Sunday, April 25, 2010


The Special Bunch attended the last ceramah at KKB Stadium which ended as per regulation at 12 midnight. The atmosphere was electrifying. A 30,000 audience was awesome. The speakers spellbinding.

We bunked at Kampong Petak, an orang asli commune. I have been coming home everynight past midnight after ceremahs since 17 April but tonight was different. A blockade was set up and we were told to we cannot enter the settlement which had been our home for the last 8 days.

We stood our ground because answers to our queries were infantile and unacceptable. At one stage they told us to leave our car and we could walk back to our abode. Can you believe that? Nobody seemed to be in charge. It took some half hour before we were let through with a promise that two Rela personnel will be stationed to ensure that we did not do any campaigning. Can you believe that?

When you fear, you harass. That has been the tone from the start of the campaign at Hulu Salangor. Cicil society activists have been arrested over the week. Some were told to get out of KKB and to come back to KKB after election to take possession of their cars.

You can bet, this harassment will continue during the polling process.


Anonymous said...

Why is Rela given such power? Who are they?

Anonymous said...

Goodness, this election climate is far worst than those in Sri Langka. Good reason to get rid the nation from thuggery leadership lah!

wandererAUS said...

I hate to imagine, what these deranged low class beings from UMNO will do next, especially the 13th GE if their power is threatened?
Abusing the use of ISA?
Political murders??
I will not be surprised, If all their dirty means failed them in this by-election, would'nt these low acts be in their minds?
I based my assumption on the many unanswered and unsolved murders in the country...linked to the ruling Administration and individuals. Be prepared for the worst...Zambawe, you have company!

Jong said...

Is Rela the private army of UMNO/BN?
Call for their disband should continue, in Parliament!

Antares said...

The RELA personnel were actually two Temuan residents, one of them a newly appointed JKKK (Jawatankuasa Keselamatan Kampung), who had been issued yellow T-shirts with a RELA logo and encouraged (by the real thugs from Pekida) to behave like thugs in their own village.