Monday, June 30, 2008


That's IT. I cannot take this PRESSURE that we are put under. As a result I am morbidly SICK of:

The Direction This Country Is Being Led Into.
The Rampant Corruption
The Ease With Which People Are Bought and Sold
The Failure of the BN to Admit That People Have No More Need of Them
The Endemic Racism .....Truly Malaysia.
The Shameful Chicanery That Is The Trademark Of The BN
The Sinful Wastages
The Blatant Bailouts of Failed Government Corporations
The Endless Discrimination of Minorities
The Selective Persecution of Refugees
The Constant Erosion of Human Rights
The Flippant Flip Flops
The Blatant Barricades Put Up By BN To Sabotage And Disable ThePR States
The Body Snatchings In The Name of Religion
The Use Of ISA To PROTECT The Selected Elite
The Enslavement of the Rakyat Through All the ACTS!

The Demonic Demolition by C4

Quotation from Wikipedia:
"C-4 explosives gained notoriety in Malaysia after the brutal politically-connected murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribu. C-4 explosives were strapped to her body and detonated, leaving only tiny bone and flesh fragments."


Are we heading towards Chaos, Anarchy.
Anwar is again being accused of Sodomy.
Who Thinks We Are Going To Be Duped Again, This Time By Drop-out Seeking a Scholarship?
In Malaysia a Malaysian has to seek refuge in a foreign embassy?
Will The Attorney General Protect the People or the Executive?
Is The Judiciary Still So Dirty?
Is the PDRM just as Corrupt as Pre-Royal Commission?

Most religions teach that God Only Help Those Who Help Themselves.
God Wont Help Us!
We Are Powerless to Help Ourselves.
So How?






Anonymous said...

Zorro, I wish I have as much faith as you have in the royalty. They have proven over the years that they only care about themselves. They stood and watched on the sideline when the country was being torn apart by racism; when one after another pillars of democracy were undermined by UMNO since Merdeka. And you still expect them to save Malaysia?

Saya... said...

Uncle, horses are more important sorry to say...I won't say more...

what we need is an UPRISING.

TheWhisperer said...

Zorro, the list you listed up there are all components that structured the malay supremacy tower.

Two months ago i made it known to a group of friends during one of our kopitiam chats that this time we indeed need the royalties to gang up and lead us, the rakyat to once and for all kick the BN administration out of business for good and restore our country back to the 5 principles of the Rukun Negara..

The people stays united since the 12th GE and had in fact gained further strength but we still need the Royalties to stand up for us. Perhaps July 6th would help open up their eyes.

Let us PRAY and HOPE..

I am just as sick as you are.. That is why i didnt want to post anything pertaining to those political moves by either parties.

We can only contribute within our capabilities and hope that our contributions will somehow reach out and educate more..

Sick but not broken yet. This fight continues as long as it takes..

Hi&Lo said...

Sir, Dropout can see DPM for scholarship. That was what Najib said with regards to the boy's visit to his office. Oh boy, he really has strong cables.

Anonymous said...


You are spot on. Last night as I retired for the night after a long hard day these were also my only thoughts.

Yes, His Majesty and all our revered Rulers must step forward against all odds.

This nation IS BLEEDING. To say anything less means one is perfectly blinkered.

If the people's cry for help to save this nation is ignored by the hours and days, it can only mean more permanent damage.

Surely the politicians will scream that the Rulers should not and cannot be 'dragged'into this out of fear that these same rogue politicians WILL get the whip.

When the early raiders in the form of mercants came, our Sultans perservered. When the British came our Rulers stood the nation well too and so we celebrated our Independence without bloodshed.

Now surely our Rulers will again rise against the tides of rogue polticians and return the glory to Malaysia and all Malaysians who love and respect their Rulers and the nation.

Bloggers please develop a nationwide plea of 'prayer of hope' with nationwide signatures to deposit before the palace and send copies to the global forums and media.

Our Rulers will not let this nation down although there was a time when some politician and political party did clip the Rulers' wings of 'freedom for justice and equality'.

Anonymous said...

The King and the Conference of Rulers should take over the govt,temporary suspend democracy, rewrite a new constitution with the participation of civil society and foreign experts. The separation of powers of the judiciary, the legislature and the executive should be explicitly spelled out with a water tight check and balance. There should be a complete reform of the judiciary, the police, the ACA, the AG's chambers and the election commission and other institutions. The PM's term should be limited to 2 terms. Only when the new constitution is approved by a referendum, and the govt. has been reformed, a call for a fresh election shoud be made. All the laws that are inefficient and inappropriate, such as the ISA, OSA and what nots should be abolished or rewritten.

Anonymous said...

Yo zorro my man,

I am feeling exactly the same when i first got the news on DSAI, the immediate feeling is one of anger, sick to the groin and damn these stupid people who thinks that us Malaysian are stupid like them.

This country is run by stupid dogs and one day they will be run over by a truck.


Very Fishy.

PS. Drop by for a drink to cool down.

Anonymous said...

"Actions speak louder than words and Unity is strength" It is about time we rakyats bring down the wall of UMNO and put all the corrupted,evil and arrogant leaders in Sungei Buloh Hotel. I hope the Sabahans and Sawarakians will not be just fence sitters and watch the events unfold in W. Malaysia. Should you not open your eyes now, you are in the same class as these crooked BN MPs

Anonymous said...

najeeb must be f8cking stoopid to make us believe that sh8tty dropout came to see him for scholarships. Since when does DPM dept handles scholarship?

Anonymous said...

that saiful gay guy is so sial!!disgracing the youth group..mengada-ada want to become student leader konon..go here and there and do nothing..stupidity,kaki ampu,amik gambar with menteri this and that as if he is so f*&king great!

i hate these golongan that academically so poor and yet mengada-ada, pura-pura aktif ass!!these are leeches that needed to be destroyed, buried alive, or buang negeri!!

if he’s around borneo, i will chop his head off..worst still, behead him!! F&^k u, saiful the gay guy!!u r rubbish, hopeless, your potential is ZERO!!

Hock Cheong said...

"OOOOOOOh Yes, I Am A Great Pretender!" Does that sound familiar to you 'big head as*ful'

lanaibeach said...

The nation of people
The demons and angels
Everything for fast money
The demons know where to hit

Costs of goods high
Pockets full of holes
Thinking what will be like
When there is no money to be had

Yes nation of people
We get screwed any which way
By the sleeping pole
Narrating flip flop decisions

Say what it is for them
On the others they condemn outright
Lying with statements
For their own they sing a different tune

Oh nation of people
We get screwed any which way
Maybe we enjoy pain
We voted them in for over 50 years!

Old Fart said...

Unfortunately the UMNO clan has over the years well oiled the royal wagon. The royal wagon knows that UMNO keeps it well oiled. But with PR it is an unknown entity. Compromise at that level cascades downwards obviously.

But then again it is in the Royalty that we may have to turn to. After all, as you rightly said, what use is it when you are a sovereign of nothing more than a banana republic?

The royalty can have a banana republic to rule over or they could have a democratic kingdom. Their choice! After all they should know, being sultan or King of a republic is really no more than being rajas of old of the Indian continent. They don't exist now.

Fact is the police have moved to act so fast and with literrally all their resources. And yet in even greater perilous situations where police reports have been made, not a muscle or a hair from the moustache moved. So really, what credibility is there in the conduct of the Polis UMNO Yang Raja Malaysia. (PUYRM)! And please stop calling them PDRM. That is an insult to the Malaysian Royalty.

zorro said...

Anon 8:57
I am desperately clutching at the straw....drowning....last hope.

Anonymous said...


Why la do you rant about Malaysia this and that. This is Malaysia la. Accept it la.

Malaysia will never change. So stop dreaming.

zorro said...

To all commentators above: This will continue to be my line in the next few days....the royalty....for whatever it is worth.

zorro said...

Old Fart...noted, it will not be PDRM from now on....old habit. who are you to deprive me of even dreaming. Run along pup.

fergie said...

yet there are so many who still believe in and voted for this ruling govt. There are none so blind as those who will not see! Auntie here has lost faith la .. very anxious for Sept. 16 .. see what happens then. I am glad you feel so positive that someone will hear us and come to our aid. Carry on dreaming .. more like a nightmare to me .. hahaha

Anonymous said...


King of a Republic, even a Banana one? That's a new one.

But then not all the Rulers are good Rulers. Some are more concerned with headress than good governance and rant about some lost rocks.

But what we need is....El Zorrro! to emerge.

Guy in the glass said...

There is a saying "be careful what you wish for, you may just get it". I am trying to figure what is being asked here. It appears that you are asking for absolute monarchy because we don't trust the government and we don't trust the people to vote out the present govt. It's like the country voted in the PM, then the urban folks holds demonstrations to force the PM to step down so that another election can be held.

I have maintained that all the political talks after the election is not good. The elected MPs have to get down to business and get things done instead of harping on the insinuations of crossovers, scandals, etc. If our elected reps in parliament are not effective, then shame on them. If they continue to be ineffective and we vote them in again, then shame on us.
The election is over. Time to get down to work.


Anonymous said...

The only royalty worthy of the people is the Sultan of Selangor, he is no racist. The biggest disappointment is the Sultan of Perak!! Little did we realised that he was nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing....