time ago-

He was pointing to a Rat roaming in the church during the sermon asking the congregation whether the Rat is a christian cos it comes to the church ?


Asril Sani said...

Anon 10.35am and Anon 1.01pm

You guys failed to see my sarcasm.

Mek Det said...

Kenapa Najib diam diri dalam hal-hal yang melibatkan Mahathir. Beliau hanya memenagi
sebagai Presiden UMNO dengan beberapa undi sahaja semasa Tengku Razali bertanding dengan beliau. Beliau bukan sebeitu hebat pada ketika itu dan dengan kuasa yang ada pada beliau sebagai PM beliau telah membuat segala-galanya untuk mengekalkan jawatan beliau sebagai PM selama 22 tahun. Cukup itu sudah cukuplah, apa lagi beliau hendak campur tangan dalam hal-hal Pentadbiran Negara, Najib hendaklah bertindak terhadap beliau. Negara ini amalkan Demokrasi dan Rakyat tak akan diam diri bila nampak sesuatu yang tidak adil atau membenarkan sesiapa pun untuk memncampur dalam urusan Negara.

Anonymous said...

Najib warned that unlike Egyptian government, Malaysian government would be better at stopping people trying to overthrow it. Maybe Najib should consider removing the probable causes that might set people to try overthrowing his government. Corruption, legalized and institutionalized type, and the incendiary statements by mamakthir which kill the hope of some of the citizens for a fair and just society are issues that Najib should address rather than threatening people not to react to government excesses. Najib should also realize that in some places, a promise of the opportunity to meet with forever-virgins was enough for people to exchange their present for the unknown futures. What is more for the promise of change that could be realized in the same world?

Anonymous said...

If Jibby is not careful, a handful of those students brought back from Egypt may be initiating a revolution soon in Bolehland.

Mother of all cunning stunts said...

Hey Zorro, :-) tomato ketcup on your face, you got fooled by APCO public relations hahaha.

See Dean Johns take on that at Dean Johns on BN, Rosmah & Najib's hipocrasy. Perhaps a good idea to edit this post??? for it sounds like you are offering free service for APCO PR

Jong said...

HeheHHe, Mother of all cunning stunts - grab a mirror quick, guess where the tomato ketchup landed?!