Thursday, April 22, 2010


The little I know about Public Relations in relation to your clients is that the PR practitioner’s basic task is to train the client in “media relations”, that is the handling of the news or electronic media. In most organizations, it is often the PR department that sends out press release and answers questions from the media. In most corporations too, the PR man is the only one allowed to make press statements. That’s how important the Public Relations manager is. He must always be on the ball. He meets the media. His presence and bearings project the image of the corporation. Only when necessary, the CEO will meet the press (but always with the PR man beside him).

So what do you make of Kamalanathan, MIC information chief and UMN O’s candidate in this by-election giving repeatedly, this half-assed answers "I will answer all these questions after the election," when questioned recently by the media. Those questions put to him by journalists were topical and current and required satisfactory answers.

When pressed as to why MIC has not pushed for the implementation of the 1991 MAPEN REPORT his reply was a meek “I will look at it.” I would expect a firm “I will look into that” as opposed to a wishy-washy just “looking AT it.”

When asked whether he would endorse Perkasa's aim to reserve 97 percent of the economic cake to the Malays he evasively replied: "I have already explained, no further comment.”

Asked whether he would follow Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's example in putting his race first, he skirted the question with "I'm Malaysian. I don't want to say anything more."

Kamalanathan gave no answer when asked whether he considered relevant some of claims contained in Hindraf's 18-point manifesto.

When confronted that as the MIC information chief, he should be spontaneous and specific in his answers, he sheepishly said: "I have been the information chief only for less than a year."

Cornered with a barrage of other questions he surrendered with:

"I will answer all these questions after the election."


Anonymous said...

I pray to God Almighty u wont be around post-election to respond to those easy questions u macha moron u!

Moron for bineg an UMAPCONO stooge!! khaaaaaaaaaakkk ptuiii!!!


Sg Choh said...

Wah belum jadi MP dah pandai cakap macam MP . Dei Samy , you better watch out for the kissing hand man. Still waiting for Encik Kamal to baca doa at Sg Choh's surau .

Silver-surfer said...


Why after the election? So that it would buy him some time?

A sign of trickery and chicanery.

If he is honest and have nothing to hide, surely he would let the voters decide with surfeit / best available information to make educated pick.

The tipping point my friend....only Gladwell tells it so well...

Silver-surfer said...


Why after the election? So that it would buy him some time?

A sign of trickery and chicanery.

If he is honest and have nothing to hide, surely he would let the voters decide with surfeit / best available information to make educated pick.

The tipping point my friend....only Gladwell tells it so well...

Screw umno said...

greenhorn pr practitioner and politician... how to be mp when he is still wet behind the ears... if elected he will be just another umno yes man... he will sell out the indians and M-I-See and lick umno's arse... pordah! those who vote for him on sunday have to be mentally retarded... unfortunately we have a lot of mentally retarded types in this country and that is why the whole country is in deep shit...

Anonymous said...

Kamlan actually wants to win for himself and has nothing of substance to say.

He should've bowed lower in true Indian tradition and touch Moo's feet, not just kiss Moo's hand. than at least he's true to his own culture!

What he's demonstrated is abject subservience to umno for his own gains. Ditto when sucking up to Perkosa. True beggar!


Anonymous said...

He is only good at kissing hands and hugging perkasa....looks like BN got a lover boy as a candidate!!

And everybody is a bit worried now on the chances of a Bribery Nasional win.

Pretty tough fight.

Habib RAK said...

A new Samy in the making

Anonymous said...

first ,you attack him for lying about his degree which turn out to be ,you attack his job.....i sure you guys are very happy with yourselfs .so.much for holding the moral high ground.

pinsysu said...

kamal very the smart one. why? after he loses the by-election then he no nid to give any more answer wat ... bcos by then hor, the interested parties will shoot the questions to zaid lor ...

bennyloh said...


1 Muhideen said...

"I will answer all these questions after the election."

Ya, after the election you go eat shit lah. @#$%.

wandererAUS said...

I think this blur chap, Kamal....probably, needs a head transplant, yes, that will do the job.
Perhaps, replacing it with a brown skinned swine head will make him proud...since he likes kissing brown pig arses!

donplaypuks® said...

We will never know the answers to these questions because Kamal bin Nathan will not be eleceted! Qed!

Honourable, sane and savvy politicians will never say "I'll answer afterthe elections." It shows he is an amateur and has no grasp of politics or what a peoples' rep means!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Should press him on knowledge on finance & economic ...even probably general knowledge he would have still failed. Bet he only know how to deviate question & smile thats all.


storm62 said...


Kamalanathan adalah pengundi hantu untuk Smay Vellu diSungai Siput P62

Check for yourself 651018106495

lu tenguk sendiri.

Jong said...

I have never come across an election candidate who tells media and electorates "I will answer all questions after the election". To me that's arrogance and downright stupidity.

This man of many names - Kamal, A-Lan, Nathan must come out clean to clear any doubts the electorates and media people have. He can't say give me your votes then I'll answer your queries after the election. That's crazy and most unbecoming! Who does he think he is - UMNO's favourite godson?

Anonymous said...

come saturday, we can expect that pr will make
minced meat of this chappie

kamal kah?
alan kah?
nathan kah ?

most probably nathan lah.

a foundation of lies

apcoameno had promoted kamal aka alan aka nathan as
kamal so as to make a melayu out of this guy.

i have talked a lot about chingkification of the malays.
now the gomen wants to melayunise the keling and he is
happi happi to be melayunised.

melayus in the hs - melayus hulu watch tv3-de no1
channel of misinformation and party propaganda of the

so it was no surprise when i heard the melayu interviewer in tv 3 keep calling what i would normally
recognise as nathan tambi as en kamal...

and repeating en kamal.... at least 10x

we know hs is truly hulu. why an overkill on
blitzing the melayunisation of nathan as kamal by tv3?

so the lemmings [pengikut perkasam] now half way already
on the way to cliff so that they can do a free fall into
the sea and into never never land are too focussed on
their journey to notice the keling is being melayunised?

and to top up insult to injury , de leader 'tongsampah'berahim had arrived at the cliff by the sea-waiting for his followers so that he lead the jump into the sea....

then all the muslim braders can recite de fateha for
berahim and his mushybrained pengikuts...

his degree

rpk has done some investigative work on nathan's degree.
it is more than probable that nathan's degree is
a fake one. anyway it is unimportant whether nathan
has a degree or not.

after all kerryapcojamban and his mate from ethos-the
melayunised chingkie 'gordonamenoapco'-ong has fucked up
millions of gomen money by giving gomen bad advice and
not giving good advice when gomen critically need them.
case in point - selling our proton cagiva motors for 1 euro when the buyer later recover almost 500 million euros for the company. so much for oxfarty graduates..

good to hear that gomen no longer encourage glcs to
send our students to oxfart and the likes!

khong khek khuat

raj raman said...

Look into it - when?
If you win - glimpse through?

rajraman666.If you lost - forget about it either way.

We can be racial but can't be racists - but MIC are racists to their own race.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A lot of racists here yah.
What happeend to 1Malaysia?
The word you bandied around when someone said I am a Malay first.

Anonymous said...

It shows clearly that DARK SKIN "MELAYU" is a candidate of Umno, not MIC. The way he acted like a lapping dog to Perkasa/UMNO shows that he is obviously targeting the 53.9 percent Malay votes instead of the 19 percent Indian votes. That jives with PKR's campaign that says that the contest is actually PKR vs Umno.
My conclusion is that the dark skin "melayu" Kamal is a tool of Umno, and Umno is determined to capture the 53.9 percent Malay votes, whatever it takes. That means Indian issues will drop out of sight for 'Kamal'. That means Umno runs his campaign and tells him what to say to the Malay electorate.
The foregone conclusion is that if this self claim melayu wins, the rakyat esp the indian community can rest assure Ulu Selangor will be the same as it was 53 years ago. So vote PKR!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For heaven sake, Kamalnathan, withdraw yourself from this election,do not further push your own people indians to below poverty.What can you do to help the indians with 2 years down the road to another GeneralElection where the UMNO government could not do the last 52 years? You ARE NOT Superman/Spiderman/Ironman/Batman. Stop the rape of your own people and be rewarded with respect in history,kissing some racist hands will earn you a few bucks only to enjoy but so many indian will continue poor.ZAID is the nation's hope to be a fair man helping all of us.Think Kamal and stop acting.

Anonymous said...

HS voter 1: Kamal biNatang, what is your election manifesto?

Kamal biNatang: I will let you know after the election.

HS voter 2: What if you are not elected?

Kamal biNatang: Then no need to tell lah, stupid.

HS voter 3: But what if you are elected?

Kamal biNatang: Then my bosses Moohideousdin and Ibraggerhim will tell me what to tell you after the election.

Jong said...

Withdraw? He can't!

He had bowed in supplication to kiss the dirty hands of No.2 and has yet to kiss the stinking feet of No.1 - that's how low this man of many names - Kamal, A-Lan, Nathan is willing to go!

People of Hulu Selangor, you still want this flip-flopper to represent you in Parliament? You think he will?

Anonymous said...

He is like the other BN candidate that lost the election - Chew Mei Fun. Similiar answers meaning no answers. BN candidates are all the same - dare not answer. They are elected to keep BN in power and not to work for the people.