Wednesday, June 25, 2008


: Those responsible for spreading rumours that petrol stations in the country were going on strike would be dealt with severely, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said.

“This is an evil and treacherous act to sabotage the economy. I will find out who is behind this and I will take action against them under the Internal Security Act,” he warned after closing the Internal Security and Public Order Department Endurance Test Event here on Wednesday.

The Rakyat is still reeling after the hike and now the stations refuse to accept their credit cards. I think the Police Inspector General should stick to his job of policing and not attempt to be the guardian of our economy.

You should be going after the corporate goons and BN cronies who over the decades have wasted our resources. BUT DO YOU DARE DO YOUR JOB? This report by Malaysiakini may be a gentle reminder that you still have a lot to do rather than put mischievous Malaysians in the ISA. (You fart seems to have more substance than your bark.):

According to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, ACA had probed cases involving a total of RM270.471 million between 1991 and April 2008.

This involved 13,309 cases that had been brought to the attention of ACA, he said in answering a question from Lim Guan Eng (DAP-Bagan).

Lim however pointed out the losses through corruption was significantly higher than the RM270 million investigated by ACA.

He told Parliament that international investments and finances services giant Morgan Stanley had in 2004 estimated that as much as US$100 billion (then RM380 billion) had been squandered through corruption over the past two decades.

So who should you put in? Corporate crooks or desperate rakyat, desperately finding ways to sublimate their frustrations and who can only hit back with some harmless mischief, magnified such to distract from the government-approved scams and scandals.

Stop barking up the wrong tree! There is in veterinary science a procedure called DE-BARKING........the vocal cord is removed but the canine has not lost the ability to bark, albeit
SOUNDLESS. It is resorted to as a last resort when neighbors complain about endless barkings.
This procedure has not been introduced to barking homo sapiens yet! But in bolehland, anything is possible. I can't sleep....barking is keeping me awake and irritated.

By the way, can someone throw some light on this
Internal Security and Public Order Department Endurance Test Event. I just love this word endurance in relation to our mata2.

Like this endurance here.


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Anonymous said...

Dogs and wolfs are noble creatures.stop insulting them!!! by the way ,better de-bark the owner of the dogs.

p.s i am actually serious

Anonymous said...

Dogs are generally very faithful creatures but, we do get a few pariah ones around. In this bolehland we have too many overfed, brainless pariahs.

darcwil said...

On another perspective, by spreading rumours you create unrest, and in turn chaos. Like what happened in Sabah, the rumours created panic buying and massive traffic jams and what next! The worst is it is not even true. The point is the police is not "preotecting" the economy, but I do agree that rumour mongers should be tracked down and be dealt with appropriately. It should be considered "threats", just like the irresponsible people spreading rumours and blackmail threats thorugh sms, email and what not.

Anonymous said...

wonder why the soaring crime rate? what about the missing little girls and boys and the cops promise to find them?
now, ISA for spreading news of petrol station closures? Undermining economy? think its more damaging to the economy with soaring crimes (both criminal and commercial) as it is one of the major deterrents for foreign investments. Over to you, the LAW ENFORCERS.

Anonymous said...

stop insulting the dog or pig.. there are much better creatures :-)

zorro said...

Mr X, I am flattered. Thanks. Being nominated is good enough for me...really. Tks again.

daniel said...

In this world got "friendly police" ka? LOL. So, appropriate lah the use of that garang dog.

Rumour mongers are like anjing kurap also. Slap them in jail je! Trouble makers! Can anyone tell me any benefit of spreading rumours?

random reader said...

Here's another example of our great police force: