Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have never and would never attend any political parties’ Open House. Today, however I attended the PM and his Cabinet’s Open House, not to eat but to make a STATEMENT – Free RPK, I Am With RPK, and No To ISA. I’d like to believe that we DID.

I have always said this. The cops have a job to do, but I believe that they could do it with more professionalism. We were prevented by Officer Sydney who said that we could not go in because of the T-shirtS we wore. He was very officious and had both hands in his pockets. We were taught from young, that this was rude gesture and bad behavior.

When Amarjit, RPK’s lawyer told him bluntly that we were going in despite his recalcitrant stance and that he could arrest us if that was what he earlier inferred. He backed down and went away to seek counsel.

We waited for another 24minutes…..and whilst waiting I saw Officer Lee of the Candlelight Vigil night….the same officer that I cussed about. I went up to him, wished him and we talked about Saturday night. Haris snapped us when I put my arm on Officer Lee’s shoulder. I confessed that I called him names and he replied that he did not hear it. We shook hands and his intercom crackled.

We continued our wait…..and then the gods smiled on our good intentions. Officer Lee said we could proceed to the fourth floor but we had to go in twos and threes. We gave him a clap of appreciation.

Pak Lah had come down to the 2nd Floor and as wished him, I asked him to free all ISA detainees. I was thrilled when the First Lady remembered me as Othman's former teacher. I walked away. Maybe I was rude not to have wished the DPM and the other cabinet members. Syed Al-Blurr was hiding somewhere I know.

Go here here and here for stories by Haris, DelCapo and Malaysiakini.




Jenn said...

Dear Zorro,
Proud of you.
May God Smile On You.

wandererAUS said...

Thank God, these mean blokes did'nt entertain the rakyat with 2 eggs, a piece of bread and a glass of water!

Bravo,"Mission Accomplished"
The T-shirt look smart, pity it is not accompanied with a pair of shorts having 'blurr' botak face on both sides of the bum!
Have a pleasant and save journey to KAMUNTING.
Let Pete knows, we care!

Antares said...


Anonymous said...

Today our minister is enjoying his hari raya at his best luxury. I wonder whether he has any conscience towards the suffering of the people he has placed under ISA detention. If the spirit of this holy season is to forgive and forget, it definitely is not showing by the minister and the ruling party in the government, eventhough they are muslims! Can he and the ruling party ask themselves whether they really believe that these people are capable of threatening the security of the country and overthrow the government? If they think that these people can instigate unrest, how about letting the citizen of this country to have a say about such presumption? The minister and the ruling party always like to claim to have the majority support in their action but the truth is they may not even have the majority suppot of their own members within the party to act in such an uncaring and unforgiving manner. If the minister and the ruling party do have some decent human character, the least thing they can do is to free those under ISA detention without trial and allow them to face the proper court of law in this country. Is it that difficult to do the honourable thing as a human being towards another?

Anonymous said...

Hello Senor El-"Fox"

Can you cool down a little on the cigar/pipe in hand for your internet image appearance? You are really scuttling the government's "Tak Nak" campaign to the young one ;-)

Anyway...keep the civil disobedience campaign on ISA coming...the direct hit will come one of these days.



Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo you guys should have tried to get Badawi, Najib and Syed Albar to autograph your T-Shirt and latter to raise funds for GMI, auction it.


It would be great if you guys have succeeded to get their autograph on the T-Shirt.

I wanted to pass this idea to one of your and my fren from Seremban, but could not get thru.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent, wonderful, fantastic. what else can I say to describe you guys.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

May all those who come with the goodness of the heart
Never from their noble goals in seeking justice depart
They are never there to partake of the food like tarts
When their desire is only to throw their freedom darts

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 021008
Thur. 2nd Oct. 2008.

GobloKing said...

Didn't even bungkus ke? time bring a big pot & bungkus, boleh or not?

Since people are spending OUR money to look generous. I would bungkus & distribute to the poor

And brother ah?

I like the teeshirt & love your guts but you all damn ugly man.

Next time can ask pretty ladies like Mrs Gus to "model" can or not?
Maybe then more ppl buy the teeshirt hoh?

I didnot order any because by the time I am with you year end, I HOPE there's no further need for that tee but as a wash rag

Guardian Angel said...

"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market, is a nation that is afraid of its people." - John F. Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Convey love and bst wishes to RPK, our Malaysian wira, from Malaysians still at lare- YL, Desi
PS: Remember sing to him my Ode2September, Try to remember:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

"He was very officious and had both hands in his pockets. We were taught from young, that this was rude gesture and bad behavior."

Simply warming his balls lah.


- Anarky

Anonymous said...

(If they come in peace and harmony there shouldn’t be any problems,” said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.)
That stupid alblur botak,what is he talking about, no brainer fcuk off.

kbguy said...

wow ! brave thing you guys have done.

erm, not good said...

i dont care for watever reason u come to the open house,
it was very very rude to come like dat, it is our holy celebration day, if u want to make a statement, do it on parliament day or watsoever other day not a day when we welcome all guest with an open hand,
haih, is this what u guys want openess without thinking bout others feeling?
if u hate abdulah or bn go ahead, i dont have qualm bout that, but u guys should consult our dear2 malay frend, i think u guys just open the floodgate for more open ugly confrontation

The Phoenix Foundation said...

U were right!!!!!
The Policeman who tangled with u is really AAAAH - BENG!
Like the rest in PDRM!
U r ceratinly not Racist, when u posted recently!
Line them UP & they{PDRM} look a bunch of Monkeys on a HOTTIN ROOF!!
And they r supposed to be our Guardians!
Sey Jo Le'! Die all of us!

fairplay said...

Totally agree with that observation of desecrating a religious gathering with that show of politicism. That was downright rude, i am sure you wouldnt want a group of protesters wearing T-shirts that said :Down with Bloggers" in your son's or daughter's wedding reception, etc.

zorro said...

Fairplay: desecrating a religious gathering....was downright rude. It was an open house...I never saw it as a religious gathering. Please DON'T capitalise on religion here. Be fair,play fair, fairplay. We were never rude, not even the 400 Hindraf people. The police tore a greeting card and made it difficult for us. We wanted to make a statement. It was our right, and comes a fairplay bigot who painted us otherwise with his brush. "Down with Bloggers"?.... we never said "Down with the PM". We were courteous when we individually greeted the PM.And be informed the group consisted of all races.Play fair, fairplay if you want to play. Thank God, I don't have muslim friends who think like you. However, selamat hari raya.

zorro said...

ERM, not are fomenting ugly thoughts! Our thoughts mirror the state of our soul. Is this too deep for you to comprehend.

Anon 1:38am said:Can you cool down a little on the cigar/pipe in hand for your internet image appearance? You are really scuttling the government's "Tak Nak" campaign to the young one ;-)
Friend you are losing me....what's your beef? I can't smoke my pipe? Why dont you visit the site that has my image there and say what you just said. Try to attempt to comment on the subject of the posting. Scuttling the Tak Nak effort? Millions lined some pockets and the problem prevails. If you post personal remarks irrelevant to the subject-posting, I suggest you visit other blogs where you can unload your private peefs, jealousies and agenda....and thanks for the fox rat (who hides under an anon. Sorry I never meant to hurt but more to heal and hopefully realign your misplaced frustrations.

k said...

Dear erm, not good (October 2, 2008 9:38 PM)

It's RPK's Holy celebration days too! It was very rude to jail an innocent man too! You want us to think bout your feelings, then think bout our feelings first! You are definitely Umno's yes-man!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It shows that the people are suffering while the gov. goons are having a jolly good time.
Some said it was a rude way but it is the only way that the people gets to meet the person responsible and gives them what they deserved.
There are simply no other platforms to voice out,such open house event will be the best time to voices out.
Even by doing just that, the medias toned down the anti ISA protest and focused the hoo haa about 198,000 ppl turned up at the pwtc. Which dick head will actually believes that 198,000 people turned up? Even our Merdeka stadium and Stadium Negara combine can't accommodate that figure.

Incase some of you might have forgotten, we the rakyat are the VIPs.
We might be rude to the "host" but its our money that they are spending.

michael said...

This officer Lee is a DSP - Deputy Superintendent of Police. :)

Anonymous said...

Mr zorro,

All of u guys are making things worse here.

I bet that the majority of u who came to the open house is non muslim which will give a chance to UMNO to manipulate the racist issue.

Trust me, if UMNO is not corrupt, majority of Malay will support them not PR. so plez be more careful with ur behaviour. Holy gathering or not, Hari Raya is still a Holy celebration to muslim.

Thom said...

I have to agree with Fairplay and "Erm...", Zorro. It borders on insolence to barge into an open house to make a political statement.

It may not be a religious gathering, but it is a gathering to celebrate a religious festival. IMO, it is almost as insensitive to do what you guys did on Hari Raya as what BN did when they demolish the temple during Deepavali.

You told off Fairplay for capitalizing in religion, but I'd say that it's not fair for you to ignore the religious sensitivity of other people in your fight for justice.

What would you think if someone appears in a wedding and demands the bridegroom to repay all his debt he owed them, in front of all his guests? It is only courteous to, at the very least, show face to the host of the event by not making a scene during a sacred day.

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

iscariot said...

And you were a teacher ? didnt your parents teach you manners? wearing t shirts to a raya open house! there is a time and place for everything , you guys just proved what you all actually are .

teo siew chin said...

Dear Zorro

You and your gang's gumption is awesome! Totally salute your efforts, your energy & your attitude!!

Gunnfan said...

erm, not good and fairplay,

if your punk asses were in kamunting you wouldn't give a flying f**k what day it was would you.

Stop being so bloody sensitive .

There was no racist or anti religious intent so don't try to make like there was. Bodoh! Simpletons.

Kudos to Zorro and Co. You guys are the bricks that the new Malaysia is going to be built on!

Smoke em if you got em.

cancan said...

Same time,same year,same talk

Alex said...

In those days, Zorro acted alone. But now, all of us are right behind you. Go Zorro go, mark your "Z" on their ass!

Turun Padang said...

Zorro Tai ko,

Remember my promise.... 2 ekor kambing!!!!

Well done to you & the rest of the team.

Keep it up!!!!

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Hi Zorro,

What’s your comments on this statement?

My source said Rosmah paid Abdullah RM200 million from the commission of the submarine deal. He however said nothing about Razak though. (Shiek’s blog)

“Sumber saya menyatakan Rosmah membayar Abdullah RM200 juta dari komisyen urus niaga kapal selam. Beliau (sumber itu) tidak menyatakan apa-apa mengenai Razak Baginda,” dakwa beliau dalam blognya,

Sheih juga mendakwa penyiasat persendirian yang menghilangkan diri, P. Balasubramaniam, menerima RM5 juta dari Rosmah untuk menutup mulutnya.

Anonymous said...


Abolish the ISA!Yes Yes and YES.
Free RPK and Hindraf and all the ISA Detainees!Yes Yes and YES!

But what you guys did on a Hari Raya Open House is plain KURANG AJAR!BIADAP!

It only reflects your upbringing Bernard

You are no better than Syed Hamid

GobloKing said...

hey guys who says the open house PARTY is a religious gathering & not a venue to protest

Plse think about the following:-

Is the event an Open House PARTY?
Yes. It was a party. Celebrating Eid - which is a religious event

BUT the party itself is NOT a religious event

Was this event held at a Mosque?

Were the ppl in black, red & orange tees shouting & being disrespectful?

(If they were, they woulda been arrested & we woulda read/seen it in the mainmedia)

Is this open house paid for by taxpayers & publicly announced ?

So are ALL taxpayers invited?

Or is the objection just about what they were wearing?

Did they go at the wrong time?
ie VVIPs at a certain time, & others later

Who IS a VVIP? Can Anyone define who a VVIP is?

The problem is all the "invitees" went enmasse at the same time wearing the same clothes.

If 400 ppl went in a teeshirt saying "We love Badawi, Najib & UMNO", then it would be fine ain't it?

chan said...

try to understand first before been understood.

It's muslim's holy celebration day and all of u are spoiling the mood. I disagree with ISA but I opposed ur action in tarnishing the celebration

RaVi said...

can u please behave urself a lil bit. give us a break during this festive season. just for a day.

U can talk liberally since u'r not even a muslim. Now all of my malay friends express their discomfort regarding on the event.

Pakatan Rakyat will surely loose their grip after this

Anonymous said...

the majority of malays won't be happy seeing that.

u'r just making things worse for DSAI in bringing down the current government

shame on u

Shanmugaratnam said...

Brother Benard,
My 57th birthday is on the 12th Oct. My only wish is that this UNWORTHY GOVT MUST FALL and RPK and all other detainees under the ISA MUST BE FREED.
Best wishes to you my friend and all other FREE RPK and DOWN with ISA bloggers.

Anonymous said...

give us a break for a day will ya. It's a festive day. we had enough politics throughout the year..
I opposed the detention of RPK and teresa kok but what you had done is sumthing stupid.

Celebrating the day has already became part of malay culture besides the ritual prayer on Hari Raya. now the malay will surely give back their support to umno. It's all becoz of ur idiocracy

Anonymous said...

dat's way 2 much dear zorro.
I believe all of you can do smarter than that. But i feel so dissappointed. you r acting just like bodowi and kodomo lion.

goblok said...

the 'ultra' malay will surely take revenge...i had a bad feeling about this. u sure know how to make things worse. It's all about image u know. u'r breaking the good image of PR althought u see it as nescessary but be end will take it as opportunity. spontanuous idea is good sometime but without appropriate planning u will loose

shahidi said...

Certainly a backfired ploy . The State controlled media had a field day calling it a "HINDRAF disruption of a Muslim Open house"

Do you all know the damage you have done?
As it is, the Govt is just itching to play the racial card. I admit the mass media is in shambles, but not everyone ahs access to information like us. I was at my hometown in Perak and word on the ground was negative. More hate towards the already troubled image of indians and hindraf.

They are waiting to play the racial card and indians are going to be the bad guys. You all have no idea the damage this has done. I am scared of the consequences. Really scared. In fact, local 'persatuans and pertubuhans' in small towns are already for some reason bracing for a poential "racial riots". I tried to explain to many at on the ground about this being BN propoganda and how the media is used as a tool, but selected images of indians disrupting a muslim aidilfitri open house certainly does not help.

Friends, i am scared. I am scared for my fellow malaysians. I an worried of the bubble bursting. I dont know how to say it, but i have access to many information since many of my relatives are active in community activities. Mostly malay based activities and societies. and i just dont know how they came up with the conclusion that the indians are going to be a threat to the malays. I tried hard to explain to them the link to BN's political sinking ship but the mass media & provocateurs has done too much damage...all i can do now is pray.

Knights Templar said...

ReVERAnD, I want to comment something about what and how you guys went about on the Raya Open house ... i shall refrain for i belive you know what you are doing ... for whatever the cause!

wutever said...

there should be a council in PR to decide whether certain action to be taken by this so called 'fighter' is appropriate or not.

theoretically ur reason 2 do dat might be right but practically it making things worse. anwar will certainly got head ache right now

fairplay said...

Dear Zorro,

Just out of curiosity, why is the battle so concerted only to free RPK, what about the other detainees, i agree with anti-ISA, but if you are going on the free detainees campaign, i suggest you don't confine your freedom fighting activities solely to your drinking buddies.

zorro said...

Damn you dont play fair. If you have been a reader in this blog you would have seen the various occasions I link with Merah Hitam, Norlaila's blog on ISA detainees. If you do not understand or have any inkling as to why RPK is in there, you have no right to question my concerted effort to free him. If your father champions a cause like RPK and is incarcerated I would champion his freedom even if he is not a drinking buddy of mine. And as to drinking, I would not drink with the likes of you. You would be the type that your own dad would not knock glass with you. If you call yourself fairplay, play fair...dont get personal...keep the subject of the post. You are quite sick and this blog dont need the stink that you generously exude. Do I make myself clear?

Anonymous said...

I think i represent a lot of Malaysians who are against the isa and wanted RPK and others to be freed, but are wondering why do all this at a "Hari Raya" gathering? Why give them (utusan, ministers..etc) free ammo to make u guys look bad in the media? I don't have to read the full article to go on thinking "wow, at a hari raya open house...hmmm, what are they thinking? are we that desperate, have we exhausted our other means?". Just the idea that Hindraf and free RPK movement went in hundreds to Hari Raya Open House in PWTC is enuf to get me feeling disrespected as being a Muslim in this country.

fairplay said...

Dear Zorro,

You are right, this blog doesnt need my postings. It's actually beneath my dignity to respond to your postings when you don't display them in the class and decorum that people like me relate to. It's obvious that you can't handle criticisms levelled against you with finesse, and when you curse and swear at people for making their stand, you reveal your true hand, your true ugly face -- that you are no different from the people who enforce the ISA when you go against them.