Friday, February 18, 2011



His name is Gene Sharp. Stoop-shouldered and white-haired at 83, he grows orchids, has yet to master the Internet and hardly seems like a dangerous man.

But for the world’s despots, his ideas can be fatal.



bumi-non-malay said...

Pure Genius Zorro..... Everyone should read and start organising!!

We have to unite under one Banner that is the Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press and Freedom from ISA..

If not we are going to fight against Sultan/Agong, Army, Police, MACC, Rela, UMNO-Illegal Murderers, 3 Line, Main stream Media, RTM, Election Commission, Judiciary, Mufti, Jais, MAIS, UMNO-BN Cromies.......etc...can we afford to fight against them without being united under one cause? Unite to take Down Malaysia so that ALL also suffers...not only Rakyat!!

The Agong and Sultan can sit in their aircon rooms and watch as we rakyat are determined to bring down UMNO-BN Racist forever.... The malays are also realising their MYTH Sultan Kononya Defender of Islam....that is one corruption rule for me and the other for you.

So Right for Teoh family to Boycott the RCI...its all a SHAM and after more than 1 year...UMNO-BN Racist murderers thinks matters have been swept under carpet and non issues as far as Sultan and Agong are concern. Let me tell you that COUP in Kelantan Palace by son to oust father is another SHAM of EPIC Proportions.... Orang Melayu Macam inikah Tamadun Islam dan Melayu. Orang Bumi non Malay are aware of the injustice there and insult the ke-Sultanan....Perhaps that is the icing on the cake to end thier MYTH...make them ceremony Sultan/Agong like in Nepal..... Forget Raja Petra spin on them.... Perak, Selangor and Kelantan is all that is needed to make them ceremonial Malay Myth one time Sultan PUN ORANG BIASA!!!....remember that...

The most top said...

When God is about to confer a great responsibility on man, he will first exercises his heart with suffering, his sinews and bones with toil.

He will exposes the man body to hunger, subjects him to extreme poverty. He confounds the man undertakings with setbacks and troubles, therefore to stimulate his heart (or mind) to have patience and toughen his nature in order to supply (or to provide him with benefits despite of) his in competencies.

Meaning no pain no gain.

It's a quote from Mencius (Meng Tzu), a Chinese ancient philosopher.

Tiger said...

Anonymous said...

In just 3 years…Najib have lied….twisted .applied ll sorts of stunts..and contradicts himself…so many times…with a reputation that exceeds all past PMs.

Najib split personality is dangerous….and he is PM to get votes as all cost…since UMNO B is working with a slim majority.
Will Najib take heed over such predictions made by locals and foreigners with standings and experiences of Malaysians affairs?
Crazy to win 13th GE at all save his own life and future…and his family….Najib stands to loose more than anyone else…if UMNO B lost control…and govern.

As such…you can be sure…he neither care nor hear anyone talking bad about him or his government.
He is defending with his life….as declared by him.

That is why…Malaysians who want change of government must stay cool and calm and act at the 13th GE..and not be easily provoked to angers and take laws into their hands.

13th GE may not come so soon…as months over months…no matter how much those UMNO B ministers try to fool Malaysians…the signs for change of government is getting stronger and stronger….no matter how many by-elections they can win with their stunts and dirty bribery acts.

But people are getting poorer and poorer.. and hardships are real and lives … difficult to manage by millions …and these people have nothing to loose and may sacrifice themselves like what we read and saw in TV in Egypt.

Indonesia have shown the way for Muslims …how to be free from
Dictators and corruptions.
For those Muslims in Malaysia supporting double standards and corruptions …they bring shame to their Muslims brothers and sisters…..too long….and enough is enough.
In Malaysia…it is more than voting for change and getting rid of corruptions.

It is a vote for GOOD or EVIL.
And with that… conflicts may really materialized..with more deaths hanging over his head…if Najib does not wake up to the truths and face the consequences with dignity and fearing God.

Anonymous said...

· 1 day ago
Remember folks, this case against Anwar has never been about the furtherance of justice, it's about the furtherance of Najib staying in power longer than Tun. M. Najib sees Anwar as the only stumbling block. Also a convenient means to distract from the many unresolved questions of Altantuya murder. He can outwit DAP and PAS by giving either a negative tag each. No tag can fit Anwar b'cos Anwar hailed from the stock of UMNO, thanks to Tun. M who recruited him. This SODOMY II as a follow-through from SODOMY I is a convenient tag. Hence this case.

Cheen Peng said...

ISA is against M'sian Communists who laid down arms in 1989. Now we need to replace it with Anti-Terrorism Act against religious terrorists.

Najib must be brave to do so now, and he should not wait until 20 years later to tell us that he is stopped by the police to make it happen.

Aries said...

Here's wishing YB Lim Kit Siang A Happy 70th Birthday.

A man of principle, foresight, perseverance, humility, selflessness, and who consistently fought for the well-being of the country whether in good times or bad. He is a hero to many Malaysians from all walks of life regardless of race, creed or inclinations.

sampalee said...

All things good and bad both have a life span.The contribution by LKS will always be remembered.He too must reckon with life span and not overstay.Also do not confuse age with life span which is related to service time.As an example,a one year old car can clock many times the running hours than a five year car that is parked most time in the showroom.

Anonymous said...

Plese do not be fooled into voting for BN. Once Najib gets his 2/3 majority, the dark side of 1Malaysia will emerge.

He is good to you now while he needs your vote. Be warned!

1Malaysia is empty slogan. Unlike in Singapore the government gives cash to its citizens in the recent budget annoucement.

Anonymous said...

Utusan is only fit to be used as “kertas jamban” or toilet paper. It has repeatedly and shamelessly churned out writings attacking PR leaders especially DAP and its leaders. Most of the accusations lashed out by this wicked and devilish paper are mere lies and race cum religion slanted.

All right thinking people should boycott the paper and condemn Umno the devious master behind it.

bumi-non-malay said...

Then LETS B**N UTUSAN Printers DOWN...its a 90 cents listed company of UMNO Racist....Printing Plant within Reach if you have Archery Skills......tip of the arrow need to elaborate...Tunggu APA??....put them out of their misery and be the TOK Janggut ala Pirate of Carribean or Mat Kilau....

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