Monday, April 22, 2013


See the mess that is TTDI today.
Of course the Federal Territory Minister has abandoned his duties to strengthen his bid to BULLY Nurul.

It becomes apparent that this same situation would befall the residents of Lembah Pantai, especially upmarket Bangsar should they reject the incumbent Nurul for the UMNO cucumber.

Many have asked Anwar to put Nurul in a safe seat where she does not have to fight against any moneybags. He did give her the choice and her reply is vintage Nurul:

The people of Lembah Pantai ARE my people and I will do battle for them.

This is not born of education.

This is the stuff good leaders are made of – the inherent amazonian pertinacity and propensity to sacrifice oneself, husband and two little kids, to go to battle against all stacked odds where otherwise an assured SEAT can be offered on the golden platter.

She seeks nothing but that the people of Lembah Pantai BELIEVE & TRUST her with their support on May 5.



SFGEMS said...

She has my support!

Anonymous said...

BN Ghani Othman said to the Chinese voters in Gelang Patah if DAP Kit Siang wins, PAS Hadi Awang, might be PM. This is the sign of desperation of Umno to ‘woo’ (more of frightening them) the Chinese votes using the often MCA line. This contradicting message must be passed to the Malay crowds so that they cannot use the same strategy of frightening the Malays that DAP would be controlling the country. This is where PAS should capitalise this advantage (that it would still be a Malay to be the PM as admitted by Umno) to woo the Malay voters to vote for DAP and as well PAS/PKR. The going is not only tough for Lim Kit Siang (to get the Malay votes which are 34%) but it even also difficult for Ghani to get votes from the 52% Chinese votes. The Indian votes of 12 % could be the kingmaker if it tilts steeply to one side. If it is 50% neutral – it’s end game for Ghani. Thus the desperation of Umno is here to use racial tactics to win the race.

Enigman said...

Such display of courage and tenacity is a clear sign that Nurul will one day be a great Prime Minister of Malaysia. We need more leaders like her, who is willing to sacrifice her time with her precious family to do what's right for the country. Lembah Pantai will be in good hands with her at the helm, unlike her nemesis, that Nong Chik fellow who is nothing more than a snivelling UMNO politician with his monstrous ego and stupidity that knows no bounds.

Roti Sunshine said...

Remember Marcos and people power in the Philippines in 1986. An arrogant and overconfident dictator underestimated the will of the people for change. He tried to cheat his way to a presidential victory but the brave election workers made sure his cronies didn't stuff the ballot boxes with fake votes! In the end he had to flee his own country. Malaysia is no different this time!Be brave, people of Malaysia. Kia Kaha!

Anonymous said...

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patrick said...

...the old David vs Goliath!Personally,I'm a big fan of the sling-shot,so hopefully it'll be a familiar outcome at the end of the day! ;)

Anonymous said...

I can understand and forgive the artistes for their ignorant on Malaysia's situation and played into the hands of BN for their vested interest. I can't forgive Mchelle Yeoh for her continuing her support for a corrupted government. She of all should know the situation of Malaysia.

Michelle Yeoh should learn from Nurul.

wandererAUS said...

This is the story of, "The beauty with good brains and the corrupted beast" We have all learned our bitter lesson for the last 55years of UMNO more term is too many!!! A good UMNO is a dead UMNO!
Narul soldier on, this battle will develop you into a fine leader for a new Pakatan administration of the land after GE13.

Anonymous said...

At the mega-dinner in Klang, Michelle Yeoh praised Najib’s leadership and urged the people to continue to support him.

For this, netizens criticised her for only pretending to “fight oppressive governments” while playing Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi in the film The Lady, but “fights the suffering people” when off camera.

Anonymous said...

The bn/hindraf/msp/ipf/mic can say anything and all they want but REALITY in Lembah Pantai is ALL Indian votes WILL BE for NURUL IZZAH.You can BET on it.
We, the Indians dont want to have anything to do with samy oollluuu and his likes.The new clone of samy is wathaya, thats all he is, a clone.
Stole the thunder from his brother uthaya and theres nothing sure that he will not sell/rent his mother to the highest bidder.
Fellow indians, say enough is enough, Pothum ada sami pothum ada sami of bn and lets VOTE for NURUL IZZAH at LEMBAH PANTAI.

bruno said...

I strongly believe that Nong Ckiku will smell Nurul's boots on the night of May 5th 2013.Not even a fool would vote for this stupid man who thinks money can buy him votes.

bruno said...

The only votes Nong Chiku will get is from Warthamoorthy and his followers.

Anonymous said...

Lembah Pantai voters will vote on behalf of all Malaysians to choose between a BRIGHT, YOUNG FUTURE and the OLD, CORRUPT PAST. Please let it be known to all of them.

KTWong87 said...

Nurul Izzah has more integrity and guts in her little toe than her opponent from BN. Which is also definately more than the side-door PM and his pretender FLOM put together.

But will the people of Pantai get the MP they deserve? Will their right to choose be subverted?

What about the talk of thousands of foreigners suddenly issued with Mykads? Rumblings about tens of thousands of voters transferred from adjacent Seputeh where Teresa Kok is purportedly viewed as unassailable?

All the reports of thugs threatening and scaring Izzah's worlers, and the lack of action despite several police reports lodged? Election candies in never-seen-before volume and paid for by the people's money in the first place?

Najib's defend Putrajaya at all costs, even if bodiues are crushed, lives lost interpreation of "best democcracy" does not inspire confidence is his regime's respect for the democratic will of the rakyat.

To me, UMNO-BN has already lost their moral claim to power. I sincerely hop that not only in Lembah Pantai, but nationwide, the people of Malaysia get to see a new dawn of governance, integrity and honour.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed in Michelle Yeoh... How hard Malaysians around the country fight to uphold democracy and hope for a 2-party system, but she simply uses the fame she got from our support and stabs us in the back. Now her name is going down the drain... for good.

Pak Zawi said...

Beside Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah is the other politician that can easily fit the bill of PM material. Hopefully these two will be saved to carry on the torch for a better Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not Nong Chik but it is Wrong Chik totell Nurul not to bring his family into dispute. But yesterday this Dumno was saying his wife is a chinese. He started the rolling stone.

Anonymous said...

u go girl...... we are here to support u

Anonymous said...

One interesting thing about Najib's pitch towards the Malaysian voters is that it was labelled more as "I Love PM" instead of "I Love BN". This theme has inevitably alienated many top BN leaders from supporting the marketing strategy as it was seen more as Najib's exclusive roadshow rather than a BN campaign, thus pissing off many of BN hardcore supporters. From the info that I have received, many BN top leaders are sharpening their knife waiting to stab on the Caesar as soon as the green light is given.

Anonymous said...

What Michelle Yeoh said in support of Najib is clear demonstration of her values as a person. Being a Malaysian, she cannot claim ignorance of the evil things that Najib and his specie have been doing to Malaysia and its people. The fact that she chooses to be deaf and blind to all these dastardly deeds is clear testimony of where her conscience lies (if she has any).

It is shameful for Michelle that Gigi Leung, a Hong Kong actress with no connection whatsoever with Malaysia, has to show her how to be an international personality with a heart in the right place.

And considering the fact that Michelle portrayed Aung San Suu Kyi, in a recent movie, well that really makes me want to throw up. How much more hypocritical could a person be!!!

Perhaps someone should put together a collection of press reports about what she says on behalf of Najib recently and also pictures of what happened during those Bersih rallies and send these to the international press or HK/Taiwan media. It would be interesting to see how she explains herself.

Such a disappointment. As far as I am concerned, no more movies with Michelle Yeoh in it.

bumi-non-malay said...

what about PSY??.....give money, anyone also can say whatever you want them to say....Look At Comrade Jackie Chan...ala spokeman for China.

btw ZORRO...How is the process of getting someone to vote on your behalf with EC/SPR....?? While you are hospitalised?? thanks for update!!

Anonymous said...

Raja nong chik gets my vote if and only he agrees on a debate with nurul izzah on any topic he chooses.
Well, i guess the donation of my one vote to see raja nong chik[the beast] being brutalised by the beauty[nurul izzah] is worth the sacrifice.
Hiding behind officialdoom and vote buying tactic will not work in lembah pantai.
Nearly 95% of chinese , 90% of indian and i dare say 50% of malay votes will be for the beauty while the beast will go into hiding for a long while to lick his wounds.
Proof of voter sentiment is when residents of all ages,race and creed of lucky gardens stood their ground and shooed away officialdoom to honour and protect their garden and its beautiful flowers at the lucky garden roundabout.
What more can a candidate ask for ?
To the very few percentage of voters who remain undecided, I request you to consider the beauty and not the beast who might give us unending nightmares if he wins.

inaara said...

I was discussing ge13 with a student. Congenital pessimist that i am, I voiced my opinion that this country needed a change and my fear thst the election would be hijacked and we'd end up with the same situation- an entirely possible scenario. The 18-year-old said, "I'm not worried. I believe in the power and will of the people". Future now looks promising from where I am. Kia Kaha! (Whatever that phrase means, I'm sure it is in line with the spirit of our discussion :)....)

wandererAUS said...

Raja Nong Chik, as a Federal Territory Minister, your job is not to clean lonkangs, paint flats, attend weddings and funerals! Your primary function is to see the infrastructure of KL city has a master plan and environment sound and sustainable.
The transport system is properly managed. Above all, keeping your UMNO bastards honest!! You are definitely not the material to represent Lembah Pantai electorate.

Anonymous said...

i had hope for change in the GE13 but after seeing the indian moron ( thanks to years of leadership under another moron samy velu ) kissing zul ....will any right n sensible thinking indian ever vote for this goverment ? If only the indians know how low the malays think of us ...i will not say it here but a very close malay firend once did tell me that the kg kerinchi guys refer to indians not simply as "P.....H" but " KE..... P.....H " . after seeing the moron indian ( he looks retarded ) kissing zul ...goodbye about any change expected . BN n Najib is indeed lucky to have such a moronic class of a an indian race in this country . sad , really sad !!

Anonymous said...

1MDB statement today says "these funds for cash management purposes are currently placed under regulated and licensed international fund managers in Cayman Islands based on international standard fund structures." If the monies raised is for investment in Malaysia, why is it not in our country to improve our reserves? Are there no "regulated and licensed local fund managers in Malaysia? What are you implying 1MDB confidence in our local banks such as Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank and Hong Leong Bank?

Anonymous said...

Cost breakdown for 1Malaysia Charity concert @Han Jiang on 20th Apr 2013:

本地歌手 (local singer)
Ning Baizura : rm50,000
巫啟賢 (Eric Moo):rm70,000

台灣歌手 (Taiwanese singer)

香港歌手 (Hong Kong Singer)
梁咏琪 (Gigi Leong):rm80,000
草蜢:(The grasshopper) rm100,000
黎明:(Leon Lai) rm120,000
譚咏麟:(Alan Tam) rm120,000
李克勤:(Hak Ken Lee) rm80,000
林子祥:(George Lam) rm100,000

外籍歌手 (International Singer / band)
Suchitra : rm50,000
Swizz beatz : rm400,000
Redfoo of LMFAO : rm500,000
Busta Rhymes : rm800,000
Ludacris : rm1,200,000
Compressorhead Robot Band : rm1,500,000

一馬檳城福利主辦單位 (1 Malaysia Penang Kebajikan) :rm2,500,000
娛樂經紀製作公司費 (media entertainment):rm3,500,000
各電視平面媒體廣告費 (advertisement):rm1,200,000
膳食費 (meal):rm40,000
5星級酒店費 accomodation:rm75,000

Stage decoration and sound system
現場佈置費 :rm800,000

國營電視台現場直播費 (RTM live telecast):rm3,500,000
包括額外不計其數的疏通費 (Others):rm100,000
總共費用:rm27,125,100 (約 2千7百萬馬幣)

估計平均觀眾 (average audience) 15000人次,一人付rm1=rm15,000 (concert fee collection from the audience) 票收

Who is going to pay the balance?

Erik Gan said...

Many of the people that I’ve spoken to often ask me the same thing, “Why should I vote when I feel that nothing is going to change anyway?” However, it is my opinion that most of these people make their decisions based on very limited to zero knowledge of the political climate in our country. They jump onto the bandwagon of nonchalance because ignorance is a much easier pill to swallow than knowledge.

Most of the people I’ve talked to make the decision to pass on voting based on very limited information and research. I always tell them that if you feel both parties in an election are just as bad, then vote for an independent candidate. If you truly believe that there’s no party worth voting for, then go to the polls and deliberately spoil your ballot just in case it is used to count towards some other party’s tally. Whatever the decision, it is important that we have an opinion and not just some form of tacit nescience. The writer Isaac Asimov put it best when he said people have “The false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge”

With the onslaught of political propaganda being fed to us from all sides it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through the dirt and mudslinging for some semblance of truth. It would be all too easy to throw our hands up in the air and leave the politics to the politicians, to choose the easy way out, to flee from problems we don’t consider our own. However, as much as certain people find it hard to take, the only hope for a change in policy is a change in regime. Although the process of change may be a laborious one, our participation in the elections is the only way of giving this change a chance. As of this moment our country is rudderless and the direction it takes in the future will be determined not by those in esteemed positions of power, but by us, the rakyat.

I urge Malaysians who have registered to vote but are apathetic about doing so to give democracy this opportunity. It is a disheartening fact that in our country most of us place more emphasis on reaching the legal age to drive instead of reaching the age to vote. One of my favorite political analysts, Naomi Klein, states that “Democracy is not just the right to vote, it is the right to live in dignity”

It is this very right to live in dignity that should get us out of our armchairs and towards the ballot boxes come May 5th, it is this sense of dignity that should keep us talking about what we believe in no matter how worried we are of offending or annoying our friends, it is this dignity that could one day contribute to a Malaysia better than any of us could have imagined.

Anonymous said...

One Rosmah Mansor, a registered voter in Pekan, Pahang, has been found to have two unpaid summonses under the disputed Automatic Enforcement System (AES).

She is also the registered owner of a vehicle with the number-plate XIASEAN360.

Anonymous said...


Ellese A said...

I don't know why people are just selective. I'll call
a spade a spade. Her trouble at Lembah Pantai is the same like many PR reps. She fails to deliver. She didn't service the area. There is no excuse for non performance. You cannot just up your service before the election. Definitely this is standard unbecoming of future MP and leaders.

Anonymous said...

Umno said "Balik Cina". Umno call the Chinese "Pendatang". Jibby waved the keris in front of Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in 1987 and said "Soak the kris in Chinese blood'. What did MCA do? Sokong, sokong, sokong? Well, Perkasa and MCA worked hand in hand to give the Chinese white ang pau during CNY2012. If MCA is not a traitor to the community, what is? 1VOTE FOR MCA = 1VOTE FOR PERKASA

Anonymous said...

I want change not because I hate BN but I hate what they have done in terms of civil services, PDRM, Judiciary, military, MSM and other government services. They make these branches their own law enforcement instead using it to upheld rakyat's rights. Also, they use it to keep them in power. So, I want PR to win so in hope they will divorce these branches from political parties.

Anonymous said...


with 8k votes from seputeh being moved away and another 2-3k postal votes; this will spell disaster for Nurul. She only won by 2k+ margin for GE12 2008. Unimaginable odds. And With RNC dumping our wonderful tax ringgit into poor folks of Lembah Pantai; any bumpkins will sure vote for $$$ la.

I pity the people of Lembah Pantai if they don't vote for Nurul. But for Nurul, you think BN would have spend so much money on you folks to win back?

sad malaysian

wandererAUS said...

Ellese; know the difference between an Adun and a MP, their functions before commenting. Your spade is without a handle! Get fucked! am I vulgar, yes....certainly to an UMNO pimp.

zorro said...

Anon1015, agree with sentiments expressed. It was at the TPCA stadium and not the Chinese Assembly Hall that Njib as UMNO Youth chief waved and pledged to drip it with Chinese blood.

Anonymous said...


I must strenuously object to you calling Ellese just a plain ole UMNO pimp.

Ellese is, in fact, a brainless arse-licking cum-sucking UMNO pimp :)

I have always had suspicions that Ellese in real-life, has been a recipient of UMNO largesse.

Ellese A said...

Wanderer, its up to you if you want to use vulgar words. But in kl there's no DUN if you don't know. Anyway what you say ain't matters coz on the ground nuruls non performance matter, if she had done her work, she wouldn't have to sweat. Nasib badan bila malas kerja. Only of late she wanted to do the work of your so call Adun. She's no different from the past bn mps thinking they're super heroes and do last minute work.

Anonymous said...

Ellese is a typical KiKiKuKiKi kind who wears blinkers 24/7. Just can't see the big picture but only worry about himself and his tribe.
Malaysia under Pakatan is all about getting the right platform to deal with the multitudes of systemic problems created by the marauding BN. BN treats resource rich nation like its own safe deposit and has squandered a golden opportunity to create a meaningful lifestyle for the hoi polloi except for their own UMNOputras and their arsekissers.
BN must be decimated to ensure the country has a chance to rebuild and recover. Failure is not an option for Pakatan and Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

In an ntv7 interview, Mahathir said the BN needed people from the right-wing supremacist group because "they are for us".

"In the first place, when the government was weak, there were attacks against Malay privileges.

"Hence, Perkasa was there to defend the Malays. The Chinese openly say they will not support the BN because we support Perkasa.

"They say at the most BN will get 20 percent of their (non-Malay) votes. But we cannot ignore Perkasa because they are for us.

"You say you do not want to vote for us (because we put up Perkasa candidates), but if we reject the people who are for us, where will the BN be? This is a reaction to what they say," he said.

Mahathir said this in an ntv7 Chat Time programme last night, when the host asked the former PM about his support for the Malay rights group, which could result in non-Malays not supporting the BN.

Mahathir argued that the Chinese, unlike the other immigrants, do not want to assimilate with the locals, including the Malays.

He said, "You (Chinese) agree from the very beginning that there will be no assimilation, unlike the people from Arab countries, Indonesia, India or Pakistan, who assimilated into Malaya.

"You (Chinese) agreed from the very beginning that there will not be any assimilation, so you can continue with your culture, your language and religion.

"Hence, you cannot be the same as others who adopted the idea of assimilation... you cannot expect the same if you do not want to assimilate."

Thanks to such racist remark, MCA will lose more chinese votes, contributing to more BN downfall!

Anonymous said...

A Umcedel survey says 43pct of voters believe Anwar was qualified to be PM, while 39pct of voters said the same of Najib.

wandererAUS said...

Ellese A, it matters to me very little, how you think or how you feel. A dumb arse like you is only good for a screw!...depan or belakan.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Rapp Malaysia for their fear-mongering ads from Barisan Nasional on mainstream newspapers. These racial fear campaigns are the biggest insult to the intelligence of today’s voters. It reflects the mentality and quality of the BN leaders.

It has been exposed by Campaign Asia-Pacific that Rapp Malaysia is responsible for these advertisements. Rapp Malaysia is a part of Naga DDB Malaysia.

Sign your petition here:

Anonymous said...

I had heard a rumour, I stand corrected if I am wrong, the reason for the USD44 billion man fixing Anwar Ibrahim. There was time when the PM went a long leave about six months and Anwar was acting PM. During that time, Anwar managed to pass an amendment to the corruption act to investigate corruption going back without a time lapse. When the PM was back, his cronies got around him and told him that Anwar was after him, his cronies, vested interests with that amendment. The USD44 billion then decided to fix Anwar. The rest is history. The PM then had that amendment by Anwar amended, status quo.

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

When a man is drowning, he'll clutch at even a straw!
Such is the fate for this barua of BUMNO!
Breathing his last gasps!
Has he checked Hadi's Credentials!
Last checked he can't even keep Trengganu with his foolhardy `HUDUD'
laws implemented! The UMNOs kicked him out! Of course wit a lot of help from the 40,000 `Selangor`voters!

Anonymous said...

Tok Guru dan Husam Musa diserang di Putrajaya!

Anonymous said...

BN playing the race issue again. A party bankrupted of ideas is palying the old issue over and over again. They have no new ideas as they can't defend their sins of corruption, misuse of power, piratising the country's assets to their cronies and relatives, etc. Look at how Nur Jazlan tried to defend the indefensible in the recent Al Jazeera interview. The audience ws basically laughing at waht he said. He could only quote general stuff like ... yea ... corruption happened in all country, BN is improving, etc. Nothing specific or concrete. The Rakyat should wake up and condemn BN by voting for DAP, PAS and PKR.

Ellese A said...

Why is it dap can play race issue and no one has an issue. For example portraying only them are the best protector of Chinese interest and not Mca. They make a fuss of Mca giving up seats to umno to play the racial sentiment. Why do always people be selective?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Ini Kali Lah!