Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Me, I cannot answer this question. I will have to answer to my conscience. Conscience some say is that little voice that tells you "NO, you don't." and conscience is also that little voice that tells you: "NAH, it is OK,,,,you don't do this everyday....give yourself a break." Bottom line.....what type of conscience do you have? The former is God-fearing....the latter is telescopic or elastic....expandable...pliable by the environment and the people around you.

In various postings I have insisted that there are good men in UMNO, men with vision. Unfortunately the oppressive culture of the movement, corrupted by intransigence, irreverence for what is good, and take-what-you-can-when-you-can mantra, has the good ones distanced and looked askance at. The good ones leave, as they are convinced that maybe they can change it from the outside. Yes I am thinking of Zaid. But like he said when asked if he would rejoin UMNO: "Maybe in my next life."

Is this only happening in UMNO. Of course no. It is not UMNO's monopoly. It happens in all political parties......from the Peninsula to the Eastern States. Why isn't Anwar moving if he has the numbers.
Is it because money from Peninsula is doubling to prevent a double-cross? Is it happening in the five opposition states....you bet it does....but we watch and our sledge-hammer is with us.

But despite all these, it is heartening to hear an UMNO veteran, come out with the truth:I salute him.

Rais: I've been asked to pay for my votes Oct 20, 08 3:28pm

A veteran Umno leader today said he had been asked to pay for votes in an upcoming contest for top posts, and warned that money politics would destroy the organisation.

Foreign Minister Rais Yatim said "the majority" of Umno members were more interested in making money out of the election than in voting for the right person.

"The majority of Umno people want to look for money and not for good leaders," said Rais, a member of Umno's decision-making committee who is vying for the vice-presidency.

"We have been approached under the cloak of assistance and cloak of contribution. (But) I'm not a player so you don't see my marks going up very high.

"If you want to be a good player, you have to say yes (to vote-buying)," he told reporters.

Rais, who has been with Umno for over 33 years, said the problem of money politics within the ruling party should be eradicated or it "will surely kill the party."

Umno, which has ruled Malaysia since independence, is holding meetings to nominate candidates for party posts after suffering major losses in polls this year. It will hold party elections next March.

"If Umno cannot curb this practice, Umno's future is done for because this has been (talked about) for the past two decades and it has not been curbed," he said.

In July, Umno asked the country's anti-corruption agency to help it battle vote-buying ahead of the heated battle for top leadership positions in the party.

Rais has only garnered five nominations of the 19 needed to contest in the party polls.


Anonymous said...

How to curb, you tell me? It's in their blood now, not unless you ask all of them to go for a full blood transfusion! It's every man for himself and you must think that this kind of election is a god-send opportunity for them to make some bucks, some fatter than the others. You think they are going to give up this kind of opportunity easily. Not for your life! These people will use every cent they have to get to the positions they want cos they know they can recoup a hundred times more for what they spend. GREED, man, is the key word here!

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

What more is left to comment sir?

We have known about all these 'money-monkeying' all along. But who cares really?

Even the rakyat don't really care. Otherwise they would have wiped out the corrupt in the recent GE.

The road to Malaysia's future is just too slippery and treacherous. We can scream all we can. But we are the few good ones left.

Am I pesimistic? What, you want me to be otherwise? How? Not when even Rais Yatim is not able to get the law to pin down the dirty players?

You must be kidding sir.

donplaypuks® said...

And you think Rais is one of the better UMNO chiefs?

This is the man who supported Team B and back-stabbed Firaun. He also wrote a Phd dissertation saying the ISA should be banned and when co-opted back into the Cabinet, has not lifted a finger to abolish it.

He is also the philistine who said Bok House was nothing special and did not merit conservation, allowed it to be torn down, while plotting to take over Coliseum Cinema to be converted into a sort of Islamic cultural centre.

Don't be fooled Zorro. Every one of these Chiefs is a wolf in sheep'sclothing, to be ABSOLUTELY nnot trusted

Cruzeiro said...

As if nobody knows what "leadership" means in Umno - "Money".

That's why any pirate can become a "leader".

Maybe he's giving a clue as to how Najib/Muhyidin/Mukhriz got a Tsunami of votes?

TheWhisperer said...

Last I heard.. Umno's warlords are calling for judiciary and ACA reforms to be stopped at all costs.

Umno can never change.

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

Money politics in a political party that forms the backbone of the govt. has serious consequences for the country!!

All it needs to be recolonialised is for a foreign power or even multinational organisation to come up with RM1 billion or 2 to sponsor and then influence the delegates to elect some puppet(s) and the country is sold to the highest bidder! I can understand the frustrations of Dtk Dr Rais, who I comment for thinking aloud for the welfare of the country.

I'd suggest that curbing money politics in political parties be reported to the ACA, rather than just merely relying on the party's internal organisation to probe such abuses. Are such internal organisations equipped and effective?

Anonymous said...

The problems with the VVIP of UMNO is they are so stingy to those delegates who will support them to hold senior post in UMNO.

Money Politics is a term created by Mahathir when he was the President in facing the Anwar Ibrahim.

Its logical for those elected to be the President, Deputy resident and MKT of UMNO to share monies with the delegates during PAU.

Is it not most of those who have a senior post in UMNO...then got appointed in Government ???

Then within a short span of time those UMNO VVIPS became multi millionaires !

Anwar wanted to share monies with delegates....and in return those delegates felt TERHUTANG BUDI....so they have no choice but to support Anwar and not Mahathir ??

Why ???? Mahathir was only concerned in enriching his families members and cronies and not with the grassroots members of UMNO.

Who really creates Money Politics in UMNo ???

Believe me its not Anwar Ibrahim but THE SELFISHNESS OF THE LEADERS !!

The Grassroots Members of UMNO are no more stupid !

They know that whoever got elected to hold any senior post in UMNO will eventually be making tonnes of monies !!

So...my advice to whomever want to contest for any position in UMNO...share your wealth with other members oof UMNO !! You all became rich through UMNO.....give back some things to those delegates if wnna to be elected to any senior post !!


Old Fart said...

Why assign conscience to a God's attribute? The animal kingdom is known to also have a conscience. Do they have a God to fear for that?

Atheists and Communists too can have a conscience. And there are so many examples of so called God fearing men and women for whom conscience has taken leave of them.

Its just basic instincts I think. Given the opportunity to steal, crooks will steal. I am not a crook. Give me an opportunity to steal and I will not steal. Nothing to do with my conscience. Zorro, I believe you belong to my group too. Am I correct? Nothing to do with God is watching. I fear God. So I shall not steal.

Anonymous said...

Can you blame the delegates for being so greedy? I do blame them and also UMNO top leaders. When you see your bosses (which you helped put them up) made so much money, it is natural that those below wants a share of the money.

If some top people can make so much money from defence, contruction, health, education, tourism and other contracts, the below sure wants a piece of it. It is human nature. So to eliminate money politics, the top got to correct themselves first.

wandererAUS said...

Zor, side track a little.
In a interview made in Asia Focus, Mahathir accused Abdullah his biggest mistake was his task as PM was to enrich his family members. Wow, who is talking.
What the fcuk was he talking about, was him that fcuking clean? "A pot calling the kettle black"
For that matter, it is in UMNO culture, getting into politics is to get rich and damn everything else. So what is so new?

La Cha Mau said...

There's no point making a meal out of it when he isn't taking things further by making the relevant reports to the ACA or Police. How can he say he doe not have any solid evidence (reported in printed media)when he said that he had been asked to pay for votes. He can always report the matter to the ACA and then agree to make the payments with ACA's marked notes or surveillance of bank account transfer transactions.

Again, it's not what you did Datuk Sri, it's what you didn't do that matters.

nstman said...

whats all the ramblings about ,your boss anwar paid out rm2billion for vote buying.duhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Rais, well said, now do the right thing, report this to ACA.

If you have been asked for a bribe, even if you don't give the intention is still there.

Knowing a crime and not reporting amounts to abeting to a crime.

unlessd you are kok toking.


- anarky

Anonymous said...

As if we don't know such things have all along been going on. People not stupid.

FHM said...


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So, you wanna stir up some of ur own smelly shit, do it faraway from this site, you smelly a!

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Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim statement is a bit late but it is worth to hear. This is very true let see one particular MP of Sabah Anifah Aman When he was reappoint as a Duputy Minister he was not happy and started to attach the PM. When PR was gaining strength he sided with DSAI Now AAB is signing off in March he is back to carry Najis bag hopping for a full Ministerial post. This greedy human is careless for his people in Sabah and all he wanted is enrich position and momey. Same goes to his brother the CM name any thing in Sabah directly or indirectly the Aman family will be part of it.

Candy Girl said...

Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he's running out of options to unseat the government, seven months after reducing the ruling coalition's majority to the smallest since independence in 1957.

Anwar, 61, missed deadlines he set to have coalition lawmakers defect to the opposition and parliament conduct a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The premier's response was to accelerate a power handover to his deputy, Najib Razak.

``I'm not saying we have no options left, but I'm saying it's getting to be much more difficult,'' Anwar said in an interview yesterday in his parliamentary office in Kuala Lumpur. His three-party People's Alliance remains confident it can woo the 30 coalition lawmakers it needs to form a majority after taking control of 5 of 13 states in the March elections, he said.

Anwar's assessment, the most pessimistic since the election, suggests the transfer of power to Najib will be smooth, removing the uncertainty that has contributed to a 37 percent decline in the benchmark stock index this year.

``It's only right for Anwar to clarify the People's Alliance stand to the public,'' regarding their diminishing options, said Tricia Yeoh, director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies, an independent research institute in Kuala Lumpur. ``They should focus on administering the five states well and strengthening the bonds within the parties. This will demonstrate that they can be a formidable alternative federal government.''

Missed Deadlines

Anwar failed to meet his Sept. 16 deadline to oust Abdullah, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of the Federation of Malaysia. He was also unable to persuade the prime minister to recall parliament for a confidence vote or even meet with Abdullah to discuss a change of government.

The opposition has pledged to end Malaysia's system of preferences in employment and education for ethnic Malays and to reduce corruption. The ruling National Front, headed by the United Malays National Organisation, adopted a race-based system known as the New Economic Policy in 1971.

Anwar said he is exploring other options for a takeover that would be ``peaceful and orderly'' and adhere to the constitution, without elaborating.

Abdullah, 68, agreed this month to hand over power to Najib, the son of Malaysia's second prime minister, in March. Previously the transition had been planned for June 2010, three years before the next general election must be held.

Cause for Regret?

``The opposition wants Abdullah to carry on, because they believe if he leads the party in the next election, their chances would be enhanced,'' former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said in a separate interview yesterday. Mahathir, the nation's longest-serving leader, handpicked Abdullah as his successor, a decision he said he now regrets.

Anwar, a former deputy leader of UMNO, returned to parliament in a by-election on Aug. 26. He was fired as deputy prime minister by Mahathir in 1998 and jailed on charges of having illegal sex with a man and abuse of power. The sodomy conviction was overturned in 2004.

Anwar is currently facing similar sex charges after a 23- year-old former male aide filed a complaint with police.

``They don't have a case. That I know for a fact,'' Anwar said. ``What they want to do is to embarrass me.''

Anonymous said...

waishhnnavi waytha moorthy and 11 others have been arrested as she fulfilled her task of handing over a Deepavali appeal to PM to seek the release of HINDRAF 5, RPK and all ISA detainees before Deepavali. They are remanded at Putrajaya Police Station. Please send sms messages to your friends to make way to Putrajaya Police Station to show support.

telur dua said...

Like we need him (Rais) to tell us something which is so obvious.

Did Rais just woke up from a 30 year stupor and smell the stench?

Anonymous said...

we oversea malaysians would also like to purchase the t shirts in support of RPK. but the internet sales are within malaysia only. please assist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe after 30yrs of UMNO & now NOT getting his slice of the pie that's why he's spilling the beans..!

Of course there has been money politics for years & years & we all know it but can't do anything about it...!

And who's pocketing it and of what race lah...?