Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If you are insanely religious,
possess a wafer-thin resistance to the naked truth,
see everything in nothing,
it is advisable that you peruse no further.

Thank you for leaving.
If you are not leaving, thank you for not leaving.




My golf partner called 012-3257052 for some hole-in-one background info on the copter deal. But there never was any response after repeated calls. By the way, we did not play any golf but spent most of the time on the 19th hole probing the whereabouts of another backgrounder, the illusive guru-gi......last seen coming out of the Crown Plaza Hotel with a lady with a much tousled hairdo....or is it ruffled hairdo? Dang, it is only semantics, no?

With a "one for the road" call, my golf partner slammed me with this question: "I understand that you are a protem committee member of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All Blogs). I expect you to resign unless you agree with Rocky Bru's stand on the Azan's Fund."

In fact, I waited till 1:00pm for Rocky to announce MRT (Mee Rebus on Tuesday) as he always does. I received no call and took it that it was a non event.

Should I send in my formal resignation? I don't think it is necessary as All Blogs is not yet approved by the ROS. A reader asked me to move a vote of no confidence against the President. I will not because I am a piss loving bloke. I prefer to stir my malt than to stir shit. I like Rocky as a fellow-blogger and it was because of him and Jeff that I started this blog on Jan 31 2007. Knowing him, he will come around.
We all have our bad days and rough nights. Right, Rocky?


wizsurf malaysia said...

it was always sweet and good some many moons before the divorce

Anonymous said...

Just quit. Rocky is just not worth it. From his last posting, he has overstayed his welcome on the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

You know Uncle Zorro, I've been reading Rocky's Bru about the same time I started reading Malaysia Today and where I also got introduced to other great blogs such as yours.

I have always found him to be quite level headed thinking and rationale...but since the law suit against him and Jeff Ooi, have noticed some really weird changes in the way he writes......

I, too, am hoping for the Original Rocky to come back... *fingers crossed*

Wattahack? said...

Lulu said...
Just quit. Rocky is just not worth it. From his last posting, he has overstayed his welcome on the blogosphere.

Lulu sorry to say i dont agree on this its akin to saying chinese are pendatangs and should balik toisan! i don't own blogsphere neither does anyone else..... all are welcomed even if they stand in differing light.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Z,

He has been one of the promising stars in the blogosphere at the very beginning championing the rakyat’s rights and justice. His blog has been my favourite.

Many of us notice that lately things have changed; probably he may be having opinions which differ from ours and begin to pursue his own ideology.

Uncle, please don’t get discouraged, the eyes of readers are sharp and they certainly are able to distinguish between what’s right and what’s not. Bloggers who do not meet the standard may soon find his way to oblivion even though he may be a million scorer.

You have so far done very well in your fight against injustice especially the ISA. Keep it up uncle z, we all support you. Thank you. Good-nite

Richard Loh said...

We want to see what rockybru has to say about this

Hindraf is being declared illegal by the home minister.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar What Are You Going To Do With Utusan???

Donplaypuks® said...

I think Rocky's gone off his Rocker with his support of the Utusan, thinly disguised as a call for freedom of speech.

The objective of the Cheras UMNO goons is clear - create a racist smokescreen to avoid Utusan losing it's pants. No one can fall for such puerile tactics.

But, the NAB comprises members with a variety of views and agenda. So, there's room for dissent. That's waht democracy and freedom of speech is all about. Let Rocky decide whether he should stand in the same room as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Khoo,

Didn't you notice the change in Rocky's Bru?

His latest stand is a disappointment and it totally wiped off any respect I have for Rocky.

He has been bought.

Anonymous said...

"To err is human, to forgive is divine"
Once in a while, we are allowed to go off our don't be too harsh on Roc. Perhaps, that night when he was writing the unpopular article, there was no moon, that was the reason he became temporarily Lunatic!

Anonymous said...

The subsequent posting of Mansor Bin Puteh's letter confirms he is a different man. Unlike LULU, you're not what you profess....what a shame...

Anonymous said...

People do change, values and perceptions change as we go on in life..but to support a newspaper to speak untruth and causing Ms Kok to be ISAed, and molotovs thrown at her parent's home? This is the reason I think Rocky has gone bonkers.

You say he will come through..and I hope he will.

I am also hoping PI Bala will come through.

Old Fart said...

Bernard, I am really not looking forward to your next posting on this matter. I hope it never comes. You sound like the fabled calm before the storm. I hope you have not already got the storm written, as that might just suggest that you have lost all hope. That would be sad!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Dear Zorro

Yup... i like your style!
How's we gonna win the war if you make us die laughing?
While u r having fun backgrounding!

zorro said...

LaSalle3 1972 said:Unlike LULU, you're not what you profess....what a shame...

Well, unlike YOU, I know Lulu well enough to know what she meant. And unlike YOU, I know Rocky well enough and therefore would put brain in gear before engaging mouth. Unlike YOU, I have a NAME! Howszat? You still sound like a kid trapped in a 1972 time-wrap. 51 years old you should be. No I never wanted to be a Form Master in any A1 class. I always chose to A2 and below. As such I may have taught you a subject but was never your form teacher. Not being perfect, I do encounter failure in my life. At 68 memory can falter on trivialities but I think I still can boast substance in subtlety.....look closely at my blogroll on the sidebar. If you can't see the obvious, then I can't help you....unless you need me to draw a diagram or spell it out like to a 7 year old!!!!!Have a good (I did not say nice) day.

zorro said...

Rikey, you have lost me. You said:all are welcomed even if they stand in differing light.

Standing in differing light is acceptable. But to support an effort that calls itself "Azan Fund" instead of "Save utusan fund" is unacceptable. To ask TK to witdraw a suit on a paper that was responsible for her arrest under the ISA is unacceptable. To further support the paper that incited the fire-bomb is unacceptable. To support a paper that recruits and allows the Josephine cerpen is like what Marina Mahatir says, despicable. What differing light are you shouting about. Come out from your darkness young man....but you have to get used to the light, yes?

Anonymous said...

Dear Z,
His true self has shown (look at his background).
We have written him off!!


Doc said...

i'm going with Paul Warren on this one...but maybe i will agree with the fart chamber though :)
Whatever said and done Rocky has pissed many of us. His second posting tells me that he knew what he was writing.
Just my two cents

ahoo said...

Truths shall prevail! We need to call a lie as it is, a lie. No amount of saying can overturn that lie. If it is wrong, it is wrong, plain and simple. Nine more rights cannot make this one wrong, right.

When the said paper publishes lie, it has to face the consequence of telling lies. It has nothing to do with race nor is the plaintiff against press freedom by sueing nor going against the establishment. Whoever equate all these together are the greatest bigots themselves. How despicable can so people be when they think only in terms of themselves.

For they see the wrongs in others but can't see the many ills in themself.

Anonymous said...

Peerless Patriot & Prince

By Martin Jalleh

Umno’s “internal security” is being severely threatened. The Umno elite are scared stiff as their political survival is seriously at stake. Split into camps, they scramble to save themselves.

The PM and DPM put on a see-through smile together as they sit side-by-side – and struggle with the hidden question – who is going to sink or swim by the end of the “show”?

The sad and solitary-looking president of Umno is stunned and left speechless after the Umno supreme council made a decision to “smoothen” his early exit.

The bosses of the servile mainstream press continue to suck up to their political masters, giving stories a spin and a slant that suits, soothes and serves the Umno-dominated government.

As it slowly self-destructs, a desperate Umno begins yet another senseless season of intimidation with a slew of repressive laws to contain, cripple and crush legitimate dissent.

It is an open secret that since the days of Dr M, the ISA has been used as a weapon by the Umno elite to protect, perpetuate and preserve their own political power.

In fact Pak Lah had in the past slammed Dr M for using the ISA to “silence crtitics” and had solemnly added: “If we want to save Malaysia and Umno, Dr Mahathir must be removed…”

Now, Dr M wants Pak Lah removed. He shamelessly accuses and abuses the PM of the political gangrene that has set in – when he himself is guilty of gutter politics and digging Umno’s grave.

Thorn & Threat

No one has been such a thorn in Umno’s side as Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK). Umno has been hell bent on shutting up Bolehland’s Bravest Blogger, who has told them to “go to hell”.

They tried to “shut down” Malaysia Today but Raja Petra was the least petrified. Then they realized they had made suckers of themselves and ordered access to the blog to be reinstated.

On specious and spurious claims the police detained RPK under section 73(1) of the ISA. RPK sought the help of the courts. But Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, whom no one takes seriously these days, had something more up his sleve.

On the night before RPK’s habeas corpus hearing in court, Syed Hamid slyly changed his detention order to section 8(1) of the ISA which supercedes the earlier section. RPK was sent to Kamunting for two years and the government did not have to explain why.

RPK's lead lawyer Malik Imtiaz called the stealthy act “completely unacceptable”. Another lawyer said it was a "mean, dirty trick" that allows the government to “hide behind a veil of secrecy”.

RPK's wife Marina Lee Abdullah, a woman of great courage, took it in her stride: "This is dirty foul play …but I was expecting this". Indeed, Umno has become synonymous with slimeballs, slickers and scumbags!

“There are strong grounds for him to be further detained for two years in Kamunting” Syed Hamid stammered, stuttered and strained to make some sense, satisfying no one but himself.

His “grounds” kept on shifting. On Sept. 12 they said he was “a threat to public order and national security”. Later Syed Hamid would say it is “due to Raja Petra's articles that ridiculed Islam which could arouse anger among Muslims”.

Syed Hamid was silent on the detailed justification of the new detention order. He shied away from giving any “damning evidence” – there was none – though there was solid evidence of the Minister being too asinine to understand what RPK had written!

RPK has already been charged with sedition and defamation after linking the DPM and his wife to the sensational murder of a Mongolian woman. Silencing him under the ISA would seal his fate and of course, his mouth – so they thought!

The police warns us not to speculate on a government takeover. But they “speculate” on a person being a “national security threat”, arrest him/her first and only then carry out an investigation to justify the incarceration. It is easy to speculate on the reason for such blatant abuse by the police.

Model Muslim

Suffice to say, far from insulting or ridiculing Islam, RPK has been an exemplary Muslim, who has earned the respect of many non-Muslims and have often saved the good name of Islam from the country’s shallow-narrow-minded “little mullah napoleons”.

Compared to some “Muslims” in Umno, RPK does not shortchange the poor Malay and put the blame on non-Malays; he does not sell his country and stash his money overseas. He does not suck or bleed the country dry or gamble away the country with a racial-religious card.

RPK is seen by many as a principled Muslim who walks the talk – who cannot be bought over, bargained with, bribed, or bullied into submission, nor does he need to brandish a keris. His main concern has been genuine spirituality and not superiority!

RPK is a fearless Muslim. The PM’s Islam Hadhari has failed. Religious polarisation is worsening. This has led him to challenge Muslims in the country to do some serious soul searching that ultimately leads to the truth that Muslims could be their very own worst enemy.

In his writings on religion, RPK has spent his energies on what the PM sees as the role of religious scholars and intellectuals – “combating ignorance and the perversion of religion” and “broadening public understanding of religion, and its role in promoting justice and peace”..

The PM said this when he opened the “International Conference on Religion in the Quest for Global Justice and Peace”, in July this year. But the ignorant and insecure cannot stomach RPK’s uncompromising honesty and his significant role.

We are told that RPK will have to undergo “religious rehabilitation” by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) at Kamunting to enable his speedier release. Such an attempt would be like what he calls (in the title of an article) “spitting in the wind”.

In it he writes: “No, I am not a deviant or a blasphemous Muslim of the worst kind. It is those in government who are. And I will uphold the true Islam and oppose these deviants till my last breath and the last drop of my blood.” Rehabilitation of RPK? Jakim might be sorry for trying!

Free & fearless

RPK has never been a respecter of persons. No one has been spared. He has been a critic of even Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Abdul Hadi Awang, and the parties that make up Pakatan Rakyat.

He does not succumb to nor shiver at the ploys of the powerful or Umno’s scare tactics, saber-rattling tricks, silly threats and sinister theatrics. His “no holds barred” brand of journalism has struck fear in the self-serving sycophants surrounding the PM.

RPK has exposed the sordid details of financial and moral scandals, “exhumed” long-hidden skeletons in the cupboards of Umno, and successfully exhorted whistleblowers to spill the beans in a press statement or statutory declaration.

When Pak Lah tried to sway public support with his four economic corridors, RPK was busy writing about the somnolent PM and his cronies in the “Corridors of Power”, and “chronicling” the stark reality of how the Umno elite has become corrupt to the core.

Umno was frustrated because it was not able to label RPK or lump him or lampoon him as a self-seeking politician. RPK does not gain anything for being a “cyber-warrior” – no political power, position, privilege…and definitely not the premiership! So they arrested him under the ISA.

RPK knew that the “less-travelled” road that he had so boldly chosen would ultimately lead to Kamunting. He has been standing up against the powers that be and prompting the citizens of Bolehland to stand up and be counted – which many did in March this year.

He knew he had to be ready to pay the price for his convictions or be accused of displaying the same hype and hypocrisy of BN and Umno. He had to bear the risks involved in going against a hegemony capable of the most heinous.

He challenged the careful, cautious and calculative middle-class who are often contented in their comfort zones to be courageous and concerned for all races and religions. In an interview in a new book March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up he would ask: “How big are your balls?”

RPK may be behind bars but he has started a ripple effect. He has stirred within the average Malaysian an indomitable spirit ready to take on the seemingly insurmountable odds and intimidation by Umno. More bloggers are willing to put their head on the block.

“We are not scared of the government. The government should be scared of us,” RPK once wrote. To a great extent this has become a reality today. People are willing to sacrifice their candle-light dinners to take part in a candle-light procession and to call for an end to the ISA.

RPK has earned the respect of countless in Bolehland and all over the world. Their synergy and solidarity with him cannot be contained – they transcend the walls of the Kamunting Detention Centre.

Wattahack? said...

dear uncle zorro,

i was just noted to lulu on this "overstayed his welcome on the blogosphere."

as i mentioned anyone u me and monkey kj can post anything even if we never agree on it. to ask u me kj to get out of blogging is like the pendatang issue that's all i meant. nothing more nothing less.

i may not agree with rocky as well like you guys but its also his right. if some can accuse him being bought over true or not its his choice. its up to him to face his fate. it is the same when jeff joined DAP many did not agree as well. Shieh is more on PAS side as well so many of us go differing direction its only natural.

in the end we all share the same piece of planet earth......

cheers mates
ps utusan is a gone case lar. i can't wait to see someone publish a similar thing on our leaders hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I always felt that Rocky Bru has UMNO blood in him. The moment Pak Lah announced that he is not contesting. Rocky made a U turn and he is in my own opinion very much pro-Najib. It's not once but many a times I have seen him tilt towards the corrupted in UMNO.

My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

he is preparing himself for the job of editor in chief NST when NAR takes over - has to show his colours else he gets passed over again!

Robert Teh said...

Utusan and TV3 are right-wing mouth pieces for UMNO. I think they don't have any journalistic ideals in them except to attack all those who don't agree with their racist and supremacist propaganda. Both have a sinister agenda and you don't even need to read between the lines to know that. They are so blatantly biased and prejudiced in their reporting - how could anyone called their reporting 'journalism' and their reporters 'journalist'?

And Rocky praising the Cheras Racist? That's indeed a big joke!

By the way I'm no big fan of Teresa Kok nor am I too crazy about the way she shoots off her big mouth without much thinking!

GobloKing said...

this is what blogging is about..that the freedom of different expressions flower

I can change my mind about what to eat but not my principles or what I stongly believe is right (or wrong)

maybe - giving rocky benefit of doubt - his support azan fund was a tongue in cheek way of titling a posting to draw attention to the article?

but u know me now bernard...i feel what i feel long be4 this - but i can always be persuaded to change my mind.

mamasita said...

Teruknya background photos that you are showing.Didnt notice much until I read the heading again!O my goodness!Yucky betul!

Old Fart said...

For some of you who talk of freedom of expression that permits Rocky his liberty to say what he wants, maybe I might have something for you to chew on.

Rocky's recent stature and credibility was ridden on a disposition that most bloggers and commenters have clothed themselves in. There are no specifications for what that disposition is, but we somehow know.

That disposition elevated Rocky's stature for right thinking and honest opinions onto a platform that gave him not just credibility, but also exposure.

His recent postings, however, have betrayed that disposition. For those of us who retain some of that disposition, it is with dismay,disappointment and heartache that we have to walk away from that platform that Rocky stands on. And I guess I will not be wrong if for Bernad the heartache is indeed greater and very personal.

Anonymous said...

when monkey kj blogged racial remarks , it is his freedom of expression.
when susan loone blogged that she ain't signing that supposedly anti-ISA online petition, it is her freedom of expreesion.
when rocky takes that round about turn, it is his freedom as well.
All the bla bla bla.......all it takes is to put the crown words " freedom of expression" on your head AND whatever you want to do, no matter how sinful or shameful,make others headache or heartache, committing privacy intrusion or arousing racial tension........just mum the magic words " freedom of expreesion' !

Sigh! looks like i can only silently exercise my freedom as well, that is freedom not to read.: i stop reading rocky bru's blog, i stop reading susan loone's blog and who is next?

magellan said...


This is my first time blogging. I am here as I view u as an inspiration.

I am still bewildered by rockys' comments about utusan Malaysia. The man obviously has his point, but due respect to blogger hanis whom seems to have a better perspective and is obviously less racist and more of a true bangsa Malaysia. What about u? I least expected your very diplomatic comments about Rocky, I thought u would tear him a part with his uncalled for comments. Sad that when it comes to those closest to u, u seem to lose objectivity. Rocky in my books is a lost cause and supporting him makes u sound like him. Wake up zorro and give this rocky a wake up call to! I am sure u don't want to be called an UMNO sympathizer!