Saturday, April 20, 2013



Anonymous said...

Ceramah Umum "UBAH, Ini Kali lah"

日期Tarikh : 21/4/13 (Ahad/星期天)
时间Masa : 8pm
地点Tempat : Bilik Gerakan Pilihanraya DAP Bukit Bakri (Belakang Petronas)

民主行动党峇吉里国会选区大选行动室(吧口新村支部)- Petronas 油站后面。

主讲人: 丘光耀,吴良山,赵丽兰,沈茂山,余德华,蔡伟明等。


Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Thank you for a wonderful trip to all the nomination centres and pics.
Bless you.
Felt like crying and lump in the throat to see our Valiant Pakatan
Now we need to pray very hard for the next 15days, these warriors will translate to PR victories, we and rakyat deserve.
We are 4them! Jom Vote our PR candidates!

Anonymous said...

Hindraf is history, rotten, shameful history, Uthaya, whatever factions they belong. Of course, what you said about your disgusting brother is true, he sold out, cashed out but no body, no Indian I spoke to, is buying is nonsense. He is a traitor, condemned so. What about you, Uthaya? What are you doing, trying to split the Indian votes. Do you think any non Indian will vote for you, No, man. With 29% Indian voters there, split here ways, what is your chance, nil. That means, you will lose the elections for sure, very badly too. Assuming you win, what do you think you can do for the bastardized Indians alone, outside the govt.? Is it not better for you to align with PR, see what you can do from the inside? You asked the Indians to vote for PR but not BN. If you were sincere about that call, you should withdraw from the race, join PR, campaign for them. That way, you can regain some credibility, is it not Uthaya? Reflect on it man, if you read this comment.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I am not 100% sure that PKR is good, but I am 100% sure that BN is badly corrupted. Malaysian have spent 55 years letting this corrupted party to rule the government and they failed miserably, so why not give a chance to PKR to see if they can rule our country better? BN is "importing" foreigners from other poorer countries creating massive of social security problems while other countries are trying to get highly educated talents from overseas to improve their economy development.