Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Two mornings ago at 2am, my grandson Bernie came into the net for a chat with a "Hi Kong Kong".
(We are 12hours ahead of Bahamas). This guy has Karen's and Patrina's genes. He scores between 97-99 for most of his subjects. His teacher says that if he gives Bernie 100% then there is no room for improvement! Is this true. Bernie is Bahamas 2008 National Mathematics Champion; plays the piano annually at the Governor's House; recently gave a recital at Paradise Island's Atlantis; and soon will pack his bags to attend Interlochen Summer Camp (for musicians). He is a kid every grandfather would be proud of. But this is not what this post is all about!

At 2:30 Patrina joined in. We talked about the fuel hike. She spends USD100 a week on gas on her Dodge El Dorado SUV....a guzzler. I asked if she was going for a more economical car. "No way, Pa. My mechanic will be installing a Water4Gas contraption. You should do it for your Volvo."
We went off the chat at 3:45am and this is where I visited.

Is this possible? You find out for yourself.

Just an aside on Bernie: updated today 26 June 9:57am:

Hi Pa
Thanks for this great laugh!! We are off to Atlantis for a few days of R&R. The kids finished school today and Bernard won 13 awards and the highest academic average 97.7, got his shirt signed by the whole school, played his piano pieces as a good bye gift and will wonders never cease, actually won a P.E. award this year too!
Ryan and Patrick don't have such pressures yet so they spend the morning eating and swimming. Patrick hit the buffet table at 9am and only stopped when he had to take a swim!

Pictures will be forthcoming!


joolee said...

Your grandsons are adorable.

Anonymous said...

It's the kind of stuff people talk about but no one has actually seen. Not here anyway.

I remember seeing something similar to this in a black & white episode of the Beverly Hillbillies a long time ago. The car that ran on water went kaput!

Seeing is believing mate, until I actually see a car running on H2O, I will be very much a sceptic.

Malaccan view said...

hI bro,
sound interesting.Pls update me after Patrina intalled.Thank bro

svllee said...

Hi Zorro, what a great idea..saw the HHO idea on CNN last week. Looks like a winner... I'll catch you at Allblogs this Sat eve? Can pay at the door?

Anonymous said...

They say, larger gene pool produces better crops.

Anonymous said...

Yup, for sure your all your grandkids get more of their grandma and mom's genes than yours.
I can see they're quite better looking compared to grandpa.. Hehehe...

resident.wangsamaju said...

Think I missed that chapter of your life... how did your grandsons get to live in Bahamas?

zorro said...

resident: my daughter Patrina went to Mount St Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Soctia. There she met a black Bahamian boy called Wayne Farquharson. My two kids, Patrina and Kevin are very colorful people. Patrina married a black man, and Kevin back home here married an Indian girl, Maryanne. You cannot get a better mix. For starters look at my three grandkids from the Bahamas. Ain't they something? Karen and I are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard, its already here. the water powered car.. view this...

btw, ur grandsons are adorable. so glad for u and ur family. u r trully citizens of this world. God Bless.

zorro said...

Joe, thanks for the link. U made my Sunday.

Malaccan View....Joe has the good news you have been waiting for (above). I just hope this works.