Friday, February 25, 2011


It’s the same story all the time!



mahaza said...

Is he the one with "We have 12 votes in this house" man?

pinsysu said...

how we wish that there was 8.0earthquakes in taiwan when those BN_UMNO MPs were there for their 'agricultural' study trip ...

Anonymous said...

‘Interlok’ is a book of no literary merit whatsoever. Everyone knows that!

But now the Ministry and Minister of Education, Perkasa, UMNo and UMNO Youth have all thrown their weight against withdrawal of the book on the grounds of merit!

This is really the evil and pernicious effect of 40 years of ill-executed affirmative action, that worthless policies should not be shelved in favour of racism and bigotry and promotion of jingoistic and chauvinism.

All that’s been achieved is that the author has suddenly become very rich due to UMNO patronage. ! Malaysia? My foot!

sampalee said...

God only advise us not to lie.Politicians are just gatal in challanging God openly.From now on politicians will drop like flies and there will be no revival for them the last of the mohican.

t beng said...

NEP has failed to lift the general malay populace, economically. It only succeeded in sending a small number of them skywards. The BTN course, which was designed to prop up them up psychologically, too is not producing the desired result. Now umno is using a more direct approach. Interlok. Through formal school teachings, umno tells malay kids that indians are pariahs and chinese are useless for they sell their daughters. Umno’s grand design here is to depress the position of the rest of us. A depression of the surrounding would certainly have an elevating effect on one’s position. That is relative. And that too is deceitful for it is totally unreal.

But would our fellow malay malaysians be duped? That is the question. No. Not those who are educated. Not those who are properly informed. Not those who like the rest of us who have the ability to reason out issues. Lets hope they help themselves and the country by reaching out to those village-folks and exposing them to the devils in umno.

MekDet said...

This is how pathetic Mahathir is, saying the country has been 'successful' due to the willingness on the part of the Malays to share their wealth with other races. The following are the contradiction of sorts from Mahathir's statement:-

1. If the country has been successful, how come the Malays are still living below poverty line needing the NEP to continue assisting them?

2. It is a big lie to say that Malays are willing to share their wealth with the non-Malays, just look at the statistics to realize Malays have been virtually dominating in the civil service (98%); govt contracts (95%); tertiary education (80%); privatisation projects (100%); heads of GLC's (100%); etc, etc.

3. If the country has been successful, how come the country's economic growth has been languishing at below par since 1997?

4. if the country has been successful, how come we are suffering from the effects of 'brain drain' with an estimated 1million of our top brains seeking greener pastures abroad ??

5. If the country has been successful, how come the Singaporean economy has managed to catch up with that of ours??

Mahathir is still entrapped in his own little world to think he has achieved much for the country but, in fact, he has done more damage to the country than good over his reign.