Saturday, February 26, 2011





Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi should not use violence against protestors who have been on streets for days in a bloody uprising against the regime, said Malaysian Prime Minister Wednesday.

"We believe that he should not use violence," Najib Razak told AFP in Istanbul.

"What is important for us is to take into account the aspirations of people...The system should be legitimate, it has to be based on support of people", he added.




sampalee said...

There is ONLY ONE God and the Indians are also the children of God and Brahman or the Truth will shine and removes the shadows of all evils.The God for Egytians is no different from that of malaysians.God is angry and giving power to the weak while the evil hold on to firearm taht Tuhan detest.Love is the most effective weapons and the country must love her people.How do I know.I read the scriptures and it is COMPLETE.That is one need not read another book

zorro said...

Sampalee, pls call me at 0166319973.I misplace your #.

Anonymous said...

He forgot that he was the DPM then, when Hindraff organise a peacefull rally against the UMBOONO Sleepy Head gomen which margainlised indian community with the MIC as their tools.

Arent you Jibby?You advicing Gaddafi.....My foot....

Anonymous said...

Did you see the link when Mahathir said it was not him who ordered the 'Op lalang'?

Because it will be Najib's turn to say I did not order the violent force!

Old Fart said...

Well, whether he would like Gaddafi = Najib tag, we'll see tomorrow!!

donplaypuks said...

When push comes to shove Rosemajib will do a Gadaffi and cling on to power if what is happening in the ME happens here.

They will claim Tanah Air Ku and call in the army.

Will the army fire? 50:50!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

vinnan said...

Najib is not worried. The Indians as a whole are easily placated. The Hindraf march tomorrow will be a total flop.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you should send AFP pictures of innocent people in Malaysia who were arrested by our Police for just participating in a candlelight vigil !
Our PM thinks he can fool the overseas folks; so we need to tell them 'how' M'sia handles such situations.

Anonymous said...

Tell Najib bullshit and fuck off! Unfit to be PM!

Anonymous said...

Ain't the Satan smaller than him?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Perkasa, Umno Youth or any BN component party never has any trouble getting police permits (if they even bother to at all) to organise protests - including those verging on riots like the so-called 'cow's head' mob in Shah Alam - and never have any trouble with the police, while Pakatan Rakyat and independent civil society protestors are consistently harassed, arrested and even assaulted with tear gas, chemical-laced water and batons?

Even people standing around in candlelight vigils are roughed up by the police. The police are blatantly biased, and they openly flaunt their bias because they are not accountable to anyone. The consistently thuggish conduct of the police means they are the biggest threat to this country, not civil protestors.

Anonymous said...

Our current PM is just like Gadaffi. He even warned us of bloodshed if BN were to lose to the opposition in the next GE.

How stubborn Gaddafi is, will he eventually fall and it’s just a matter of time that catches up.

I can see from the stars that there’ll be chaos indeed after the next GE but it won’t last long.
Before the final count is out, most of the Umno BN fellas and their famillies would have fled this country already.

Even when Sarawak BN fall, most have made preparation for the exodus.

Left are just only a few remaining gangsters and hardcore supporters who’ll be trying to stir some trouble just for a few days.

Anonymous said...

BN will take this chance to kill off some more Indians.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Interlok touch on the chinese? Aren't our malay friends affected by these - the anti-racial sentiments propagated via our education system, the wrong facts being presented to our children and youn mind?

Isn't this dangerous and poisonous to our future generations?

Where is MIC? Are they not Inidans? Where is PPP and kayveas? Where is the MCA? isn't Chua soi lek affected by this? Isn't he referred to in the book as pendatang? This is injustice, discriminatory and racialism - isn't this why we supported PKR, DAP, PAS? Don't the opposition parties stand for equality, justice, anti-racialism, etc. ?

Do they just let the Indians take the beating all alone? Are they just waiting to capitalize on the anti-BN sentiments when the time is right?

Are they watching to see what will happen with the peaceful demonstration before they decide to participate or not? Are they planning to just walk in and wave their hands and reap the positive fruits of the protest after all is over? Are they just waiting to give their speeches after it is all over?

MIC/MCA/PPP - you are a shame and embarassment?

There is a limit and tolerance to what you can take from your masters. PKR/PAS/DAP/KITA, you are all a shame to to what you stand for.

aawilliam said...

India......this country only hv to stop buying our CPO,Najib hv to kneel down.....What happen to us human?Tersalah makan ubat ke?

Anonymous said...

Federal govt should be sensitive and resolve Interlok isu earlier, now it resort to arrest.


Release Hindraf protesters now!

Malaysian said...

Anon 1:35 PM,

Perhaps the report below from Anil blog explains why the absence of Pakatan leaders and supporters:

An interesting detail has emerged: a Pakatan MP told me he heard that Hindraf/Human Rights Party sources had told certain Pakatan leaders and their supporters not to get involved in or to hijack or take advantage of today’s event, as this is something the latter has organised. Thus, Pakatan representation or involvement in today’s rally is minimal, if at all.

Perhaps you should ask Hindraf to clarify about it?

Antares said...

PDRM are definitely Umno's uniformed goons and nothing more. The ones without uniform are in Perkasa. And the biggest ununiformed goon of all is that Supermamak from Kerala. What's keeping him alive, I wonder?

atomicscape said...

THIS Me -layus da betul layu , tahun 2013 hang tuah will tell them me layus sudah layu.

Anonymous said...

de fucking problem is. just like those our kiasu neighbour said... all the kanineh heads of other religion here are simply stupid & incompetent.

you have this kanineh putting up a fat boy poster which is bigger and glossier than their own god.

and there is another asshole kanineh who go all the way to hide their cross bcos that fat boy is around.

and some more all these kanineh buggers are damn proud... lol!!!

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia +1Interlok = 1Idiotcracy!
and 1 Moo iden fler leads the way!

Anonymous said...

Interlok is bad for nation-building.

Yet it will be forced into the mind of our children.

This is another version of BTN for students to be brainwash to accept Ketuanan concept. Be wary!

Anonymous said...

What the f... is this picture of Najib ? Higher than Buddah ... And then , indians protests to be respected? How can ? Looks like you enjoy to be put down ...