Wednesday, April 17, 2013


PSM Decision: Hopeful Prelude to Opposition Avoiding Three Corner Fights 
We, civil society leaders and activists, applaud the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) decision to use the symbols of other Pakatan Rakyat parties instead of its clenched fist logo in next month’s general election. 
We fully understand that this is a difficult compromise made by a Party that has struggled to get registration for the past 11 years. However it clearly demonstrates PSM’s willingness to listen to, and bow to the aspirations of the Rakyat to avoid three corner fights. It is an act of compromise which reflects a deep political maturity.
 We hope that this is a prelude to a general agreement between all opposition parties not to engage in three corner fights in the coming election.
Such a general agreement will clearly reflect the aspirations of the Rakyat and the sentiments of voters at the grassroots who want a regime change and are concerned that three corner fights involving PR parties and other anti BN parties will result in victory for the BN candidate at the expense of the opposition in their constituency.
We are of the opinion that three or more corner fights will only undermine the opposition’s prospects of capturing power at national level.  We hope that the PSM decision can serve as a basis for electoral agreements within the opposition to ensure that there will be only two party contests against the BN at the state or federal level.  
We note from media reports that PR component parties may land up contesting each other come nomination day. To avoid this unnecessary conflict that goes against the aspirations of the Rakyat we are prepared to establish a Committee of civil society members to act as mediators.
We urge the PR and other opposition parties – as well as all voters - to be especially vigilant of BN tactics in putting up independent candidates – with or without party affiliation.  Such a strategy will be employed with the intention of splitting the opposition vote.  This election ploy has been used by the BN during previous elections and is likely to feature strongly in the coming elections especially in East Malaysia.
Finally, we feel strongly that the voters in the country want a clear choice between the BN and PR in the coming elections. Therefore in the spirit of “Ketuanan Rakyat” espoused by the PR, we intend to use our collective influence and clout – publicly as well as behind the scenes - to ensure that the opposition parties avoid three corner contests at all cost.   
Issued by Group of Concerned Citizens:-
1.       Ahmad Syukri Ab Razab
2.     Al-Jafree Md. Yusop
3.     Anne Ooi
4.    Arthur Toh
5.     Bernard Khoo
6.    Dr.Azmi Sharom
7.     Dr. Lim Teck Ghee
8.     Dr.Kua Kia Soong
9.    Dr.Toh Kin Woon
10.Dave Low
11.    Fuad Rahmat
12.  Haris Ibrahim
13.  Ho Yock Lin
14. Janice Ti
15.  Jayanath Appudurai
16. Kee Thuan Chye


Koh darrel said...

I fully agree with the writer and as a voter myself, i detest a three cornered fight!! Its not every GE you could garner such a solidified support for ABU to happen. All Opposition Leaders should adopt the policy of give and take. Self prestige is of no value for now. Winning is!! Therefore, I hope that you don't waste this once in 56 years of campaigning to arrive to this critical stage of "Unity in our stand, divided, it might not happen in another 56 years!! Stand united for a cause, don't be selfish!! Regretting & Blaming
later is of no value!!

Anonymous said...

Guys, we hope that this message reaches the shores of Sabah and Sarawak too, where no concensus has been reached between PR and the local Sabah based parties.
To PSM, a big Syabas. You are winners.

bumi-non-malay said...

Going to happen in Sabah if the Arrogance of PKR remains. Then Still can win state and take Sabah/Sarawak out of Malaysia to give malaysia an option to migrate.

So now Malaysia Today being run by UMNO agents. NIAT Jahat happening there!!!..blocking IP and people from posting need to ask why? Trust no one.... Lots of SHAM happening. Just make sure you reject any ballot paper with any black dot in the area of the Dacing Box....Reject with Authority and anger as that ballot paper will be Null and Void even if you vote PAS, PKR, DAP!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Bernard,

I applaud you and your fellow Group of Concerned Citizens and Activists.

Lets move ahead and vote out BN.

A Loyal Supporter of ABU.

Anonymous said...

Why PSM never collaborate earlier with Pakatan, but only do so now?

bruno said...

There has to be a compromised of seats if we want to see the corrupted Umnoputras and their lapdogs get chased out of Putrajaya.If the component parties get too greedy,if will be thier own doing if Umno/BN wins in default.

It is only internal fighting and sabotage that can get the Umno squeezing through by a nose.It will serve PR leaders right if they let Umno get away with the it.If PR cannot win when Umno is on its knees,when can it ever win.When Umno is at its strongest.

Even up till today they are still quarreling about seat allocations.These stupid people never learn.

Ellese A said...

good luck in getting Anwar or AA or even DAP to submit to this group. I think this group is disillusioned.

Ellese A said...

Almost all plr blogs cannot accept contrarion views.

Anonymous said...



要拿票,必须交上复印 I.C 版本 ~
~ 为什么?为什么?为什么?

5月5日就是大选日期了,这个期间更发现了选民名册里头出现了一大堆问题,尤其是很多从来没有注册成为选民,却无端端成为选民的人数出奇的多 !

人家都没有去注册过,SPR 到底是从哪里拿到这些人的资料的?一些人说应该是是申请 RM500 时,资料被盗用了 ~ 打电话去 SPR 投诉,对方工作人员好像是接到太多单此类投诉了,又或者是他们早就知道了,根本就爱理不理的,令人产生了更多的猜疑。

现在这个 4 月 20 日的巨星慈善演唱会,主办当局又说要买票 ( RM1 ) ,就要交复印 I.C 版本上来,理由是确保一人只拿一张票? 好算人数 ?

既然是慈善的,还只是象征式的收费 RM1, 难道不会在当天放个钱箱,百姓捐了钱就能入场么 ? 那样的话,可能收集到更多钱给慈善呢!

今年的选举那么黑暗,选民名单里头, 已经是连130+岁的瑞人都有了,合格选民又无端端名字不见掉,或者投票地址被换掉,谁能确保说那些交了复印 I.C 的人,就是不到 21 岁的学生们,不会无端端又变成了合格选民的????

wandererAUS said...

This GE13 will be a fight between UMNO and Pakatan Pakatan friendly political parties, see the picture in a bigger screen....also, the last hurdle to clear... slaining the evil monster UMNO. Let this be the final spisode the sad Malayisan story. Together, we can and we must bring forth a New Malaysia ...Malaysia for all Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

Ellese A, you are again in a wrong place to waste your filthy asshole! are better off sucking Najib's balls! least you subcribe to his infamous saying..."you help me, I help you"

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Sometimes we have to part company and start off on our own!
PSM is now its own entity, though small. When will it test the waters and flex its own wings. Never waver, you must stop piggy - back riding!
PKR(and the others) have a valid and pertinent reason to accede to their voters!
It's about time you learn the Political leanings and choices of the majority of Malaysian voters so in PRU14 you will be better prepared.
It not the best time to do this in PRU13 but you have no home so kind of sad too!

Bedul said...

Since when PKR and DAP know how to cooperate. They are a loose group with their own agenda, unlike the cohesiveness of the BN.
Let them stew in their own juice. They are not going getting anywhere.
Just winning some seats here and there.
PSM jolly well contest on their own banner and work hard to win. Why want to hinge on a loser entity.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My thoughts:

1. The objective is for PR to win as many parliamentary seats as possible (so as to form the
next federal govt).

2. Does it matter how many seats PSM politicians hold in the next Parliament?
Would 1 or 2 more make any difference? The Executive (Prime Minister and cabinet)
are already very powerful and the Legislature (Parliament) is weak vis-a-vis the

3. As a very small party with the (let’s face the truth) unpopular ideology of democratic Marxism, PSM’s main contribution to Malaysian politics is to serve as the conscience of the nation; push for more pro-lower class and progressive social and economic policies; spread the message of People Power and get people to realise that mass mobilisation can bring about positive change. Why waste time squabbling over getting 1 or 2 more seats?
Also, in Malaysia’s first-past-the-post electoral system, small parties are less likely to serve as kingmakers (unlike in proportional representation electoral systems such as in Israel or Germany).

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

The rocket has landed on the moon!

No thanks to ROS dirty tactics for BN, we shall now support PAS even more!


Be very afraid, BN!

Rocket to the Moon said...

DAP will use the PAS symbol in Peninsular Malaysia and the PKR symbol in Sabah & Sarawak for the 13th general elections unless the Registrar of Societies (ROS)’s cowardly and dastardly attempt to assassinate the Rocket is withdrawn

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

would like to bring your attention to this.

Anonymous said...

There are many Singapore-registered roads in JB but most of them are owned by Malaysians who are Singapore PRs. They could not drive Malaysian cars to work in Singapore, so has to bear the high COE to buy singapore cars to help them commuting from home to Singapore to work.

I think we should be more concern with those Banglas and Indons campainging for BN!!!

Anonymous said...

To some community, life is cheap! They have been beaten, spat on, for too long that they accept killing of their own kind as negotiable! Even after they have been shown the biggest disrespect to their religion via a cow head stumping incident , their leaders agreed to look the other way on promises. Sadly, it isn't a case of once killed, beaten, spat on, you leaned. It a case of 55 years of torture, their Hindraf leaders still have not learned.

Hindraf betrayed Indians!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

有一天,马华cd会长问选民 : "你们最喜欢马华哪一点?"

选民都异口同声地说 : "我们最喜欢马华离我们远一点!!!"