Monday, February 7, 2011


Electronic waste, E-Waste or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is a waste type consisting of any broken or unwanted electrical or electronic appliance. It is a point of concern considering that many components of such equipment are considered toxic and are not biodegradable.




Jeffrey said...

The accusation about the tourism booklet twisting historical facts and challenging the early existence of the Malays in the island is just one of the litany of the many series of accusations against Lim Guan Eng (“LGE”), the object of which is to fan racial and religious sentiments and to portray him and the DAP as anti-Malay and anti Islam – and by extension PKR and PAS as well in collaborating with the DAP!

The other examples of such accusations are (i) LGE’s name had replaced the King’s during Friday “doa khutbah” sermons in some mosques in the state; (ii) LGE’s poverty eradication programmes are sourced from funds from haram gambling activities; (iii) law enforcers said Penang was becoming a hub for commercial gay sex services and the local councils seemed to encourage it; (iv) LGE had something against Malay traders in setting up Ramadan stalls in Komtar; (v) LGE canceled the Maulidur Rasul procession; (vi) LGE had had questioned the citizenship and loyalty of Utusan Malaysia supporters speech at the second Pakatan Rakyat national convention; (vii) LGE Govt wanted to acquire 200-acre site owned by primarily Malay settlers in Balik Pulau for the building of an educational hub of excellence. This resonates of placinmg meritocracy ahead of NEP!

The pressure to taint him and his administration with the brush of anti malay and anti Islam or anti Royalty is sustained and unremitting. No wonder LGE said in an interview, “Every day is a challenge. Every day is a survival exercise. It’s like experiencing Survivor”. He has the unenviable record of being the most attacked and abused Chief Minister in the whole of Malaysia – not only by ministers, but by other lower ranking UMNO’s MPs and even a civil servant (Nik Ali Mat Yunus) who called him “biadap” at an Umno press conference over the controversy arising from demolition of controversial twin arches in Botanic Garden.

To the ruling party much is at stake in targeting Penang, tarring his image and destabilizing his administration, and if possible recover Penang to BN’s or UMNO’s fold.

For Penang is a rich state. Penang land price is expensive. A lot of money is derivable from land alienation, quit rent and land registration fees (that could be used by DAP to finance election campaigns!) As land is under jurisdiction of the state, the privatization of the Port there may also be hindered by an uncooperative state govt.

More important he is the first Chinese CM not under BN and not kow-towing to UMNO. Besides he is trying to show case to Penangites and Malaysians what PR governance in contrast to BN is all about by personal example of not taking bribes, awarding open tender based on CAT the management of Bukit Jambul Golf Country Resort to a company that is worth more than RM 40 million; the effect of fiscal discipline saving RM33 million for 2 local councils in waste disposal and turning their accounts from red to black. If this kind of governance spreads its appeal, throughout the land, where will the old order of political patronage based on race/religion (to which BN is identified) stand????

Therefore he and what he stands for are a big threat to legitimacy of UMNO’s rule.

To put his actions under microscope and interpret, misinterpret and exert continuous pressure on him being not taking care of Malay or religious interest seems a good strategy to alienate Malay vote bank in Penang from the DAP. If LGE fails to draw the line and in defence goes out of his way to uphold Malay interest and Islam, then the attack is skewed the other way in hope to wean non malays’ and non muslims’ support away from him and DAP on grounds that it is playing second fiddle to PAS and leaning towards the Islamic state contrary to his secular pluralistic platform. So LGE has to tread a fine line between two pincers. They hope he trips in a major way and thats where they get him.

Joe Besar said...

I put it that the price of racism has been paid in huge spade already by everyone in this country. LKY said ‘imagine what we could have done with Malaysia’ and Mahathir himself said ‘its easy to be rich without NEP’..In hindsight Malaysia had every advantage all the tigers of Asia has AND more. What most did not imagine was the technological wave over the decades that the tigers was forced to take advantage of and suceeded with.

Malaysia made the same mistake the Communist did, just to a lesser extent. The communist did not see the power of free markets and individual freedom. Malaysia did not imagine the power of technological wave over the last few decades.

We should have arrived at the Switzerland standard of living or even higher by now and the issue of Malay competitiveness solved by now if there had been more resolved. That is the truth. Some pride of the Malays would have been hurt but that would be it.

The truth is now the challenges facing this country is even harder than before and the opportunities also not as easy given the entry of China and India in every space. There are still opportunities but delay only make things worst. The Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia made worst mistakes than we did over the decades but they are fast making up for lost times and they don’t have the same problems we have. If you look at how hard it is for them to climb the ladder compared to how we did it, then you will realise that for us to catch up to the other tigers of Asia will be harder than they have done it.

No. We have been paying the price of racism all along and continue to do so and the more we refuse to not pay the price, then the longer it will take and the more we will have to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

If BN and NEP are not removed for good, majority malays will never reform and could compete with others.We have to remove all if not most of the racist,highly corrupted umnoputras and the everlasting relying tongkat to achieve the goal toward an advanced nation.Time waits for no man. Do it in the ballot boxes.We must help to relay useful information or political view to friends,relatives and acquaintance if there are opportunity arose. There are many people don’t even bother to register as a voter or know who their friends and relatives support which political party. Some are reserved to talk for his own known reason??, some don’t have the interest or update themselves in politic. I will normally start with brief and simple discussion with them like the corruption cases,racial discrimination,lop sided judiciary,cops with license to kill ect. It will open up some people’s mind.

Anonymous said...

I am more worried about the wastage by the BN government!