Sunday, February 20, 2011


This morning I posted this on my Facebook:

Musa Ahmad ,39, raped an underaged girl 11 times within a month. He gets 2 years jail and one rotan whilst Baharuddin Omar gets 4 years and 3 strokes of the rotan for stealing a laptop. Makes your Sunday yah?

…..and these were some of the comments that came in:

Jacqueline Tegjeu-Martin

I read about that. Disgusting!
" ... Section 376 of the Penal Code which provides a maximum of 20 years’ jail and whipping upon conviction." (taken from the article)
20 freaking years! and this monster gets 2 years?? Why do we have such judges, I wonder!

Sean Ang

Since when Malaysians especially BN thinks in any logical manner?

Terrassie Lau

Musa ought to be castrated!!!! Bodoh punya judiciary.

Michael Chick

Uncle !! Illegal filming of a Movie in a Cinema gets you 10 years of Jail !!! That's even worse !!! It is safer to rape underaged girls (and boys) than to illegally film in the Cinema !
Such a retarded Community...

Aiman Abdullah

It is a well-known fact that the Malaysian judiciary system requires a total revamp, but I never knew that it was quite this… extreme. Something has to be done, no?

Nic Holas

Does it mean that stealing laptops is only for those desperate for a quick buck but for those desperate for sex, it's better to rape? Given a choice, is it better to rape?

Elvie Ho

It makes me wonder where the magistrate got his law degree?

Michael Chick

He bought the certificate from Khao San Road in Bangkok. They sell ANY Degree/ Masters/ PhD from ANY University !!!1 p Oh, and it's ready in 20 minutes too !! Complete with embossing !!

In an article (HERE) FMT asked: Are our judges blind and deaf?

I’d rather volunteer MENTAL!


J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Any amount of citizens' outrage is not going to improve the judiciary.It calls for the entire fraternity of legal professionals to register their disgust.They must down heir tools and protest. Otherwise, we can only live with such scum.

sampalee said...

Speculating is a waste of time.Take after succesful and proven way.Emaluate the egytian and have a mass peaceful sit in at merdeka square.Be prepared to sit for sometime.Refomasi failed,because the gathering dispersed with the arrest of AI[being stupid to get arrested and in his house ontop of that]The Egyptian sit out and stay out.

Jong said...

Holy Shit, how can we further tolerate a bunch of retards running the Judiciary?!

Enough, we must take this country back before it's totally destroyed, bankrupt and down the chute of DOOM!

Spook the Sphynx said...

Hmmm! Interesting JD!

Yeah! They could take it to the streets! That's the only way, they could redeem themselves!

Anonymous said...

Our Judiciary has been raped; in turn they raped the system and thus
the Rakyat becomes well and truly raped.

bumi-non-malay said...

The Judiciary HAD benn Broken down and RAPED By none other than the Tun Dr. Munafik RACIST Mohammed...Bapa KEMEROSOTAN MALAYSIA.

Glad Malaysian is realising things are not well only now...and not 30-40 years ago......BUT Fight we must in our little ways....and that is to RAISE the Cost of Living and make Malays see the lies myth of thier bumiputera Shameless claim. ALL MALAYSIAN should now put in any form that if they are BORN in Malaysia they are bumiputera.....Only the Ornag Asli are TRUE Bumis.....the rest are the Sultan Mitos...defender of Islam in Johor, Pahang, Selangor, Perak, Kelantan.

LETS ALL Support the RALLY to END RACISM Of UMNO-BN......this is not Hindraf Rally but a MALAYSIAN Against RACISM and lets hope it turns out to be a REVOLUTION and Bring Down UMNO like in Egypt, Tunisia......RACISM = RAPING Human Dignity!!! UMNO Racist Game.... Turun Padang!!....fe more days I will update my Blog.....we need to have Paradigm Shift ..!!!

Eric said...

I wonder if Musa Ahmad "negotiated" the sentence

Anonymous said...

Already gave up hope on our so-called judiciary that is bent on selective prosecution.

Anonymous said...

If religion is a sensitive issue, then why are people like Siti Nor Bahyah allowed on the TV to disparage other religions?

mauriyaII said...

The Malaysian judiciary has become an international joke at that.The CJ is documented as having torn up his marriage certificate that was issued in Thailand to escape from paying alimony to his wife. When the CJ can destroy evidence to escape punishment why moan about the judiciary?

After the mad hatter Mamakmahathir a/l Mohamad Kutty raped the judiciary good and proper and made the royalty eunuchs, every donkey who took over the mantle of PM behaves as if the rakyat owes them a living.

Look at the case of the delinquent assemblyman Badrul in Selangor. He goes awol without giving any valid reason in writing and the stupid asshole judge rules that he is still the ADUN. All these monkeys sitting as judges and magistrates are nothing but running dogs waiting for instructions from the UMNOputras. They have pawned their brains for promotions and titles as it is the easiest way based on kulitification!

Worse still are the donkeys who dare not make a ruling when a non-Muslim party calls for a hearing in a civil court. They conveniently do not make any ruling citing it is a syaria case where a non-Muslim has no standing whatsoever.

Bodohland is full of unpleasant surprises. Holding back evidence from the defence and throwing obstacles all the way leading to a conviction is another law of the country.

The only way to put everything in order is to get rid of UMNO/BN and take back the country for a better future.

Anonymous said...

As it is, the very CJ integrity has been questioned numerous times by the rakyat. But yet he kept mum till todate. So what do we expect from our so called Judiciary la!!!

Anonymous said...

The PM that destroyed all the nation's institution in Malaysia is none others than mahathir.

As such we should remember him as

Anonymous said...

relative ah? amnoputra club member ah?

Anonymous said...

UMNO and BN are very proud for the state of Malaysia today.

If the RAKYAT still can't wake up like what have we gone through the with the so many by elections.

That's shows that many of the Rakyat are still in bawah tempurung.

Middle East is burning like hell now...