Sunday, April 11, 2010




Anonymous said...

bloody scary photo. someone i think won't sleep well.

wandererAUS said...

Tan, as a accomplice of Najib, Altantuya will cast a curse on you...your spell of MCA patronage to your coffee shop will be short lived.
Repent you asshole...don't join the traitors of the Chinese race!

anna brella said...

Brilliantly composed picture!


"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.

toyolbuster said...

Nang Botee Nang, Kwee Botee Kwee!!
Must be only Najib's spirit that has taken its permanent place on that famous chair. Mr.Tan, if the chair flies at night, don't call the ghostbusters, just call fat mama

baDboy said...

Great gawd, the Mongolian curse is damn strong. Prostitute Tan has been used as a highly paid stooge like that Jelapang woman. He ain't stupid you know , just a dirty he-whore

Screw umno said...

brand new chair, brand new 'halal' cup not touched by any 'haram' lips?
hahahah... looks like the whole thing was planned from the start... who brought the chair there? the other chairs are all plastic...
another barisan nasional's evil plot to fight pakatan... but the people are too smart, we see through all the bn crap... wonder how much this tan chap is being paid to play along...

Anonymous said...

You just making a fool of yourself, Bernard .
There is not a shred of proof to link Najib.
We all know it was all fabricated.
Try something better next time.

You are so far behind these days. It's time you retire from blogging. Same old antics.

motherchell said...

Thank you my dear Zorro for keeping Altantuya's memory alive till justice is done.
We must never rest till the killers depart to Hell!

zorro said...


Sonny boy, why are you so riled up that I am making a fool of myself.

You are lucky I did not make a fool of you....on second thought I might as well.

You fool.....Baginda was acquited, the sms that flew between Najib and Razak, the change of Judges. How could that two kill Altantuya if nobody directed them. In the first place she was not in the country according to immigration how could she be killed and yet two guys will hang! Man, are you comatose?

And sonny, I cant retire from blogging....three years of blogging and 4,206,148 hits and average 5688 people around the world read this blog PER to disappoint them lah? You don't even have the courage to blog except comment under anonymous. Begone, you are not in my league, little boy. I did not mean to belittle you, but I thoroughly enjoyed belittling you.

tamingsari said...

Whats wrong if the guy feels happy with Najib's visit.He happens to like Najib. No big deal. I was told not to looked down at a person's peculiar way of being happy. Leave the old man alone with his sweet memory. Politics aside, Mr.Tan looks like a nice guy. Don't get carried away by prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

The stupid fellow Anon 11:56 must be a BN/UMNO cybertrooper.

I like the reply you gave him. Kudos to you!

Anon 11:56 has no balls because they have been squashed by BN/UMNO. Wonder how much he has been paid by BN/UMNO to write such non-sensical comment. He is the same as Parpukari who Khairy J detests.

Let's hope that Anon 11:56 mampus early.

Anti BN/UMNO cybertrooper

flyer168 said...


A great photo that speaks for itself to remind all concerned that "Truth & Justice MUST all cost!

Maybe the Power Web/EADS/Asiasoft/ APCO controvercy will be the Saaribu Family curse in "Motion" for Jibby & Mama...

Cheers Bro.

Anonymous said...

Zorro said....the sms that flew between Najib and Razak,... RPK missed out that Najib also smsed that Rosmah will supervised the explosion on site!! ( Btw, there were hundred of witnesses on Rosmah whereabouts on that particular night in Ramadhan.

Hey Zorro, what you wrote does not come even close to be categorized proof. Speculate + theorize + imagination is more like. Just like your imaginative photo.

Again, we all know where all these originates. Mr Anwar and RPK, a proven LIAR.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about a prostitute who deserved it.
But dont blame the innocent party.
No one's believing it.

Anonymous said...

There will always be arse lickers knowingly that truth is blinded by them.They have dickhead brains that cannot distingushed what is right or wrong !It's no wonder you have so many idiots in malaysia and the likes of those mca, mic and others BN lackeyds following blindly.So much for intelligence for this dickheads.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anon 11.56 is like your typical brain washed jaguh kampung who has not lived outside the kampung, nor wish to.

They worship the ruling party & it's dictator almost as zealously as their own religion.

To them the dictator is the Be All & End All. A mere glance from the dictator is enough for them to climax in their Y-fronts.

For them, the pinnacle of their jaguh kampung life is to be the Division Chief of the ruling party. For this is the road to power, money & status. It doesnt click to them that they are mere tools of the higher echelon; servants to do the dirty work; rewarded with mere pittance & the chance of a handshake with the dictator. Stupid jaguh kampung fell for it, hook line & sinker.

Anonymous said...

Just another "Advertising " ,building images..

If any VVIP scewed your ass and invite you to the Tea party , aren't you too grateful to kiss his ass ?

Very Very irritating person.

Anonymous said...

Uncle ,

Dont forget TBHOCK photo lah..
Unseen guest(s)ma..

By popular demand.

Anonymous said...

I think the Tua Nyanyuk ( sorry ,may be he is being used) better to check with the underworld Medium to get the unseen opinions b4 wrapping up.

Kui botiq kui.

Anonymous said...

'halal cup & chair'!!?? sorrri lah..
already touched by pork-eating balls-carriers ...hehehehe !

Anonymous said...

Yes, RPK is a liar, and karma is a bitch.

What goes around comes around and now is son was caught for burglary.

Careful to the rest of the people who slander and cause chaos in their land.. karma will come for you too...

Anonymous said...

Tan : " hey, i've collected pm's lovely saliva & greenish phlegm lah !"

Anonymous said...

waa, zollo...u can stoop so low on this? what a shame for a once 'wise' (or wise-cracking old man)?

dbwing said...

We visited the coffee shop yesterday (sunday) and found they are offering free food/drinks for ALL- if U just sign up the visiting book there!

tamingsari said...

You must be happy and satisfied to see Mr.Tan being ridiculed as a result of your posting. What sins has he committed against you to deserve your evil hospitality. Just because you are a successful man must you poke jokes at the poor guy?
True what they say, wealth,pride and ego care less about conscience.When you can do that to your own kind,you are not the kind to others. Stay in your own class and remain at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

u pakatan flers must do something quick to change the mindset of these villagers.

not only he not collected the monies for the brew, but invested in a new set of cup and saucer and a new chair for which he does not intend to use. my my my. what a waste of money!

all for who??

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

Looks like lately you have attracted a lot more commentors who detest you and anything anti-BN.

Like your attitude of letting people from both sides vent their views ... freedom of speech?

Also like the wity articles you have written so far.

However, this particular article with the superimposed image doesn't suit your style. You don't look like someone who hits below the belt.

Let's leave Mr. Tan with his memory of the PM's visit. Move on! There are many more important things for you to write about.


Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

What have you done to my computer. I don't seem to have a Mr Tan and Ah Tun Tu Ya's ghost in the picture. I seem to see a man carrying something like a bomb and a shadowy figure behind him. Am I seeing something others are not seeing ?

Please Zorro, tell me I am not mad, or tell me I am psychic.

To those who try to provoke you, please send them to your fart chamber, make sure there is no ventilation. I am prepared to put in my share.

Anti-cruelty said...

One of these days this old geezer bloke will be exposed as a liar.
You ridicule a simple man who is happy to serve tea to the PM.
I feel for him.
You can never ever get close to the PM. So you are jealous.

zorro said...


Mr Tan WAS USED.EVERYTHING WAS STAGED. You don't seem to get it!Do you know that food was provided free yesterday. Guess by whom?

In 2008 at PWTC open house, the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers were initially prevented from attending the open house because we sported I AN WITH RPK tee shirts. We defied the police and they finally let us thru. We wished Pak Lah and Jeanne. He got our message. Next to Jeanne was Najib. He thought we would also take his hand, but we all just passed him by! To you it is arrogance. Me I would not touch him with a ten foot pole.

Anti-cruelty said...

Yeah. But Uncle Tan got his fame.
What did you get?
When people talk about bloggers, your name comes out top as the most intolerant bigot.
Speaks much of your fake liberalism.

tamingsari said...


Save your ten foot pole for your heroes. His shop was used as a stage
for Najib's visit. Besides being a political leader he is also PM and must be accorded proper security coverage hence pre arranged venue is in line for such occasion.A matter of protocol and security. Iam not asking you to love your enemies but a little respect will
not hurt your ego.

One man's food another man's poison is no reason to poison Mr.Tan's food. He deserves his day
as you deserve yours so live and let live. You shook Pak Lah's hand
and MR.Tan serves coffee to Najib.
No big deal man. Everyone makes innocent mistake now and then. If not him,you sir or even me.

zorro said...

Tamingsari, appreciate your input with goodwill, sincerity and gratitude. Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a great photo. Mr.C4 and fat mamma must now be cursing that coffee shop Tan for letting him sat on this chair. Actually the photo should be more realistic by having the coffee shop Tan holding a cup of overfrothing coffee and offering it to Mr.C4 with the Mongolian lady looking at him. Luckily, he sat on the chair during daytime. If it was nitetime, Mr.C4 or fat mamma would have their asses stuck on the chair by the Mongolian lady.
Looks like 70 years of coffee making will go down the drain soon. After election i doubt anyone will ever patronize this shop.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Tan, i don't see any Pink lipstick marks on the tea cup. Did you wiped out those "famous" lips marks? No point placing them in your showcase! That cup has just become another tea cup!
oh, another thing, is this cup "Made in China"? if yes, then in all probable it could be made from bleached pig bones! Don't you know most the porcelains from China (including those priceless Ming vase) are made from them. Come to think some of those Royal class dudes will have to dispose their Ming collection if they have one! Ha ha!