Thursday, April 11, 2013


Despite receiving no reply from caretaker Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to its invitation, pro-electoral reform group Bersih will go ahead with a planned forum to pit the BN chairperson and his Pakatan Rakyat counterpart and their manifestos against each other.
However, even if Najib decided not to attend and did not send a representative, Ambiga said that they will find a way for someone to deliver the BN manifesto during the forum.
Asked whether it was fair for someone not nominated by the BN to present their manifesto, Ambiga argued that this is the risk that Najib and his party runs if they refuse to take part.
If Bersih wants to be clean and fair about this, look no further for a stand in. 

Why are we so obsessed with the need that Najib must debate Anwar. Haven’t we forgotten to remember that Najib never got the mandate from the people? Haven’t we forgotten to remember that it was the UMNO Supreme Council who shooed him in without a contest to be UMNO president, and ipso facto Prime Minister! Such easy passage. Najib’s ascendency has always been easy-passage. Sympathy for his late father jettisoned him into the Pahang Menteri Besar safe seat. Characteristic yes-man-ship secured him the bland (by then) Education portfolio which was safe as safe can be. He changed sides on the eleventh hour and sided with Mahathir when Ku Li challenged Mahathir for the premiership. The Defence Ministry was safe-harbor (remember our submarines) and a just reward for a turncoat. Haven’t we forgotten to remember that it was Mahathir who whispered loud enough into Badawi’s drowsy ears to appoint Najib as Deputy PM? And surely we cannot forget that Mahathir chooses only those who are pliable plasticinewise.   Musa Hitam and Anwar Ibrahim were not pliable and compliant, you cannot forget to remember!

It would be cruel to force Najib into this forum. He would be doomed if he attempted to articulate his  signature “I help you, you help me” and “Are you ready for BN?”mantra, although he may be able to pay a few motor-cyclists or cabbies to don the trademark “I luv PM” tees. So please do not force Najib for he is just a mere puppet……roll out the red carpet for THE PUPPET MASTER aka Ibrahim Ali’s ventriloquist! HE is ripe for a swan song! 

Give HIM his last hurrah, yah?


Anonymous said...

Is Najib a puppet? is Dr. Chua a puppet? Is Palanivel a puppet? Is Dr. Koh a puppet? Is Kayveas a puppet? Is Pairin a puppet? Is Musa a puppet? Is Taib a puppet?
If they are puppets, then who is the puppeteer? Do all these puppets the "genital virility"
( quote from one disgraced American Governor ) to do the right thing, do justice, in spite of all the odds stacked against them?

Anonymous said...

Master Khoo,

Najib is only capable of conducting monologues, where no one is required or allowed to ask or reply to anything. This we had seen on his last televised self debate that he conducted ever so successfully. In plain words, he is just a coward...

mitchell said...

Bring the anak kerala on!!!! Lets give him a rousing send off!!!

Anonymous said...

BN is still managed by Mamakutty.

Anonymous said...

Let Mahathir son Mukriz Mahathir take on Anwar, since Mahathir is the puppeteer and Najib , a mere puppet.

patrick said...

That racist prick needs a good roasting....spit-roasting that is!Now isn't that a nice thought as a final send-off?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
Is Najib a puppet? ... who is the puppeteer...

April 11, 2013 at 11:18 PM"


I have discovered that any problem on this planet can be blamed on the Jews and there will be people who would nod their heads trying to look very wise like they knew it all the time :)

So, I'll blame the Jews, especially George Soros, for being the puppeteer. I am sure George is a smart fellow who can play both sides - supporting Anwar and supporting Najib!!!

Why is George doing this?

Because he is a Jew - that's reason enough :)

Jong said...

#It would be cruel to force Najib into this forum #

- Hahaha! So very true, Najib's definitely not in the same league as Anwar Ibrahim. Takut lo, save him the embarrassment!

Recently he has been frequently boasting of his "track record" when we all know for decades he has been riding on his father's name, catapulted into Pahang MB's seat, and yes agree with Zorro, out of sympathy for Tun Razak's family, with so many mouths to feed!

Think Badawi regrets he bowed to Mahathir's suggestion to make Najib his successor?

Anonymous said...

Nowadays even Feng Shui master can be bought to campaign for BN, money talks in BN!

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Kerala kutty to debate on Najib's behalf.But kutty will surely find an excuse.

敢敢换 said...





Anonymous said...

印尼咖喱 辣!
Ini Kali Lah!