Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The nursing staff of Menara Timor (UH) 9th floor, already refer to me as either Pak PAS or Uncle PAS.

When the doctors do their rounds and I am not where they expect me to be,  the word that goes around is “he must be campaigning as usual….go get him back here.” Not all the time really……out of boredom I roam the ward and also as a form of exercise….. a bit like multi-tasking.
When my minders told me that my scheduled operation on 8April has been pushed back to 29April I was disappointed as that would mean recuperation time would eat into active campaign time for GE13. Anyway God knows best and I am resigned to do the best I can insha Allah.
But today, my spirits soared to new heights at the news of PAS nominating a Christian and a Hindu HERE as candidates. Indeed PAS UNTUK SEMUA! Good times are a-coming people! Chins up yah! 


Anonymous said...

Yes, Zorro. INI KALI LAH!!!

Take care, have good rest and we love to see you back in action with your guns blazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Your indefatigable spirit roaming the hospital corridors and campaigning to patients and staff alike is admirable.
But concentrate on getting well too..

Anonymous said...


You are one crazy old man!! :)

I guess there is no point trying to stop you if you insist on campaigning cos you'd probably find some way to do it even if it meant climbing out through the windows and down the outside of a 100-storey building :)

Just stay within your limits and take it easy. You can do just as much damage to the other side just by sharing your experience and skills.

If you play smart, you can still be around for GE14 and beyond where your help will still be valued :)

bruno said...

Zorro,yes you are right.The day of reckoning for the corrupted regime is near,very near.Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle, I didn't know you were in hospital, but do take care and rest. We need you to save our country. May you recover quickly. God bless.

Sam said...

Bro Bernard,

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

it's TIME to change for the sake of our children's future !!

Jamal Majid said...

I shall pray for your good health. Take care brother.

bumi-non-malay said...

Zorro - Make sure you get onto EC/SPR and nominate someone to vote on your behalf before it becomes a Phantom votes. While doing your Hospital Rounds ask those there to also nominate someone to vote Pakatan on their behalf. Ini Kali Lah!!

Disabled people will be allowed to name someone they trust to help them vote, on condition that the named person is a citizen aged 21 and above, but not necessarily registered as a voter.

And also for the first time in the history of the country's general elections, all media workers including journalists, photographers, cameraman and technicians on duty outside the areas they registered are eligible to apply to be postal voters.

WOW THESE 2 CATEGORIES CAN ADD UP TO 150,000 Phantom Postal votes... Thinks of ways to Disrupt disrupt disrupt Election commission. Where are the Postal votes kept....anybody...In the HQ of EC/SPR of each state?? EC = Election CORRUPTION!! Get money out before Cyprus Hits Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Uncle. We fight these UMNO fuckers till the end.

Anonymous said...

Blogging can be seriously stressful so please take it easy after every hit-up.
Even many of us following all the blogs can also suffer from info overload and need to take more breaks.
One question: How come I don't see you famous bloggers don't come together more often? Its a great time to get re-energise, have a great laugh (at BN's expense)and enjoy the latest skullduggery (sp).
Survive this GE and enjoy the champagne (just a sip ok?)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Zorro.

And yes, Ini Kali Lah!

General Yang said...


If you want our country monies and resources to be plundered until we are bankrupt then vote BN

If you want your rights and democracy to be subverted, vote BN

If you think that no compensation should be given to those whose house has been demolish such as Kg Buah Pala you have to vote BN.

If you think BN ADUNs/top leaderships is right to (grab) the land from Kg Buah Pala residents and sell them to a rich developer, then you have to vote BN

If you find PRIMA low cost house at RM400k is cheap then you have to vote BN. PR low cost medium house is only 72k

If you want a DUMB PM who dare not answer allegation to the Mongolian murder and Scorpene 1 billion being siphoned you have to vote BN.

If you want no water or high water bills to your home, you have to vote BN because their cronies will make billions from building Langat and increase your water bill, They will also do it in Penang

If you want HUDUD FOR ALL you have to vote. UMNO is calling for hudud for all and has entice PAS to join them which they won`t do for the sake of non muslim

If you want to let UMNO continue plundering our countries and (enticing) Adun, then you have to vote BN.

If you cronies who built stadium and building with sub standard materials that collapse, you have to vote BN.

If you want Perkasa who commit thuggery, violence and breaking of the law on the road and blocking Penang bridges you have to vote BN

If you want Perkasa aligned to UMNO who call for the burning of the Bible then you have to vote BN

If you want Perkasa guys who belittle and do not respect … by giving out white ANGPOw, you have to vote BN

If you want a DPM who is Malay first and Malaysian second then vote BN

If you want racism, religiouism by their NGO such Perkasa, then vote BN

If you feel happy about ISA abolishment that comes with the same draconian law, you have to vote BN



If you love Malaysia and wants to be a REAL 1 MALAYSIAN without referring to Malays, Chinese, Indian, kadazan, Murut as first or second, then you have to vote PAKATAN RAKYAT (PR)


Anonymous said...

UMNO & BN cronies from top to bottom has practicing misuse of power and corruption for the past 55 years. All this happen for too long time. You think Najib can do major changes, no way ! No body will listen to Najib. People like Tahi Mahmud, Sharizat Lembu, Hisappuding had done many wrong things, why no action against them from Najis ? Let me tell you, Najis need their support during election. Najis got no choice !!! Just like Badawi, Najis just like useless King !!!

Another good example. Our previous Police Chief, Musa Hassan. What can he do in the police force, even he knows that majority of our police corrupt.

Once can only change all this if he/she does not care about his position, his political interest.

We might give Anwar, PR a chances to try it. No harm. Just 5 years. 55 years for BN, why 5 years for PR got problem ?

antisyaitan said...

Rakyat Malaysia mesti tolak KIRAM (Kumpulan Import Rakyat Asing Masuk Mengundi) a.k.a Kumpulan Syaitan Yang DiKenali dalam PRU13.

Ubah!!!!!!!Ini kalilah!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike birder said...

The RAHMAN prophecy had not ended and the reverse is the beginning so the new Malaysia PM name will be "A"............

Anonymous said...

Greatlah Uncle, you. To get first class treatment in a first class ward of a Government hospital. And you are still bad mouthing gomen. What can Anwar Ibrahim or LGE do for you? They will leave you to die and rot.

Small boy

zorro said...

Small suits you like a glove. I was in a common ward....first class kakakakaka!

jillian said...

I am working in Singapore.

I will return home to vote.

I hope many would do likewise!

Grey Knight said...

hate is not good for your heart uncle bernard. hope u get well soon.

Main Bola said...

Small boy dont talk shit.No 1st class treatment for ordinary citizens like Uncle Z or myself. Go and play marbles if you what I mean.

Hussein ABDUL HAMID said...

Aisehman Bernard what is this I hear about you being in Rumah Sakit? Has Doctor Jack Daniels been transferred there? God the length you go to simply to keep in touch with the good old doctor!

Get well soon brother...our hearts and mind are with you. We wish you well...and do get well soon...I may be younger but I can only hold the fort from down here...ypu we need on the ground! ABU

Hussein ABDUL HAMID said...

oopss...sorry forget to cheer you here goes:

There was a blonde, a redhead and a brunette. They all decided to go to the bar and hey got fake IDs because they were underage. So they go in and the bartender knows they are underage so he calls the cops. The redhead informs the girls that the bartender has called the cops and they have to leave.
So they go out the back door and they see a barn.
They go inside and the redhead notices 3 potato sacks on the floor.
She tell this girls to each hide in a potato sack.
They go inside and the redhead notices 3 potato sacks on the floor.
She tells the girls to each hide in a potato sack.
Then the police arrive in the bar, and the bartender takes them out back to look around.
They go into the barn and look everywhere.
One cop says "they might be in those potato sacks."
So he kicks the first one containing the redhead and hears "woof woof". That's a dog, he thinks to himself.
He kicks the second bag containing the brunette and hears "meow, meow" Well that must be a cat, he thinks.
Finally, he kicks the last bag containing the blonde and hears in a slow voice "po.. ta.."

zorro said...

SteadyAku,Your coming in here is cheering me up loads mate. No Drs JD and Yamasaki are not to be blamed. Its my kidney and not liver. Probably a reality check from our Friend above. You keep well to 'dek.

Anonymous said...



现在百物高涨,样样都起价,人民不管如何努力工作,薪水的涨幅永­远都追不上通货膨胀率。 但是那些高官,却挥霍无度,一直乱乱花我们纳税人的钱, 来买哪些不实际的东西,只顾自己享乐,不管人民死活。。。


Anonymous said...

I just returned from Singapore. My friends there are returning to Klang Valley to vote Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from Singapore. My Malaysian friends are returning to Klang Valley to vote for Pakatan at their own free will and expenses. They are not ferried down in BN sponsored busses nor given money to vote. If given I guess they will just take the freebies and still vote in Pakatan. These are patriotic Malaysians forced to leave the country for greener pastures leaving behind loved ones as the BN govt discriminate them in job opportunities and education.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir who is now endorsing Ibrahim Ali for GE13 has crossed the line of tolerance & moved to the religious hardliners of which if unmonitored will turn into extremists.

Malaysians should reject people like Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Nordin & now, Mahathir. They are the kind of leaders who will bring destruction to the country! Check them before disaster strikes!

Anonymous said...

Hello uncle zorro,

Chins up and get well soon ya !!

Anonymous said...

Small Boy if you do not know what 9U in Menara Timur in PPUM (formerly UH) is then keep your mouth shut. There is no such a thing as 1st class for free in PPUM. (th floor is a paying ward (the private wing of PPUM) and Bernard pays through his own pockets. Unlike the fucking UMNO members who will always demand 1st class treatment in public hospitals.Note here that I use the term "public" not "government hospital. Yes, it belongs to all of us Rakyat, whose money is used to build, staff, equip and run these hospitals for all of us.