Sunday, April 7, 2013


BN will establish additional SPECIAL COURTSto deal with corruption cases, underscoring its unwavering commitment to fight the scourge……IF THEY WIN.

It is good that BN admits that corruption is pervasive but how can you fight this scourge when offered on a golden platter, MACC cannot find its dentures! Word has it that it is in Najib’s save deposit box in FLOM’s office.


Anonymous said...

In Kedah, BN has started the “ceramah kelompok” (political speeches to small groups). Now in these ceramah, there is always a presence of a group called “Group 36”. The name is given to this group by the local residents as these 36 people are the same loyal 36 people always attending these ceramah organised by BN.

Besides the above participants, many young men have also been asked to wear BN’s T-shirts to popularise BN. These youths will get between RM20 and RM50 for doing so besides being given money for filling up petrol for their bikes.

Many of these young men are unemployed and BN should have done something more for them such as sending them to skills training courses instead of letting them waste their time in this manner.

Najib Manaukau said...

Najib wants and needs Taib's support to remain as P.M. of Malaysia. Najib has plenty of money, in fact more than 100 life times that need to keep him and his family going. There is no other jobs in Malaysia that will give him and his family the glamours that go with it.
Hence he will under all circumstances, keep both his eyes closed as to what goes on in Sarawak especially with Taib. Besides he is just taking what is rightfully his and therefore Najib will have to keep, not only his two eyes closed but his mouth closed. Otherwise shit will hit the fan ! Now you know what this Taib is getting away with whatever he chooses to do and whoever he condemns.
Otherwise the next thing Taib will do is get the ball rolling to have Sarawak out of Malaysia including Sabah. Now you know the true reasons why Najib could not and cannot do anything about the present situation. This might be the best thing to have happened to the people in East Malaysia !

Anonymous said...

I believe najib. The special courtd will be solely for small fish, including you and I. The big fish? No, they wont be prosecuted! See.even mass has no b....s!!

Anonymous said...

dentures dont even work coz
gums of kassim are so infected with shit from the bullshit conference talks.
macc good to bully teoh beng hock to death. thats all.

Anonymous said...

Below is an email that is being circulated.

Subject: Psalm 109:8

Story from Malaysia : Malaysian General Elections is just around the corner.
Lets bow our heads and pray together. My wife and I were in slow traffic the
other day and we had to stop behind a car that had an unusual PM Najib bumper sticker on it. It read

"Pray for Najib Psalm 109.8".

When we got home my wife got out the Bible and opened it up to theScripture.
She started laughing and laughing.Then she read it to me. I could not believe what it said.
I had a good laugh too.

Psalm 109.8

"Let his days be few and brief and let others step forward to replace him.".

At last I can honesty voice a Biblical prayer for Malaysia's PrimeMinister.
Look it up, let us bow our heads and pray,Brothers and Sisters, and can I get an Amen.!!!

(1) New King James version -
"Let his days be few and let another take his office."

(2) Revised Standard Version -
"May his days be few, may another seize his goods."

(3) New International Version -
"May his days be few, may another take his place of leadership."

Anonymous said...

Bye-bye Anwar. You RIP with Altantuya and Teoh Beng Hock, Okay.
It's bad to resurrect people who had moved on to a better place.

Anonymous said...

It was mentioned during a PR ceramah in perak that some people are going around in Pkatan friendly villages in kelantan and perak giving$1000 and the taking away the persons IC so they cannot vote

Anonymous said...

Pengalaman ketika aku dlm UMNO . ahli2 sering bergaduh sesama sendiri sbb duit dan projek . Bila tak masyuk mula lah memberontak . Di peringkat cawangan pun dah pandai jadi penyamun apatah lagi diperingkat bahagian dan majlis tertinggi . Ada mana2 ahli dan penyokong umno nk komen kenyataan aku ni silakan . aku berani ckp sbb aku dh lebih 20 tahun duduk dlm umno . kalau setakat hingusan umno baik xyah.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a developed nation, while Malaysia is TRYING to be one by 2020! In fact, Malaysia should be ahead of the red dot! Now, in aviation jargon, Malaysia travels economy class while Singapore goes first class! Why? Malaysia has all the riches to be rich and developed! But sadly, it is not so. Instead, Singapore, even without all the natural resources, is far ahead of Malaysia. Why? Is it because , the NEP has been "bastardised" and some leaders have enriched themselves under the guise of NEP? Even the majority of Malays are not in good shape, not to mention the other races.How is our housing programme compared to Singapore's ? Inspite of scarcity of land, the Singapore Government managed to house most people in HDB flats. What about Malaysia? In spite of vast stretches of land, there are many homeless. Why? Why can't the Housing Minister go down to Singapore and learn how to build houses? Be humble and learn from the master!

BN screwed us!

Anonymous said...

A cartoon parody of "Are You Ready for BN?"

SPM Boy said...

1Malaysia Najib Nak Janji
Tak tau Mana Satu Dia Tepati
Rasuah BN Dunia Tertinggi
Pasti PR akan Gua Undi

Anonymous said...























Anonymous said...

Najib and the MACC have an impeccable record of fighting graft in the last few years. Their two highest profile cases involved a political aide from the current Selangor government, and a customs assistant director from the Port Klang customs office. One case involved an exorbitant RM2,400, while the other was charged for accepting between RM30 and RM200 a month from two freight companies named Schenker Logistics and Top Mark Freight & Shipping. Both fell to their deaths from the MACC building.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

马华还没有上阵就先输掉 3 国 2 州了!!!


Anonymous said...

MCA is so generous to give up their seats?

Can Umno return favor to CSL's stupid gesture?

Anonymous said...

The presence of "illegal" branches participating in the elections was the main ground of Tengku Razaleigh's legal team but the argument for the deregistration of UMNo was put forward by Mahathir's legal team led by Zaki Tun Azmi.

This was done purposely. This was what they wanted and they knew what they were doing and what they would do (after deregistration) when the Judge accepted the argument, which he had to because that was the law.

The formation of UMNo Baru effectively locked out Tengku Razaleigh and his supporters. What most present UMNo Baru members don't realise is that each of them stands guarantee for all of the old UMNO's liabilities, which could today run into billions of ringgit.

There has been no proper disclosure of UMNo Lama's assets and liabilities taken over by UMNo Baru.

The fact that UMNo Baru never repaid a single sen of Bank Bumiputra's loan to finance the PWTC complex & thereby caused Bank Bumiputra's ultimate collapse has never been made public or acknowledged and has been covered up.

UMNo is long overdue for final deregistration and its members made to pay for all its liabilities and to pay back all that it has stolen from the country.

Anonymous said...

RM73 million spent by BN and PMO in March for BN advertisement! With more than a month to go before the elections, I suppose the spending will more than double. It is therefore safe to assume that a total of RM250 million may be spent by PMO and BN by then.

PMO is an office of the government. Therefore the RM250 million is taxpayers' money, not money belonging to component political parties of the BN. In other words, taxpayers' money has been illegally and corruptly spent for the benefit of BN parties, not for the collective good of the rakyat!.

MACC should investigate!!!