Tuesday, June 24, 2008



(I made a special effort to meet up with Blogger Hantulaut in my recent trip to KK with the National Press Club. I sent him this note in his latest posting.):

HANTULAUT...off the thread...I posed you a question on my lastest posting. In my few days in Sabah I managed to get a sense of how Sabahans think things should be. Then came along Yong. I am now perplexed, thus my posting. Hope you can reply and throw some light on the now-dim subject.


Anonymous said...

I just console myself that this is part of the long term strategy of hitting and keep hitting at their armour until something gives way.

Anonymous said...

We sabahan want some real attention not just small sweets!

I dont believe in Frogging but at times there no choice!

Frog or no Frog we dont know wat the future hold for us. We want quarantee but politician wordls can be trusted too!

can we trust the King of Frog Mr.YOng TL words? I dunno.. we have no where to turn!

Old Fart said...

I guess the question that begs asking may not have been asked.

What really is it about UMNO that every other of its component parties in the BN find so enthralled about to want to remain subservient to them?

Mine you even in the use of the word BN "component parties" there is this subliminal message that permeates and infests everyone. MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SAPP, PBS, PPP, and every other chicken shit parites in Sabah and Sarawak, consider themselves "component parties". Without saying it, they all regard UMNO as being the main body.

So what coalition do you call that? All of them serve up at UMNO's pleasure and remain subservient to UMNO. Like lap dogs they go beyond themselves sticking their tongues out waiting for any UMNO ass for them to lick.

So SAPP to suddenly causes all this confusion. Next thing we will hear is, oh, we were misunderstood and mistaken. And all that bull shit.

maybe someone will tell me, what is it about UMNO ass that is so wonderful?

gram.kong said...

Don't put too much hope on those Sabahan MPs, they only bark when they are hurt personally.Now they bark louder because they think Pak Lah is weak and would agree to some of their demand which unfortunately seems to be the case.

Sabahans wanted to be treated as equal, we are not a colony, we are one of the founders of Malaysia, the sooner the UMNO boys realise this the better it would be for the nation.

Sabah can and will change shirt again in the future,it is a matter of time.

Yong may have his points,but his party is too small to make any impact.This job should be done by Anwar and his PKR, who claims to have sufficient support to topple Abdullah.