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...The Straits Times, FORUM PAGE.

Feb 7, 2011
The day it was raining money at Sentosa...

MY FAMILY and I were at the Universal Studios at Sentosa around midday last Friday. I was waiting underneath the roller coaster Battlestar Galactica which my overjoyed children were riding as it intermittently opened to the public for test runs.

Imagine my surprise when it suddenly started raining money - mostly Malaysian ringgit. Imagine my greater surprise when the crowd of people around me did not make a rush for it. Instead of filling their pockets and walking away congratulating themselves on their good fortune, strangers belonging to various races and nationalities organised themselves to pick up the money which was lying on the ground.

They found a wallet bulging with cash, a RM1,000 clip of 20 RM50 notes as well as an assortment of other notes - altogether not an insignificant sum. They then located a staff member and handed over the money and wallet to him.

A few minutes later, a family of six tourists emerged from the exit. They were distraught, fully expecting the money to be lost. The mother could be heard loudly berating her son for being so stupid as to drop the family's money packet.

But the family was in for a pleasant surprise. Without any fuss, the staff member approached them, confirmed their identity using the identity card found in the wallet and returned the money.

It was a wonderful display of honesty, integrity and decency by a group of ordinary Singaporeans and visitors that day.

Andrew Ong

me said...


Few weeks ago, someone found USD$40,000 in a bag here. The person (whiteman) found the money handed it over to the cops. An Asian lady came forward and claimed the money back. It appears that due to the strength of the AUD, she decided to invest into USD for future gains.

Not the same case as yours, but if anyone lucky enough to come across any large sum of money in the street, it's better to hand that in to the authority. These could be illegal drug money and would it be safe for you to sleep at night should you decided to pocket the money? If not and should no one come forward to claim it, it will be yours in 3 months time. Australian laws of course.

Anonymous said...

Umno is very worried that the people's protest in Cairo may inspire the malays to create another wave of reformasi. That is why Tun M is constantly diverting the attention of the malays to the potent mix of Ketuanan Melayu issue and Tanah Melayu issue.

Koshomo said...

Khabarnya pelajar-pelajar Malaysia itu cuma duduk di dalam penjara bawah tanah "Special Branch Mesir", namun kesan psikologi kepada mereka cukup serius. Dikhabarkan, pelajar2 yang ditangkap itu terus keluar dari Mesir dalam keadaan ketakutan dan terganngu emosi yang sangat serius. Khabarnya, kesan dari tahanan tersebut, mereka tidak lagi kembali ke Mesir untuk meneruskan pelajaran mereka.

Yang dikesali adalah sikap Kedutaan Malaysia pada masa itu yang buat tidak acuh. Yang menyelamatkan mereka adalah Naib Presiden PMRAM yang sanggup turun ke penjara bawah tanah tersebut merayu-rayu sehingga menangis meminta pelajar-pelajar Malaysia tersebut dilepaskan. Kalau silap cara, Naib Presiden PMRAM pada masa itu pun mungkin ditangkap dan disiksa sama.

Rupanya, 2 orang wartawan New York Times di bawah mendapat "nikmat" menyaksikan sendiri kezaliman penjara bawah tanah milik "Special Branch Mesir". Apa yang didengari dan disaksikan oleh kedua-dua wartawan NY Times ini adalah seperti yang dialami oleh pelajar-pelajar Malaysia tersebut.

Mengikut kawan Mesir Tulang Besi, bilangan agen "Mukhabarat" ini sangat ramai. Dianggarkan, seorang agen SB Mesir bagi setiap bangunan apartmen di Mesir. Sesiapa sahaja boleh ditangkap dan disiksa semata-mata laporan dari agen SB Mesir ini. Tidak perlu ke mahkamah ataupun tidak diizikan khidmat peguam.

Dikhabarkan tahanan2 SB Mesir ini disiksa, dipukul, dibiarkan kebuluran, dirogol, dibunuh dan macam-macam lagi. Begitu hebat "skill" SB Mesir menyiksa manusia, sewaktu selepas 911, Amerika telah menghantar ramai orang yang disyaki pengganas ke Mesir untuk disiksa dan mendapat pengakuan.

Harith said...

At the BN Open House in Penang, the DPM told the Penang CM to ” be fair to all—to the malays, the chinese and the indians”.
I was not there, or else I would had asked uncle moo why my neighbours received 10% off the purchase price of their houses when we are all doing the same work and getting the same pay. Why isn’t his advice of “be fair to all—to the malays, the chinese and the indians” not given to the housing developer?

Can someone here please answer on uncle moo’s behalf as to why I have to pay 10% more for the same house compared to my neighbours? Don’t tell me that it is because I am a pendatang or a mata sepet.
Mamakthir siad that UMNO now is corrupt and cares only about contracts and APs. That implied that he was clean and was never involved in making UMNO what it is. Everybody in Malays knows he contribution to this present UMNO mess.

Muhyiddin has just borrowed the same formula. He is trying to say that UMNO is not racist through that statement, but we know the story.

me said...

@ Harith

I once saw an elderly lady from South Africa on telly complaining to a reporter for not getting any help or assistance from the Government. This lady is Asian, I believe or mixed blood, looks like her root was from India, and this is what she has said: -

"During that whiteman rules, I was not white enough;
And now I am not black enough"

Well, Harith, whoever you are, you are just not browned enough to get that 10% discount!

me said...

Would it be fair to say that one of my comments was not approved by you, Zorro?

Anonymous said...

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi announced the order for 6 units of offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for the amount of RM6 billion from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd.

Zahid must explain the proposed RM6 billion purchase of 6 offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) from Boustead Naval Shipyards as it smells corruption and may lead to another crime involving the use of C4.

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(There are 4 parts in all, with
English translation)

zorro said...

Me, maybe my team did....was it offensive or racist....have to check with the team.

me said...


No. It was just few questions regarding MM's background, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Friends in Indonesia were telling me about the real threat posed by Bendera and other anti Malaysia groups not too long ago. It was only the action of the Indonesian police, uni authorities and many sane Indonesians that prevented Malaysian students from being harmed and people in Malaysia had no idea how dangerous it got.

Sounds to me like the government is more concerned about rescuing our students from dictator toppling, revolutionary mobs than gangs who go about yelling Ganyang Malingshit.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I wonder whether Marina with her wisdom and intellect is actually the atonement for all the evil that Mahathir did and is still doing. Is it an honour for Mahathir to have a daughter like Marina or is it a curse for Marina to have a father like Mahathir. The one thing you cannot chose in life ... who your parents are.

Anonymous said...

From The Telegraph, UK:

Mr Saraya's change of heart comes amid growing anger among state journalists following the killing of Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, a reporter for an affiliate of Al-Ahram, which was founded in 1875.
Mr Mahmoud, who died last Friday, was shot dead, allegedly by a secret policeman, as he filmed opposition protests from the window of his office with his mobile telephone.
On Monday over 200 Egyptian journalists, many from state controlled publications, marched through Cairo's streets chanting anti-Mubarak slogans and holding aloft a model coffin.
Highlighting the depth of the rebellion, the reporters had earlier surrounded Makram Mohamed Ahmed, the powerful head of Egypt's press syndicate and an ardent regime loyalist, chanting: "killer! killer!" and "down with the mouthpiece of the regime".
Like Al Ahram, which initially dismissed the protests as a non-event, state television has also been forced to modify its coverage of the uprising after a senior anchorwoman and a leading reporter resigned in protest.
Having repeatedly insisted that the demonstrations had drawn no more than 5,000 people, most of them in the pay of foreign media outlets, government broadcasters have for the first time acknowledged a major presence in Cairo's Tahrir Square.
But even as the protesters express their determination to remain in the square until Mr Mubarak goes, the president remains defiant.