Friday, April 12, 2013


By threatening to revoke the citizenship of Ambiga Sreevaasan, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad continues his tirade and insults all Indian Malaysians. Earlier, Mahathir irked Malaysians when he was caught denying his alleged key role for 20 years in the illegal issuing of blue ICs and granting voting rights to illegal immigrants to Sabah.

To divert attention from and to justify his illegal act, he accused first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman of giving out citizenship to one million legal residents of Malaya. To Mahathir, Umno makes the law and everybody else should just follow, regardless of how unjust the law could be.  

Historically, one million Chinese and Indians were offered citizenship as a precondition to independence by the Alliance government of Malaya in 1957 to develop this blessed nation and the Chinese and Indian Malaysians sacrificed and slogged with blood and sweat to build the economy of this nation.

Ungrateful Mahathir and his hardline Umno/Perkasa followers have forgotten the contribution of non Malays to this country. Mahathir himself had once said that 90 percent of taxes are paid by non-Malays, especially Chinese. This same Mahathir allegedly once ordered shooting to deter the coming of Vietnamese boat people.

Mahathir allegedly allowed illegals from Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesian and even Indian Muslims get citizenship overnight. However, about 300,000 Malaysian-born Indians and Chinese are awaiting blue identity cards which Mahathir did not solve during his tenure as premier.  

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In the October 2012 parliament sitting, the MP for Pasir Salak proposed that Ambiga should be hanged for committing treason against the king for organising Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0. Umno leaders just could not accept the fact that Ambiga, an Indian Malaysian lady, could organise such mammoth gatherings that challenged the unjust, anti-national and subversive activities of Umno.

Malaysia will be ruined if BN regains a two-third majority as requested by Mahathir Mohamad.    

All Indians with dignity, pride and honour will never support the political parties that support Mahathir and his apartheid policy. Mahathir could justify and find nothing seditious when Ibrahim Ali urged his supporters to burn the Malay Bible. But he could not accept Ambiga’s appeal for clean and fair election and deems it treacherous.

Impotent and subservient

BN component parties MIC and MCA have become too impotent and subservient to stand up against the like of Mahathir and Umno hardliners’ chronic abuse of power. 

Under Mahathir’s rule, lawyers allegedly fixed cases and cronies were the chosen people to obtain contracts and high positions. Responsible citizens like former auditor-general Ahmad Nordin and Lord President Salleh Abbas were removed for allegedly being a hindrance to Mahathir’s designs. Yet Umno continues to hero worship him.

If Mahathir has any respect for the rule of law, he must retract his statement and apologise to  Ambiga and the nation. Ambiga is a distinguished and honourable citizen who led a public awareness campaign on the urgent need for clean and fair elections, while Mahathir, on the other hand, keeps spewing venom and racially instigating statements to divide the country with race and religion.

Mahathir is the one who should be stripped of his citizenship for betraying all Malaysians by giving citizenship and instant bumiputera status to illegal and unqualified immigrants.

Not one MIC or MCA leader has come out to condemn Mahathir’s urging to strip Ambiga of her citizenship. No sensible, sane, thinking Malaysians will ever support BN in the 13th general election.

COMMENT BY: R Ramakrishnan 


Anonymous said...

Dia juga Indian, bukan Red Indian.

Anonymous said...

I once said that it is my opinion that the development of Malaysia by that fake malay mamakkuty was actually a by-product of his corruption and cronyism. His main aim is to collect the commissions from the developments and the kick-backs from his cronies. If Malaysia was developed without the corruptions and without the cronyism, we will be like Singapore - having all the assets and the hard cash in the bank. In Malaysia, we may be having the assets but with 600 billions ($ or RM?) in loans. Our assets < loans = bankrupt!

Anonymous said...

kerala mamak is nothing but a thief.
what sort of human who will deny his own ancestor-kutty?

hasilox said...

He was angry because mr kutty was given citizenship. You know, fatherfucking scumbag son thingy. haha

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

This is a man whose Indian heritage will be an albatross on his neck! Which is why this past year with Perkasa as his vehicle, he has acted and said everything to SHOW gullible and forgetful Malays, he is 110% more Malay than Indian.
If he could disown, he would his siblings, who were more Indian looking than Malay.
His late father had a family in Kerala. If only someone took the trouble to trace his Indian siblings!He must have thanked his lucky stars for NOT having the skin colour and features of his father, a normal Poonani Kerala Indian Mohamad Kutty..
Ponnusamy a/l Arunasalam, the father of the Hindraf brothers, was also a 1st Generation Indian. But because his father was an estate worker, he worked as a mere train driver. But his sons became Hindraf lawyers and leaders.
DKK MM's father having married into a Siamese Malay family, got to be a Malaysian and all his Malayan children became automatically Bumiputras!
What a contrast. Luckily Uthaya and Waytha they are Malaysians too. Not the several hundred thousands of mainly estate Indians who still holding Red ICs. One would have thought being half-Indian and the fact that he himself had a poor and humble beginnings, he would emphatise with his own `race!'
His father must have drilled it into him that it is prudent to be a Malay inside out!
Look where he is today , certainly not where the Ponnusamys are!
And yet now HINDRAF is putting their future put their trust and future in UMNO! So how can Mahahtir respect Indians? Even Indians realise the need to be pro- Malay and BN - friendly!
For Mahathir and Perkasa, that is the only identity they could be to be safe from prosecution for the atrocities of his 22years administration. As Anwar have said, Mahathir is fearful of his rise to power. It would spell the Day of Reckoning, for not only BUMNO but Mahathir, his children and his cronies.
So Mahathir replaying his `Malay Dilemma'idealogies is the mechanics of a drowning man before the guillotine falls on BUMNO and ultimately him, no matter how hard he expound his Malayness and nationalism!
He will and his children fear the days they will have A/l which was also the main reason the word `bin' and `binti' was dropped in Muslim childrens' names.
His Indian Muslim father did not have a `Bin' to his name. Only Malays use `bin' and `binti' before!
When he held the Home Minister portfolio, he did so many unseen `hands' with its laws, including the 20years `Project ICM!'
It is time we put him to pasture..

Anonymous said...

plzzzzz tell to all for pakatan.....yg menghairan kan....knp org2 india skrg ini tiba2 bnyk plak nak sokong bn...dh lupa ke apa kerajan buat dulu..........

wandererAUS said...

This Indian celup Melayu from Kerala is behaving like a faked son of the soil, simply because, he owns a shaved dick!
This traitor of the nation must not allowed to escape from the country, he has committed the most serious crime in the country...he should be charged for treason and found guilty, hung by the testicles

Anonymous said...

jangan delete komen aku..kenapa Tun M declare nak revoke kerakyatan ambiga? dia kan bekas presiden majlis peguam dulu..bagaikan tak tahu undang2 buat BERSHIT..kemudian BERSHIT diketahui ditaja oleh SOROS..tau siapa SOROS? tu orang yang anuwar aljub nak bagi dekat dia supaya kita Malaysia berhutang bejuta dengan IMF....ko nak negara kita bangkrap pasal soros? Tu sebab Tun M cadang tarik je kerakyatan ambiga..memang sungguh siyal nak hancurkan ekonomi negara..kalu tak faham lagi memang tak tau nak kata apa..huhu TU SEBAB KAMI SEMUA TOLAK PAKATAN RANAP...ALJUBS DALANG KES LAHAD DATU..TAK INGAT KE KES KG BUAH PALA..?? DAH LUPA ORG INDIA KENA HALAU DARI SANA..??

Anonymous said...

Ambiga is a lady, a lawyer, a Bersih activist and an Indian. Why focus on the race aspect only Zorro? Why not focus on the fact that she also happens to be a lawyer? After all there are more Indians than lawyers so Dr Mahathir could be attempting to strip the citizenship of all lawyers.

To me its simple. If BN wins, we will make fun of Pakatan. if Pakatan wins we will make fun of BN.

Either way, we will have a jolly good laugh at either one of your expense. But reading your article wants me to hope that the joke will be on you no matter how much I personally dislike Dr Mahathir, Najib and Kak Ros

buzzy said...

ambiga is indian? are u sure?

mahathir has retired, u should remember that. any of his action dont have any effect.

Anonymous said...

Mamak days are numbered WE do not live forever and expiration date is due.

It is better to have everybody respecting you when you are dead then to be cursed.
Wonder how the history will be written about this cunning fox and the enemy of the nation.

For 22 years you have degraded Malaysia into a fourth world nation without any law.

Hell is hot and you have to toll daily to earn your living. That is the choice you have made. Let see how long your son can enjoy the ill gotten money from the poor rayaat.

Anonymous said...

I strongly urge the Chinese in Malaysia to read The Sunflower paper 《太阳花》online:

The newsletter is currently distributed free in Selangor, KL and Johor. It counters MCA’s argument of chaos if Pakatan wins.

505 Ubah said...





Anonymous said...

The chinese who have been supporting MCA is in dilemma and question why its immoral leader is now so generous to give up their seats to Umno.

If CSL can still face his party members, it shows how thick-skinned he is. If MCA members have an iota of dignity left in them, all of them should resign in protest.

Ordinary Umno leaders not only rode roughshod over MCA, even Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali had hit out more than a year ago at Chua, calling the MCA president a "stupid, frustrated politician" with "low morals".

So MCA, please tell your members where to hide their faces?

Donplaypuks® said...

It is Mahathir whose citizenship should be withdrawn with him being banished to Kerala permanently as punishment, for promoting racism and religious bigotry on a national scale for the past 56 years.

He is a traitor for masterminding the illegal Project M which awarded blue IC's and citizenships to illegal Filipino, Pakistani, Indonesian and Bangladeshi immigrants and foreign labourers, based on the sole criteria of them being Muslims!! He deserves a public caning - six of the best - on his buttocks for this social re-engineering treachery!

When Mahathir eventually goes to his maker, many will publicly thank god for intervening, like they surprisingly did vis-a-vis Augustine Paul.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

If the Indians and Chinese were not granted citizenship during Merdeka Tun Madey wolud not have been the 4th PM and might be living in Kerala now

Roti Sunshine said...

Dear Zorro,

I am of the opinion that a surreptitious move is being initiated to deregister the DAP. It is real and if the DAP is deregistered after the nomination day but before the election day, what would become of the DAP candidates? Would they be disqualified or do they have to contest as independents without being able to use the Rocket symbol? Can you please throw some light on this? Thank you.

shanghaistephen said...

zorro said...

RotiSunshine, Pakatan is aware of what the ROS planned to do. DAP candidates on nomination day can come under Pas or Keadilan. Provisions for this eventuality are in place.

Anonymous said...

Indians ar stupid not to listen to Ambiga.

Anonymous said...

Kutty can only become a Bumi after 1957 Mederka independence. Before Malaya's independence, how can he be considered as a bumi as he is supposed to follow his father who married a local in Kedah which is a unfederated Malay state? At that time being a malay is not defined. just look at Nyonas - they practise malay culture - eating, dresssing, speaking and even dancing yet they are not recognised as one.

Mohan said...

Hindraf wants to position itself as middlemen between UMNO and the Indian population, and just for insurance sake, makes tenuous links with the opposition. This has been the model for MCA, Gerakan, and MIC, yielding benefits for the leaders but crumbs for the masses they claim represent. As these parties atrophy, Hindraf sees an opportunity to muscle in as the new middlemen. They do not have a vision for a new Malaysia, nor are they interested in giving the opposition a real chance at gaining power despite 50 years of BN misrule and greed. These people are after side payments from the rulers, and who better than UMNO for this. A cleaner opposition in power will not benefit these guys as much. In fact general polices to uplift all the poor and promote growth, regardless of race, which Malaysia needs at the moment, will not benefit these posers of the Indian cause. No wonder they want seats for themselves, which allows better side benefits. They want to do a Samy Vellu on us. Indians should just voe for Pakatan and forget about Hindraf.

A Bad Boy said...

Hindraf seems more interested in get space at the feeding trough beside BN.

After all, Samy Vellu did very well (thank you very much) as a ball-carrier and arselicker for his UMNO masters.

If Hindraf's aims are as noble as they claim, the first thing to do is to support the proposed Social Inclusion Act -

The second thing, Hindraf should do is to help kick out BN.

Anonymous said...

Once a racist, always a racist until the end. It must be really entertaining for him right now to blame and insult everybody except himself for every kind of mess imaginable. Here is his latest crap:

And you wonder why his name keeps popping up here: