Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I went into Malaysia Today, took in the "my little scrapbook" bit to look for some new postings. This scrapbook was initiated by Marina to document anecdotes/thoughts of anyone who took this journey with RPK since his incarceration under the ISA. I go into this section to reinforce myself to stay the course. I get energised by the inputs. However this morning....yes it is 2:20am now....I chanced upon the first negative feedback from one Bengali Kunday. He said to Malgal on her contribution "Tee for Terror" HERE

written by bengali kunday, October 20, 2008 19:18:53

Would you lot have gone into so much trouble if say RPK was a dark skinned indian man. Definitely not !! Get real and wake up.

Malgal - making money of others people's misery ?, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Somebody, please tell me from which carcass/cadaver did this maggot feed on and worm himself out from? Has to be from the lowest life-form.

Malgal......good thread....chances are this worm could not understand nor appreciate a good write. ...can you fathom this: "dark skinned indian man"! Obviously he is not aware of the fair-skinned Parsee/Parsi from India (here)

Malgal.....don't lose sleep over vermins like this Bengali Kunday, even if they try to infest this fair country.

Macha....smell the coffee, pundak!


RitchieLow said...

Zorro, you wear a black (dark ?) mask too (at least in pics I see about zorro), I'm digressing.

Anyway, y u wanna bother with this chap as obviously he can't see beyond color and race. He should have ask, "would you guys have bothered if there is this other fler (borrow from Niamah) acts like RPK and did things like RPK and sacrificed like RPK ?"

Then all will see where his folly's at.

artic turban said...

BERNARD FIRST OF ALL let me tell you a sikh will not use the term bengali konday on himself, its a degrotory term used by the uncouth to call the sikhs, names, Like the saying goes 'sticks and stones', anyway he sounds like a bloody uncouth pariah cyber trooper who's being paid or a moron with no brains.

Crankster said...

LOL. Thank you for hammering the fool properly, Uncle Bernard. I can't stand people with that loser attitude.

chong said...

well, idoit and coward are everywhere.

btw, you look cool. saw you last sunday. but didn't talk to you. cos you look a little intimate too. :D

wandererAUS said...

Every now and then, we come across this sort of creep,so just leave this maggot alone in his shithole. I suspect, he maybe, planted by Nono-putras.

Antartic Burbon said...

Rox UNcut wrote this on Monday, 13 October 2008...
"RPK was arrested on Sept 12 and sent to Kamunting under ISA - for being a loyal bitch" which i tend to agree.And does that make you a loyal bitch's loyal bitch?
I know where your loyalties lie bernard,and finally you removed rocky's out off your blogroll huh.Good to see that the commies are in your blog now. Syabas and regards to bangali kunday.

Anonymous said...

yam..yam !!
dark-skinned = mamaks lah = tdm & children , penang bukit rat, omar sharif, zam dll ....maggots !!

zorro said...

artic.....I am convinced it is not a sikh but a hired gun. I had to use the tag as it appeared.

chong....intimate or intimidating....I have been told the latter....cant help it lah...born to look that way....but I tried smiling always but friends asked me what I am smiling about....smile also cannot, dont smile also cannot.Sheesshhhhh.CALL OUT TO ME NEXT SUNDAY OK?

Patricia said...


I am a 'dark-skinned' indian, though I never refer to myself as such. And this idiot is doing us no favours, is he? The twit! Crankster is right, he is a loser!

And ditto to what Artic Turban says!

And you're cool whether smiling or not ;)


Cruzeiro said...

As you say - he definitely isn't a Punjabi Sikh. Or else, he'd at least know the diff bet'n a Punjabi & a Bengali.

If you have ever followed his comments in the past - you wouldn't have taken him seriously.
He's a trooper.

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&*&^%$#@= KL mayor has within 2 short years spent 1.5 juta, our hard-earned bloody tax money on his 11 'fun & enjoyable' overseas trips ...@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ...damn...
damn...DAMN...DAMN...DAMN !!