Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This word is anathema especially amongst the Hokkiens in Penang. Blood have been shed in the triads battles along Carnavon Street, See Tiow Lor and Perak Road. Calling another Bangsat is one thing but treating the Hokkiens as bangsats who easily accept money is going too far! It is unforgiveable! As such, the giver is the BIGGEST BANGSAT!  But as it turned up…..some Penangites received such “charity” and “welfare”!

Louis from Penang commented:  We, Penangites are treated like 'bangsats' by this rich bastard. Giving goodies as if we are beggars, with the hope of winning our votes. To those rich and powerful bastard, money can buy everything. Yes, they are used to doing just that. With power or money, even some body's wife can also be snatched away. They are applying this principles to us, Penangites. My question is , are we that 'bangsat'? No. Can those bastards win our votes? No . We have pride.
Even Jho Low is unwilling to say that he donated the cash……because he knows it is bribery cash. What is the English word equavalent? Selling ass for cash?  Remember Patrick Badawi? Remember Tengku Wong? Remember Michael Chia? All “used” Chinese! LANCHEOW BIN, so who is the real BANGSAT. Penangites will give us the answer on Polling Day.


Roti Sunshine said...

Sadly, history is littered by bloodsuckers such as this low chap! Remember, young man, the love of money is the root of all evils and can cause many griefs!

So stick your money in you know where.

People power will triumph over Money Power come GE 13!

Anonymous said...

tiu niamah-the money comes from !MDB-more than 4b has been siphoned off to the non-descript shit saudi vehicle.
when PR wins, first thing investigate this thievery and go after the skirt chasing fat arse.
Rosmah being kaki, fuck.

Anonymous said...

dUMNO may be dumb in some respects, but it is smart in knowing that MCA is already KO-ed, kaput! Most Malaysians WOULD prefer a dUMNO politician representing them rather than a running dog politician speaking on their behalf! If we can't get a Pakatan rep, then dUMNO is still preferable to MCA, Gerakan or MIC. Why, it is because we don't need a middleman who either has no power, or no balls to represent us. If we have to deal with dUMNO, then at least we are talking with the guy with the power, not some cari makan pendatang whose balls have been castrated by Perkasa or Perkida! Plus we do not want any hypocrisy ala Chua Soi Lek 'looking after Chinese interests' when all he is looking after is Talam Chua and his own cari makan interests! Wangsa Maju residents should dump MCA and vote for Pakatan!

Anonymous said...

For sooooo longwe didnt hear "patrick badawi" , zorror and gang kick him and his badawi out of political arena,! Ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

At the way the Election Rules are being played by BN and the way the AG, Rice and all the idiotic law makers are interpreting and breaking the rules... this country has gone finito.. all screwed till kingdom gone!

Alex said...

Money looks like the only way they want to buy the heart of the voters. *sigh*

It's also the 'u help me I help u' season....

bruno said...

The money comes from the taxes the rakyat paid,which had fallen into the hands of the powerfully corrupted and their cronies.Now they want to screw the rakyat's asses with their tax money.My doggy said,"go fuck your ownselves".

Selena said...

We already have 56 years of mismanagement under BN and to top it up the national debt (RM502 billion!) has increased and will continue to increase under the BN federal government.

If BN had wanted to do something about it, it would have been done long ago.

Instead, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s promise to trim the national debt is stupid Najibnomics – it can never be done at the rate he is emptying the nation’s coffers.

Therefore, let us vote wisely for our future and the future of our grandchildren before this nation becomes the sick man of Asia.

This is not impossible as corruption and cronyism have shown no signs of slowing down.

fishmonger said...

It is very difficult to get many Malays to understand and accept the sad fact that Umno, the one founded by Tunku Abdul Rahman, is dead and gone. Deregistered as enginered by Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty.

Mahathir in his anger at being sacked from Umno by Tunku, plotted revenge against Tunku and Umno.Tunku saw in Mahathir an evil man and many in Umno supported his decision. Mahathir’s best vengence is to allow Umno to be de-registered. And to top it up, he rubbed salt into Tunku’s wound, he formed Umno baru, coerced Umno members to join Umno Baru. Tunku died a sad man.

Till today, many Malays think that Umno Baru belongs to them, that Umno Baru and Umno is one and the same. They still think they are better off than before, than other Malaysians – which is far from the truth

The new Umno Baru is solely his, Mahathir’s party. Mahathir made use of the blind patriotism of the Malays to his personal advantage. He used race, religion, royalty to hoodwinked the common Malays to give him their unwavering loyalty, support and adoration. He made sure that Malays became dependent on him, his Umno Baru. That they forever be grateful to him and can only stand on crutches, he said so himself.

Today we don’ have Umnoputras. We only have Umno Baru-putras, a different breed altogether. These new breed has no soul, no shame, no conscience, no integrity, utterly corrupt, resort to threats, blackmail, misuse the law, give out citizenship to undeserving foreigners while rejecting citizenship to bona fide Malaysians, abuse the judiciary, abuse religion for political gains, blackmail the PDRM, MACC, Jabatan Immigresen, civil service, election commission to do its biddings. I could go on and on and I could fill a volume larger and bigger than Rosmah’s biography.

For the past 30 years, Umno Baru held Malaysians to ransom in order to stay in power. With the GE13 looming, its colours begin to change like the chamelion. Goodies here, goodies there like an old santa who forgot that Christmas is over. It maintains that Umno Baru is the only party fit to rule Malaysia, the only pary that can govern.

Yet, today many Malays still support Umno Baru even when there is PAS and PKR as alternatives. Why is it so? I guess Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty has done a good job convincing many Malays to sink with the captain and the ship. The fact is that Umno Baru and its ardent supporters are the ones keeping the rest of Malaysia in perpetual slavery to elites like Mahathir and all his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Our daily lives are controlled by Bangsat BN!

Watch this video that has gone viral!!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Finally, even UMNO has to admit that MCA has lost the Chinese mandate. It reminds us of the history of Chinese Dynasties. Once the Chinese people lost faith & love for the Emperor, the Dynasty was doomed and the people would say that the Dynasty has lost its Heavenly Mandate. A new Dynasty would replace the decadent Dynasty (perhaps in Malaysia, it would be DAP or PR replacing MCA). Perhaps It's time CSL, LTL, NYY, WCK & all the "top guns" of MCA abdicate in favour of new blood or DAP.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pilih Pakatan untuk turun beban rakyat:


wongty robert said...

This Low guy from USA and his UMNO/BN cronies are not just insulting us with the bangsat treatment, they are also insulting our intelligence with the April 20 so-called charity show in Penang. Just think, to gain entrance to the show forecast to have a 100,000crowd, one has to buy newspapers, cut out the logo with RM1.00 in exchange for an entrance ticket. Who are the owners of these mainstream newspapers UMNO and MCA, right? Max. crowd 100,000 @ RM1.00 each, RM100,000.00 that's all for charity. So, who are the biggest gainers out of all this so-called charity show? Think! Read Mkini P. Gunasegaram articles on bonds issued and guaranteed by Malaysia as well as 10 Questions on 1MDB. You will know the names of those responsible for helping foreigners to "milk" Malaysians/ taxpayers by the billions and suddenly becoming so charitable with our money! They are just doing their best, by whatever means, to return UMNO/BN to government to protect their backs!!

SooHoo said...

This Jho Low guy has shamed the Chung Ling Alumni and all Penangites. We Penang Kia will show you bastards that WE are not easily bribed. Take your psy and shove it up your ASS!