Saturday, April 6, 2013


UTHAYAKUMAR of Human Rights Party will force 3 cornered fights.
That reminds me of the drowning man and the straw!
That says a lot about this loser!
If you lose, you condemn your supporters into the GHETTOS…..and that is not pleasant.

 However if you are determined on this mindless bravado


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I urge my Indian brothers and sisters to burn copies of this video for


the gaffe guy who know's said...

These thambis,brothers in arms are already in the payrolls of Umno.They just want to split the votes of the opposition to help their masters to cruise to victory.Or else how come the younger brother did not do his time in Kamunting.

Frida said...

GE13 Malaysia: Who to Vote for? (A Christian Contribution)

A video produced by Catholic Research Centre and Council of Churches of Malaysia, for all Christians who are voting in GE13

Anonymous said...

My friend Wathaya, Better wake-up and open your big eyes and see what happened to the Indian community after 56 years. You still believe and trust this UMNO/BN Govt? Maybe you have compromise yourself with the devil and have no choice but to be pulled by the nose.

bumi-non-malay said...

For the time being they have to decide if the DAP/PKR Indians and Singh are better or worst than the MIC-Hindraf Singh and Indians.

If still have problems with this decision then don't expect change for another 55 years under UMNO-BN.

Anonymous said...

you think i give damn about what a fucking chinese hypocrite snake like yourself thinks!indians should not vote for any chinese bastards in the opposition and the government!

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you silly old man. Do you think this Waythamoorthy fella give a damn about his fellow Indians? If he does:
a. he would not offer to sell his people to the highest bidder be it from BN or Pakatan;

b. he would not quickly jump into a car to go to Putrajaya to meet Najib while he claimed to fast.

c. he would be in ICU being forced fed with IV drips from his fasting / hunger strike OR even have already died of hunger and became a martyr.

Waythamoorthy is just after his senatorship and millions of Ringgits. Fuck the Indians, for all he cares!!!

Anonymous said...

Can never trust them Indians. They think they are smart and think they can act as spoilers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:08 you hit the nail on its head.
These fuckers Hindraf shit leaders are just selling their souls to the devil. To them the rest of the Indians can go and rot in hell.

Anonymous said...


YOu know what I am thinking? If I'm BN going against the current, I will bribe people like Uthaya to stand as independents, the whole idea is to dilute the votes for Pakatan. Uthaya will not win but he will become a millionaire in the next 2 months. BN will pay him handsomely.

In times like these, we can really see hypocrites for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Hindraf is a lost cause. They have lost all sympathy from the public because of their selfish leaders. Notice no one bothered when one of them went on hunger strike? Looks like they want to go back to suck Najib's egg in spite of 50 years of slavery by the BN.

patrick said...

Sigh...when will they ever learn?Guess it'll be more of the same for their lot! Waytha' go towards perdition!

Anonymous said...

Hindraf must have taken the bait of 'i help you, you help me' by naj1b, elas why would they want to contest as independents in Selangor to create 3-cornr fights to split votes?

Najib Manaukau said...

When will the 'pengdatang' ever learnt not to trust a person because of the skin of his colour ! In fact history will show these are the very people that will sell you to Umno and that they have been doing that. Just look at these lackeys and also those who have retired, how comfortable they are and whereas the 'pendatangs' are and will not get any better.So it is time to wake up and kick the scumbags and parasites out of Putrajaya in the coming GE while you can before your votes don't mean anything to any one !

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Hindraf being reduced to the status of just another money-grabbing power-hungry opportunist :(

This is what happens when you put your trust in a couple of guys who say they would fight for your rights :(

I am extremely disappointed with Hindraf.

Anonymous said...

BR1M can buy toddy and the Indians kena cilok again!

Anonymous said...

I have lost my respect for P Waythamoorthy, who is apparently flip-flopping in his decision who Hindraf would align itself.

After fighting BN, Waythamoorthy has turned his back now on Pakatan, although the latter has said time and again that any effort to alleviate poverty has to be needs based, rather than race-based.

In the eyes of people like us, Waythamoorthy has not only failed the Indian poor whom he seeks to represent, but make himself to be uncooperative and someone hard to work with. One can only wonder what transpires behind the scene.

After fasting for nearly three weeks, I would have thought that Waythamoorthy is a lot wiser, but I hope if he does not wake up, the Indian community as a whole would wake up and stop the rot in Hindraf.