Wednesday, February 2, 2011


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Protes solidariti bersama rakyat Mesir.

Jumaat 4Feb.


Berkumpul di hadapan Masjid KLCC


motherchell said...

The videos are true gems Zorro! Yes ! Yes the U putras have become deaf and dumb suddenly. They have looted and will continue to loot , they will continue to murder, they will continue to lie --- till the Day rises--- What can the Uputras do when the revolution starts ??? They may have abodes all over the West -- what they dont know is we have them all watched---- every move -- and every word and every masquerade they shadow on!! Like the Baginda guy --- i dont think he knows we watch him 24 hrs a day . They can all run --- but there is no place to hide.
The New Millennium is for truth and justice ----- how in the world can oil prices go up when there is a true fight for democracy???--How is it stable when a tyrant rules???--- because the crooks rule the media and the markets like our least educated UMNO MPS who break into email accounts , own Rm 2 Co's etc who scratch the backs of their masters for favors... Today even the Americans know how their country has been run!!! The UMNO whores can stop all their bullshit from on!!! Can the scums in the corridors of powers at Putrajaya sleep anymore from on??? The world is watching!!!!!!! Time has come to see the removal of the dirt from society!!!! The New World order is here to stay.
The symphony that accompany these videos makes ones adrenaline rush to see justice done for the people at the doorways of stolen power !!I wonder where the Royalty will hide their next sapphire??
Great post Zorro!!

Anonymous said...

the reasons for the egyptians to take to the streets sound familiar in our own country.

but we dont hv the guts to do the same. we are fat. we are contended. the real advserse effects, while lying dormant and real, have not gotten to us yet.

anyway, most of us are too jaded to do anything apart from posting anonymously in the net. most of us dont dare to pull umno's big fat cock lodged inside our anus for the past 50 years or so. we walk funny everyday with umno's big fat dirty cock inside our anus, but our assholes are so numb and we are used to it.

but there is no stopping me from joining a crowd of, say 200,000 already in the streets. but i won't be the first.

before i do anything like what the egyptians are doing right now....
i need some momentum.
i need anger and dutch courage.
i need to be pushed to the brink. i need a teoh beng hock to happen to one of my family members.
i need the reality to surface that my country is, in fact, going to the dogs.
i need umno to tell me another thousand times that i am not worthy.
i need umno to wave the keris another 1000 times....
before i do anything other than typing gung-ho statements anonymously in the net.

i am sorry. i am sorry. i am a coward.

Vox populi, vox dei? suara rakyat suara keramat?

power to the people - john lennon?


SureRock said...

hmmm...the population of Egypt is 79 million.....their unemployment ranging from 11% to 17% depending from which source u take....lets say all source are wrong the unemployment is only 10%...that is equivalent to 7.9 million people without any stable jobs....

no wonder they got so much time to go to the streets unlike us Malaysian...practically they have all the time in the world to do so

Anonymous said...

The second video just make me realise a glaring similarity between Egypt and Malaysia: There are also many overseas Malaysians who are overwhelmingly opposed to BN rule!
Yes, we shall act as the eyes and ears for those back home and if I ever see Najis walking in Gold Coast, you bet he'll get an earful!