Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I don't know where they are taking me. At first I thought they would take me to the police station and question me, but we seem to be going away from the city. Maybe they are taking me to the airport and throwing me out of the country. More than half an hour later the car enters a gated driveway leading to a double-storey bungalow in a big garden. It's a very quiet area and I have no idea where I am. I feel very worried about the situation, but I try my best to look calm.

One of the men tells the lady something in Malay and she nods and returns to the car. The men then push me inside the house and force me to go upstairs. I am beginning to feel frightened, because this is definitely not a police station. What will they do to me?

One man opens a bedroom door and the other pushes me inside. I fear they may try to rape me as we appear to be alone in this big house. The men ask me for my handbag and they take away my watch, cellphone and jewelry. Then they push me inside a big empty wardrobe and shut the door. It is very dark and musty inside and I hear a key turning in the wardrobe door. I hear the men's voices discussing something, then they leave the room, and I am alone in the total darkness. I can hear my heart pounding very loudly. The sound of traffic from a great distance tells me we are quite far from the city.

I have no sense of time. I may have dozed off after an hour, I can't be sure. My stomach is growling, so it must be long after dinner time. I feel stiff and uncomfortable and my bladder is ready to burst. Amy must be wondering why I am not back at the hotel yet. I hope she will call Ang to enquire about me at the police station. That Razak is a coward. He dare not face me. Instead he has asked the police to kidnap me....

There are voices in the room and a key turns. The wardrobe door opens and I see several figures as my eyes adjust to the light. They are wearing black hoods and I can see only their eyes - but two of them are women. I am dragged out roughly and pushed on the floor. Now I am really scared. These people are dangerous, they are not behaving like police officers at all, more like members of a secret society.

While one of the hooded men lifts me off the floor, the large woman is shouting angrily at me, calling me all kinds of names. Suddenly she steps forward and slaps me very hard across the face - again and again and again - while my arms are held tight by the men. Tears sting my raw cheeks and I tell her stop but she keeps hitting me and spitting in my face.

She calls me a dirty prostitute and says I deserve to die. I don't know who this woman is but she is totally crazy, like a demon. Sometimes she shouts at me in English and then she says something in Malay. The other woman steps forward and tears the front of my dress with great force. She pulls off my bra and gags me with it, and then she yanks down my panties, so they are around my ankles.

The men push me to the floor and take turns raping me. One tries to sodomize me but gives up and forces himself into my mouth instead. I bite him and he screams in pain and hits my head very hard, till I almost lose consciousness. This is a horrible nightmare. It can't be happening to me! Who are these insane people? They can't be policemen! They are monsters! I can hear the large woman laughing like a witch...

Suddenly I am looking at the scene from somewhere above. My body is badly bruised and almost numb with shock. It's a strange feeling, to feel so detached from my body. I feel no anger. Only sadness and pity for my attackers who are so depraved they are no longer human. I know I will never see my family and friends again, because these people intend to kill me.

I am back in my body and it hurts all over. The woman is mercilessly beating me with a cane and kicking me while the others stand back. She keeps whacking my genitals until I feel nothing... then I am thankfully out of my body again.

I watch my unconscious body being carried downstairs. They tape my mouth shut and tie my hands and feet tight with plastic rope. Then they throw me into the back of a 4-wheel-drive and slam the door shut. The vehicle drives off, followed by two other cars.

After a long time the 4-wheel-drive stops and a few people climb into it. The road is very bad and bumpy but I am hovering close to my body, observing everything that happens. There is no more sound of traffic. We must be in the jungle somewhere because all I can hear are insects chirping loudly, and heavy breathing as my body is placed on a stretcher and carried by two men along a jungle path.

When they finally stop and put down the stretcher I hear the woman's voice again. Cold water is thrown on my face and I return to my body with a jerk. Slowly I try to open my eyes but I can't focus on anything because it is very dark, except for the flashlights carried by a few of my abductors. The woman's voice is very close to my ear as she hisses: "So long, Aminah. Lovely to meet you at last. Have a pleasant journey." She laughs grotesquely and rips off the tape covering my mouth. "I want to hear you scream. Do you have any last words... dear Aminah?" She has removed her hood so I can see her face. It's a very cruel face indeed. The others are not wearing hoods but I don't know who they are, but the large woman is obviously their boss.

Out of the corner of my eye I catch the metallic gleam of a gun near my face and I know this is the end of my story. I gather my strength and say as calmly and clearly as possible, so they will hear every word: "You are evil people. I curse you forever. You will never know peace again." I feel myself transforming into a mother wolf, ready to pounce in defence of her cubs...

Then I hear a click and there is blinding flash. I am floating ten feet above my twitching body. After a while I see someone attaching something to my now lifeless body. I cannot believe they intend to blow up my corpse with explosives, so nobody will ever find my bones!

I look up and see a beautiful blue sky. The sun shines brilliantly over the distant mountains. I can hear voices singing in overtones the ancient melodies of the great steppes where my ancestors hunted and fought their battles. Suddenly I am flying like an eagle over the rugged landscape that feels so familiar. I am free as a bird and I am home at last.




Anonymous said...

The last words from her grave. Spoken ferociously with a firm intent and purpose. The conspiracy revealed. Common intention with the sole pupose of committing a cruel cold-blooded murder. And raping her before the ultimate crime. The soul of justice would pervade in the corridors of Bukit Aman and Putrajaya. And pollute the AG Chambers. Criminal conspiracy. Concealing the truth with such deliberateness and a political agenda. Millions of $$$ at stake. Corruption and abuses of power at its absolute core. Malaysia shall pay a heavy price for this injustice. Because the corrupt politicians dictate the course. The rakyat is like the sacrificed lamb. All else is dispensable. The position of the PM must never be compromised. UMNO must remain the dominant force in this country. At all costs. At whatever costs. Nothing else matters. The Almighty had since given His blessing for these corrupt devils to be the supreme rulers. Not what is stated in my version of the Bible. Who cares?

nstman said...

Malaysiakini has apologised and Najib is not suing. You see the difference between a true leader and the Theresa Koks of the Opposition...

I reproduce here the full Press Statement from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Monday, October 20, 2008
Press Statement from DPM's Office on Malaysiakini's Article.

The internet news portal Malaysiakini yesterday published an email purportedly from a ‘Najib Support Group’ containing a so-called Manifesto supposedly linked to Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak. Without any verification, Malaysiakini has deemed it appropriate to publish the false contents of this email.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s office would like to clarify that Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak has never issued any manifesto to back his bid for the UMNO presidency.

The Malaysiakini report is therefore patently false and misleading. Malaysiakini’s decision to publish the story is extremely unethical as they had failed to verify the matter with the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office prior to publication.

The conduct of Malaysiakini is regrettable and unacceptable. Certainly, it is an unfortunate display of negligence and lack of professionalism in news reporting.

It is important for Malaysiakini to investigate the origin of the malicious e-mail in order for it to clear its name and reputation.

Malaysiakini has apologized to the Deputy Prime Minister on this matter. Nevertheless, it is our hope that Malaysiakini and other news portals, regardless of their editorial policy, will conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.

This false story is the latest move in what is obviously a concerted effort by certain quarters to tarnish the image of the Deputy Prime Minister. Indeed, of late, ever since the UMNO Transition Plan was brought forward to March 2009, there has been a consistent and continuous effort by some websites to concoct and publish false and malicious reports aimed at discrediting the Deputy Prime Minister.

We hope the Malaysian public, in particular readers of these websites are able to distinguish truth from falsehood when reading the materials published.

Deputy Prime Minister’s Office

20th October 2008

Sumiyah Sumadi
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Prime Minister's Department
Level 4, West Wing
Bangunan Perdana Putra
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03-8888 1153
Fax: 03-8888 0943

Now this is REAL proof that there is a concerted attempt by certain news portals and blogs to discredit Najib. They spread all sorts of lies about him and even called him names - from a cold-blood murderer to a Hindu priest.

Enough is enough. Why don't we just rally behind Najib for the love of our country? He has an uphill task of repairing the damages left behind by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. These are damages never before sustained by the Barisan Nasional in the country's entire 50-year history. And that's not going to be easy.

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Anonymous said...

I rather rally behind a backside whacker or sleeping beauty than a suspected C4 riddled Mongol slayer.

Anonymous said...

Oi...nstman...you useless umno goon..what the fcuk are you talking about here??? You called this a gesture of great leader? Com'n..you are easily led, aren't you? You just got so easily sucked into this little episode and you are singing praises for a no-good mother son-of-a-bixxx, who obviously had a lot to do with the murder of that poor HUMAN BEING! Any three year-old could see through it and only die-hard umno goons, like you, would keep their eyes and ears closed to all the obvious evidences that point to the real culprits.

Anonymous said...

nstman....Pleaseeee...don't tell me someone is a great leader because he or she is not SUING....I don't know if I wanna laugh or cry by your statement of the year through these day and age. sigh.

wandererAUS said...

You are entitled to your thinking, if you chose to be an apologist to your godfather,that is your business but, spare us your stupidity. 'Lady killer' chose not to sue, that too, is his business. It does not mean others who were victimized by distorted reporting from national paper should keep mumed. nst, it is not about money, it is a question of principle and honor,clearing one's name...got it. Now, you can go and find another Umno-putra's dusty ass and have a good lick!

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Enough! If anyone out there has the hard evidence to pin the murderer / murderers, then he or she must step forward NOW and do what needs to be done for the love of God, King, rakyat, nation and all humanity, PLEASE.

All these bits and pieces of story spinning is NOT going to get any justice for the poor dead soul. In fact, such story telling is even more sinful then the murder itself.

So, if we have the evidence, then let justice be done.

Otherwise, let us not make a mockery of this painful death which we know cannot be the work of plain robbers and small time crooks.

Someone out there surely knows all the details and the truth. Shame on you for staying silent. Your generations will be cursed upon your graves forever.

Malaysia Digest said...

I'm certain this fiction is 80% real

cancan said...

Read this interesting story from the movie 'Hail the Judge'


Anonymous said...

aminah, bless your soul = vengeance
will PREVAIL = RIP , amen !!

Anonymous said...

nstman says:
"Malaysiakini has apologised and Najib is not suing. You see the difference between a true leader and the Theresa Koks of the Opposition..."

I think you are pretty stupid. Kok was arrested and jailed without trial. If not for the outcry, she may not see the light of the day. I would like to see how Najib will behave if he is also arrested and sent to jail in a similar fashion due to unconfirmed reports?

Anonymous said...

Oi ... nstman ... the difference is Teresa was ISAed, and Najib wasn't ... get it ??

Nor said...

Quite an imagination. I am sure the truth is not far from that.

The ultimate truth is some people are just untouchable. I wish this 'untouchable' group of people really one day be truly turn to untouchable as what it should be classified in Indian society.


Anonymous said...

there are 3 people still on trial waiting for judgement all because of a a very weak prosecution team, weak Police investigation.

eventually, the case the Chief Judge Malaya may have to interfere and then, the case may go to Appeal Court and finally to the Federal Court and who sits there !!!!

It is one murdered foreign woman against the WHOLE of Malaysia, therefore, we Malaysians are GUILTY.

Ghifari X said...

I hope that Allah will publicly distinguish the sinisterness of power in Malaysia and its sudden attachment to Malay privileged. I see the culture of Zionist Apartheid Federalist KKK Greek "extreme" Orthodox Anglo-Saxon and all the vile maniac vultures that pride its myopic belief that another life is subjected to the dark soulless men and women who feels inferior by our very existence. I do believe that a so call "Elite" Malay ordered the murder of this young woman and the Malay people aren't vindicated till they speak out loud enough for the justice of this murdered MOTHER. We are as wicked and evil collectivity as the Croat and Bosnian Serbs and the Butcher of Sabra and Shatillah.

BennyG said...

I thought I should be nice and not direct nasty things at a particular commenter but this takes the cake.

Goodness, so now Najis has PR people like nstman going around blogs saying nauseous things like that. Use better name lah. Anything with nst is like shit in cyberspace. No one will like it or want to go near it.

Hey, do not think we will change and we believe Najis will be worse than Bodowi & KJ as he does not even bother (or rather too stupid) to cover his dirty hands whenever he puts them.

Old Fart said...


For that report, Najib was not subject to a one week incarceration denied of his personal freedom. Najib has recourse to ISA, OSA, the police and everything else. Any number of police reports and ACA reports against any UMNO person or UMNO vehicle will not move a police or ACA muscle. So Teresa goes for the only vehicle she has. Sue those buggers. So please don't compare o.k.

The Devil said...

malaysiakini apologizes, reporter resigned, so najib is not suing...


did utusan apologize? did utusan's reporter resign?

Anonymous said...

The rich UMNO elites wouldn't give a damn about girls who wish to prostitute their bodies to them. Once they are of no value.....KABOOM!

Go to any party organized by these UMNO goons, you will find beautiful ladies whom you thought can only be seen in beauty pageants. Spirit in one hand, cigarettes in the other hand, eyes targeting the super UMNO beings and body speaking a language where only UMNO wolves can interpret what she wants.

Yes.....UMNO elites throws lavish parties with girls, spirit and a good smoke which is usually Cabanas!

The marginalized poor Malays will remain their servants but not the non-Malays. So to all marginalized malay brothers, do you still want UMNO to lead?

Anonymous said...

your opening remarks already show your spin and bias. Just substitute, from Para.3 of the press statement onwards, "Malaysiakini" for "Utusan" and "DPM" for "Teresa Kok" and you'll realise that what applies to the goose also applies to the gander.
It cuts both ways lah. What hypocrites!

And as for Yb.Teresa Kok, she is the rose and the other a lallang.

Anonymous said...

bro zorro,

don't really feel comfortable for you to cook up this story...

is it the real truth? God knows... so it ain't that nice to create a story and piece them together based from a few sources...unless you really know the truth...now do you?

nstman said...

Excuse me but why all the fuss about an overpaid mongolian whore?
get a life you guys .

Anonymous said...

even a human whore has the RIGHT to live = not tobe c4ed, ok !!

justice 4 Altantuya said...

how much they pay u to prostitute yourself and write this piece of crap here

who do u think those UTK guys will take order from.. only from their immediate boss lah ...bodoh.. so siapa boss mereka..

it is so plain and clear for all to see except u..

now, go away and prostitute yourself somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

nstman, the "overpaid mongolian whore" had more dignity on her death than you as a living moron. That is what this fuss is all about. It's just that simple.

Born2Reign said...

J. D. Lovrenciear, I hope that you are living overseas and can provide witness protection for the one(s) who come forward with evidence. For the govt has confirmed there is no such thing as witness protection program except for ISA detention without trial, when you report the truth. Apparently ISA doubles as a witness protection "detention" and the detainee will be grateful for eating some dog food until he/she is released.

nstman said why all the fuss about an overpaid mongolian whore? Well, let's not concern ourselves with the missing Sharlinie, since she is not "useful" to UMNO and not earning any income, is that your stand?

On the same note, let's not fuss over police sexually abusing foreigners in jail, after all they are foreigners and do not deserve to be treated as human beings..

You must be a graduate of UKM, with a bright future in UMNO. UMNO needs more people like you, provided you are the right colour. You treat humans like scums, polish well, sucker for Najis or whoever Mahathir named as favourite of the day, and shall be groomed to be a character-assasinator.

Speaking of being overpaid, I'm sure you think Najis was underpaid for the submarine deal too, huh?

I rest my case.

Nor said...

NSTman, the woman that you called the mongolian whore is also a mother and a daughter to somebody. It takes 2 to fuck, and they did it. I believed he fuck the wrong woman, woman who is not stupid and exploit a poferful man greed and lust. She was wrong at what she did and so are the counterpart on the other end. Death is not a punishment for having sex and look up for aid from the man who fuck her, who knows what kind of sweettalk and promise were made between them. This case clearly show involvement of powerful body and man for the non-accessible explosive, authority force, personal body guard.... what else is required to put a big name into the suspect list as accomplish? And what kind of intelligent leader, MAJORITY of BN top is nominating this guy and hardly contested. NSTMan, i am sure if given the mandate you will jump off your seat, kiss his ass and show your divine support to this kind of people. you take this guy as TRUE LEADER... your dad must be really proud.

malaysian said...

anwar had 6 years in prison to reflect on his UMNO life, they believed he would have changed ..... and for the better."


just give me the FACTS.

FACT1: he's a DEVIL before.

FACT2: he has NOT left the party of satan willingly.

FACT3: he has NOT apologised for what he's done for satan.


- note from Webster's English Dictionary: the above has been a perfect illustration of the concept call WISHFUL THINKING.

he has 'CHANGED'???
he is now a 'DIFFERENT' man???


if it's too hard for him to spell 'sorry', then come out with a DECLARATION, to REJECT what he has done in the past, to SAY that he's NEVER GOING BACK to who he was in the past.


to those who argue that mr de facto leader "has brought great changes to malaysia", u r missing the fucking point, which is - can we TRUST him???

alright, maybe he has brought 'progressive changes' by persuading the malays n non-malays to vote out of spite (BUT NOT in favour of him, wake up people), but the question now is can we TRUST him NOT TO ROLL BACK those 'changes'???


. said...

Actually clues are everywhere ---

Who gave the permission to take out the C4?

There are only 3 officers who are authorized to issue C4 "take out slip".

One of them already denied issuing that order.

The other two ... well, you make up your own mind la !