Sunday, April 14, 2013


I WILL NOT VOTE FOR Sivarasa in Subang, my Parliamentary constituent if PKR disturbs with a three cornered fight in Kota Damansar my state constituency. I have nothing against Sivarasa. I voted for him in 2008. It is the posture PKR is taking that I vehemently am opposed to. This is tantamount to BULLYING UMNO-style.

I have campaigned in all 17 by-elections and if there were three cornered contests it was created by BN. It was edifying to see PSM fully support every Pakatan candidate in those by-elections.

What is wrong with the clenched fist logo of PSM. Even the UMNO agency ROS finally approved their logo. The Polish workers union SOLIDARITI had a clenched fist logo and was the main thrust that brought down the communist Polish government which eventually led to the breaking up of Communism in the Soviet Union and East Germany. So don’t play God PKR! Do remember that the rakyat is your boss. I know that it is tough to get rid of the stink you inherited from your former UMNO party. We all have one common enemy and that is UMNO….not PSM, not PAS, not DAP and not even your own PKR in Sarawak! Isn’t this one of the main reasons why the people in Sabah and Sarawak do not like us in Semangung?

By the way, is this how we want to retain Selangor by forcing 3 cornered contests in Semenyih and Kota Damansara?

I am due for a major operation on April 29. I am not sure I will recuperate well enough for 5 May. As such I will see my surgeon to ask for a surgery postponement till after polling day because I want to vote for Dr Nasir Hashim who has been very proactive since elected. That vote FOR him is valuable especially if PKR force a three cornered contest. BUT I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE PKR Parliamentary candidate! I and many others I am sure will not tolerate ARROGANCE as exhibited HERE. Haven’t you all in PKR forgotten that even UMNO members sabotaged UMNO in 2008 because of their arrogance? Okay, let me say it here. I have been asked by many why I am not a card carrying member of any political party. I always reply that if it became a necessity I would join PSM, because they had people like Dr Nasir, Dr Xavier and Arutchelvan in their ranks. Damn, you PKR pricks have spoiled my Sunday! I hope victory by Manchester United will bring back some cheer. BUT I WILL STILL NOT VOTE FOR SIVARASA IN SUBANG!



Anonymous said...

You said it right. If NO PSM, THEN ITS NO PKR.
I WAS A STAUNCH SUPPORTER OF PR But Now if its no to PSM then for me ITS NO TO PKR.
ARSEHOLES are trying to be worse than bn.
PR work with PSM or no go for pr.
So what ?

Eddy Chua said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,
Screw those bullies and self serving politicians. They do not deserve our respect at all. There are many reports and articles on PR seat grabbing which will make you fed up with them. If there is a three corner fight in my area, I will still excercise my right to vote but definitely a undi rosak.
Sivarasa,you have just lost another vote.

OP Mike Naser said...


Hear, Hear,

I told you a few years ago that OP Nasir Hashim was really special. he is PM material, bro.

A Bad Boy said...


Gosh!! Easy there, buddy, with postponing major operations but you know what you can and can't do. I mean, it would be nice to have you around in GE14 as well as I have a feeling some head-kicking will be needed between now and then.

Frankly, I am shocked at how PKR and the Pakatan leadership are treating PSM.

PKR has gone from being a benevolent big-brother allowing the use of the PKR logo and flags to being a hideous and selfish pig which will not let go of what looks like an extra four safe seats in the bag.

PSM has worked hard in those seats over the years and has shown loyalty to the Pakatan cause.

The Pakatan leadership should recognise the work done by PSM and do the right thing by allowing PSM to contest in all four seats under it's own flag and logo.

I am starting to worry about PKR.

Is this how PKR intends to show Malaysians what it means by being fair to the "little people"?

Is this how PKR intends to treat peple it perceives to have little power?

Exactly what is so difficult about making PSM a full-fledged member of Pakatan Rakyat?

BTW, I am not a member of PSM, PKR, DAP, PAS, MCA, MIC, UMNO, PPP, Gerakan, SUPP, PBS, SAPP, ABC or XYZ!! OK?

P.S. Yes, I am sorry, one of the 4 seats is Jelapang, an ex-DAP seat, not PKR, which was held by Hee Haw Hee Haw, until she became a katak.

najib manaukau said...

It is so sad to hear of what is happening before PKR is able to become the tenants of Putrajaya. They have indeed become very arrogant by the look of things around, they must have given PKR the false hope that they will be the tenants of Putrajaya. Pride always come before a fall !

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,
I am with you. Nasir Hashim is a wonderful guy and I am all for him. I do not understand PKRs rationale for denying him and his party their seats which they fully deserve. Their objectives of service to the rakyat is highly laudable. I will be voting for Nazir Hashim again.
Bad for PKR, I think they are going to lose two seats to BN by their stuborn insistance of PSM candidates standing under the PKR banner. Sad, as I have been a member since 2001 and had supported them through thick and thin.

wandererAUS said...

Why are you PSM recalcitrant coming out in the last minute to pour out your grievances...damn! you have 4 years since the last GE to find a solution to solve your problems with PKR....why now? Do you think Pakatan supporters to think well of you? real, where do you stand if not the support from the opposition to a mosquito party like PSM. Swallow your ego and arrogance, retain previous status quo, co-operate with Pakatan Alliance...if you still want to be countered.

zorro said...

wandererAUS, it is not the size of the party but the people that forms its leadership. Trust me brother, I have worked with them and if there is a definition of genuineness, Dr Nasir, Dr Xavier and Arutchelvan defines genuineness admirably!They are the champions of the poor irrespective of color or creed.Believe me. They are not as conspicuous as the leadership of the 3 Pakatan coalition. They are not well funded but they still carry on their socialist agenda - uplift the downtrodden. They are the little davids! You and I know what happened to Goliath eventually.....wasnt it the crude slingshots with little pebbles that floored the giant?

Anonymous said...

Go ahead if anyone of you want to be under BN/UMNO forever. hahhahahahahaha once a fool alwys a fool. no point arguing with idiots as you can never win. go ahead and vote umno/bn see who will suffer...hahahahhahhahahhahaha kena lagi la lu dulu kini dan selama nya.

Tiger said...

If Anwar/PR doesn't stop this nonsense, they're giving away 15 seats easily as an early present to BN.
Stupid stupid stupid egos!

Anonymous said...

All those not on the side of Bn/umnobaru iS on the Other Side and this the Other Side must stand as one to vote Bn/umnobaru out of Putrajaya. This is not the time for the Other Side to break up and fight each other. The is the only time after 30+ years since that fake malay mamakkutty was pm that there is really a chance to change for a better Malaysia. There is still another 4 days to work things out to avoid three cornered fights which will give Bn/umnobaru a better winning chance. The top people of the Other Side must sit down now to work things out. Please to not make the rakyat wait for another 50 years for a better Malaysia. INI KALI LAH, ABU, ABU, ABU NOTHING ELSE BUT ABU!!!

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

About time some1 show Azmin ali his nuthead brain! Could it be he ia now de facto President, he has the audacity to disregard all the other EQUALLY ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS of Pakatan Rakyat!
PSM has its own logo now that it is a registered party, why that sly dog with the bone!
This is the unshakeable UMNO culture in all its rejects! Bullies and self - propagating! Its almost 15years yet Azmin is the proverbial `tak kenang budi'!
Did he think PKR can go it alone without PAS and DAP and vice versa in 2008? Why the swollen headed?
And look at the other Melayu party! It hasn't a jot of a chance, face it, in Sabah and Sarawak and yet it wants to grab seats there. Mad or what?
To ALL except DAP perhaps, leave the Sabahans and Sarawakians to appoint their own Bangsa Asal! Suffice if they win and give you the Bonus you wanted! If they turn toads, tough! PKR hasn't worked hard enough!

Anonymous said...

I too have worked with PSM. Dr Nasir, Arul, they are all wonderful people. PSM's mistake was its failure to officially align itself to Pakatan Rakyat. PSM can't expect to have its cake and eat it too.

bumi-non-malay said...

Yep agree and they need money....give them a ADUN or I have said time TO Vote STAR in Sabah/Sarawak....let PKR win some MP ...enough for putra jaya but lose state so that Sabah / Sarawak can Keluar and give Malaysian an Option to migrate.

I have had enough of Malaya!! Time for new Destiny without those Prejudice protocol!!

Unknown said...

PSM has been trying to discuss since 3 years and now only PKR replied. Countless letters and discussions and this is how it ended.

Anonymous said...

ladyRP says.....As the days get nearer..i see the pakatan rakyat crumbling...sad..sad..sad. PKR is even sending out useless SMS like BN to every tom dick & harry

Malaysian said...

Here we are, many of us, doing our part, one way or the other, hoping to see the end of BN!

And there we have Pakatan coalition parties and its allies couldn't agree to seats allocation amongst themselves!

It's as good as giving the seats to BN without a fight!!!

This is VERY VERY VERY frustrating! WAKE UP Pakatan, how can we win this election if you are not united!!!

Bobo ABU said...

All my bloody hard work gone down the drain because of these cunts from PKR. Sleepless nights for years before the morons just only started working when Parliament was dissolved to see them bully their way through. Not only will I not vote PR (DAP included), I will add to the severe brain drain and renounce my citizenship because these idiots are not paving the way to a better Malaysia by being bullies. If PR falters...they can blame themselves for it. And believe me, i have fought hard for it to be where it is today.

Uncle B, let me know when you head in for surgery. Will be there this time.


Anonymous said...


Let be realistic.For the past 4 year after election,PSM doing nothing to strenghten their party.They are mire busy with their logo.

What the point if you contest and you lose.Kota Damansara is SM seat and PKR didnot disturb,but Semenyeh is not your seat.Your contest and lost.

Let thing the bigger picture.Sungai Siput is your seat,and you cant win there if PKR malay votes didnot vote you.

Anonymous said...

BN is exploiting the in-fighting within Pakatan, create 3-corner fight to dilute Pakatan's strength.

I will discard my vote if there is 3-corner fight.

Zorro please take care of your health and do not postpone your surgery if advised against by your doctor.

zorro said...

Anon441pm....either you just woke up or you do not comprehend! Dr Nasir is the incumbent adun in Kota Damansara and he is PSM chairman; Arutchelvan contested in Semenyih in 2008 and garnered 10,448 votes but lost to Umno’s Johan Aziz by a margin of 1,140 votes. Dr Xavier Jeyakumar demolished Samy Velu in Sungei Siput!
I support Pakatan but not when they force three-cornered contests. I hope you understrand....maybe i could explain the word demolish if you want me to.

Anonymous said...

印尼咖喱 辣!!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to support Lim Kit Siang tonight:

'Bersama Kit Siang Menuju Perubahan! 吉祥力拼, 全民力挺!'
Ceramah Umum Pakatan Harapan Rakyat 民联政治演讲

Tarikh: 15 April 2013 (Isnin)
Masa: 8pm
Lokasi: No.53, Jalan Laksamana 1, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai. JB

Lim Kit Siang 林吉祥 (Ketua Parlimen DAP)
Liew Chin Tong 刘镇东 (Bekas Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bendera)
Chong Eng 章瑛 (Bekas Ahli Parlimen Bukit Mertajam)
Dr Boo Cheng Hau 巫程豪 (Bekas ADUN Skudai)
Mazir Ibrahim (AJK DAPSY Kebangsaan)

passion1 said...

Uncle Zorro, take it easy. health is important. With less one vote from you we may lose, and accept 5 more years of 'shit'. Moreover, Superman said in his 'ceramah', if we cannot change it this time, we can say bye bye to future elections, and see the country going bankrupt.
To Pakatan Rakyat and PSM, No 3 cornered fight. We only want to see a 2 party system in Malaysia.
To PSM, you may have put in the effort, so take one step at a time.
I always believe that, a small party is like either a thorn in the flesh, or the mayonnaise in the burger.
If good, it enhances, otherwise, its trouble.
Lead by selfish people who only cares for himself.

Anonymous said...

I have always have a nagging fear that pkr is another bn, esp when it has such a lot of bn has-beens. They, esp AA think they are the big boss, when every party in the coalition is equal. I don't blame Sabah and S'wak parties don't want to cooperate with pkr for it means kowtowing to it ultimately. It looks like bn is going to have the last laugh. Damn pkr.

Dr. Zaini said...

Datuk Seri Anwar and Azmin Ali were at Ulu Klang in 2008 and made election promise to return UKRC's right to its recreational land. What happen? Khalid says UKRC has no rights to its land although he acknowledged in the State Assembly that the government need to pay compensation to UKRC if the State were to take away UKRC's rights.
So, 5 years has passed,and it became an empty promise. You think UKRC members and its supporters can be cheated again? Your guess is as good as mine Zorro. This Khalid is a land grabber, I tell you.

wandererAUS said...

Bro Zor, I may have overreacted, out my anger, with these nincompoops PKR and PSM. I felt it is ridiculous that at this late hour that they failed in their responsibility to exercise maximun restrain and to show to the electorate that this loose Alliance is co-operating solidly to achieve the ultimate capture Putrajya.
Take care old chap, we want you to celebrate with all of us a new political awareness and a new administration for this country.

Anonymous said...

There s more brand awareness with PKR logo than than PSM logo Have the PSM people been working the ground to make people aware of their logo?
Logos are important when people are voting
Stand under PKR logo and spend the next few years building the party and brand awareness of the logo
The people in PSM are good people we can't afford to lose them at state or Parliment level don't be hung up on logos

Anonymous said...

Important to unite against BN, else another five year wait. Close rank please, and keep ego in check.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle,

So sorry to hear that you will be going for surgery. Wish you all the best, and may you get well soon. Chins up, ya !! Just also to let you know that we're here for you. God bless.

Anonymous said...

What can mosquito party do, even if PSM won all 4 seats contested ?
Now we want 2 party system get it.
Join PR and solve the problem.
You cannot go on your own and be a spoiler.

Anonymous said...

I support PR as long as Anwar is not there

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If anyone is going to mess up Malaysians' chances to kick out BN, it will be Azmin.

He has been consistently picking fights with people in Pakatan like a jaguh kampung but become a mouse when confronted by BN and when dealing with serious issues. Could he be the 'musuh dalam selimut' that we all sometimes fear?

kamalampang said...

Although I am all for ABCD, this time I have to agree with PSM. This a reflection that DSAI is losing his grip on cettain PKR decision makers. To hit point blank I unhesitantly say its Azmin. In the past we see the fate of Zaid Ibrahim. See what happen to a good and principled, no nonsense person. They just boot him out. I am not surprise this hidden hand is also involved this time. Dont you wonder why Azmin have to contest 2 seats again this time. Both are PKR stronghold seats. Why cant he just give up either one, so that more faithfull leaders can have the opportunity to be wakil rajyat. Becoz if this kind of greed and promises made to his downliners, 3 cornered fights us now on, at the expense of PSM. Why dont PKR just declare that they dont want PSM to be in coalition against BN. Lets see what DAP and PAS has to say. MANA DIA SEMANGAT SETIAKAWAN. In any alliance trust is most important. You break this, then others within your coalition will start doubting you. What more we the voting Rakyat. For those ABUs, PKR is no different.

kamalampang said...

The point here PSM is part of PR. It could not register in the past election. Now that it is a legitimate political body, PR and especially PKR shd open her arm to welcome PSM and let the past 12GE allocation remain. How do you want PSM to join PR. Is it for PSM to abolish and join as either PKR, DAP or PAS. Or you think PR wants to be a 4 party coalition? Either way under any spirit of alliance, this 3 cornered fight shd not happen. The enemy, is BN le bendul oi. Mr Azmin, anything to say. I know DSAI's hands are tied. Azmin can try to forgo one of his 2 seats. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Azmin Ali ... if this man gets to be Selangor MB, he will be the downfall of Selangor PR.

PKR is nothing but a collection of UMNO/MCA/MIC Team Bs

IBD said...


He was in the government for seventeen long years
But can anyone remember any contribution he made of significance?
Try hard as you may with all your blood sweat and tears
None, coz he spend his office time not to work but for political machination

First he became Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture
Malaysian youth were none the better under his management
Our sports was at its lowest ebb and our football lost its lustre
We didn’t win any gold in regional or international event

Then he became Minister of Agriculture for sometime
The only monument to his name is Pasar Tani
The National Agric Policy was not even made during his time
Alas the farmers life does not improve much under his ministry

For a full five years he was education minister
The only act he did was abolish history lesson
Thus he laid the ground for many unpatriotic youngster
Whom he thinks will vote for him in coming elections

As Finance Minister his grasp of economics is pathetically brittle
So when the country face severe financial crisis
He swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel
He almost bankrupt the country and threw it into economic abyss

His political machination did work smoothly for a time
Quite a number of big wigs he managed to topple
But his waterloo came when he tried big-time
His attempt to oust the PM became a deadly stumble

Now I don’t even talk of his moral character
That’s up to you folks to use your judgement
But just think of his ability as a worker
Would you hire him to look after your father’s clothing department?

So by now you should know who is this jerk
The guy whose name goes by Anwar Bin Ibrahim
This Malay Studies graduate can only talk but cannot work
You know what to do in the coming election? Just reject him!

Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

kakaka belum jadi menteri suda tunjuk warna

Malaysian said...

IDB, when I see the long list of corruptions and abuses by BN after 55 years of rule, it's enough to convince me that this country needs A.B.U

This election is NOT about ANWAR being a Prime Minister. It's about saving our country from going further down the drain in every sectors - national debt, education, judicial system, human rights, environment etc

Anonymous said...

The realities of politics is that sometimes something's got to give. If we look at the bigger picture, we can't satisfy every section all of the time. If I am not happy with the broth because of one ingredient, then do I throw out the whole pot? As Datuk Sri Najib found out lately, you just can't satisfy everyone all of the time every time. I see those PR supporters who merajuk and vote BN and those BN supporters who merajuk and vote PR to be about even. If you try to satisfy everybody then you end up satisfying nobody. These are historic times. Don't let it be said that because of one mismatch in the patchwork, we burn the whole bed spread. PR has its drawbacks. So has BN. Balance the two, compare the two, and, make your choice wisely.

Anonymous said...

MCA has loaned some seats to UMNO! Why? It has no confidence in winning!MCA Presidnet was given an opportunity to lock horns with DAP's Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah! But he had chickened out! Even Tun Dr. Mahatir, who talked so much is afraid of Kit Siang who challenged him to meet him in Gelang Patah!Mahatma Gandhi has this to say about "loudspeakers" : " Mere brave speech without action is letting off useless steam. " What is the use of spewing "hot air " without having the guts toi meet the opponent? Does it not show cowardice?

Anonymous said...

Aiiyaa , same wavelength brother ... I also want to join PSM !!

Anonymous said...

You talk about PKR's arrogance sitting on that moral high chair and puffing away like some big-assed king maker. The truth is you guys are the pig headed lot but ball-less to the end. Otherwise, you'd be out on the street fighting. Makes me want to puke the way you transvestites are lording over everyone else who doesn't agree with you!