Friday, October 24, 2008


AISEHMAN announced HERE that he will be offline where he was some five years ago.

HE has been my favorite since I took to roaming cyberspace.

He has remained anonymous but you need not have to know the man to know that he is THE MAN.....faceless but always eyeballing you, probbing, nudging, cajoling with no holds barred.

I will sorely miss his WIT, his one-liners (one of which will continue to grace my sidebar as a constant reminder that there once was a MAN called AISEHMAN.

One of his readers CPK said:
t is when voices of reason and fairness stay silent that the fanatics and hardliners will hold sway…"

I humbly concur and await THE book. As a farewell gesture allow me to dedicate this to AISEHMAN, EVERYMAN'S DAILY MUST-READ.


SH Tan said...


The Three Degrees huh? Have not heard them for a while. Brings back nostalgic memories on this wet and gloomy Friday afternoon. Yes, we will all miss Aisehman...warts, wits and all.

Stay the course.

Patricia said...

I shall miss Aisehman! He has been my must-read whenever he posts. I hope that he will decide to come back after a short break.

One other favourite of mine - Dr A Farish Noor - is another who has stopped writing.

They are both sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

who is he or she ah, zor !?