Monday, June 23, 2008


HANNAH YEOH, petite package of dynamite is the Adun of Subang Jaya. I attended her ceremahs and she belts everything from the heart. She takes control, has presence and that itself is a statement.

Every school always seek out former students as role-models and it is not unusual if the Prefectorial Board of SMK Subang Utama invites YB Hannah to their dinner, held outside the school premises. Read here how the prefects were told to withdraw an invitation to Hannah:

Few months ago, I was invited to the Prefects' Reunion of SMK Subang Utama to be held next week. I just received news that I could no longer attend the function because I'm an assemblyman from Pakatan Rakyat.

Two prefects have confirmed that the teachers have issued a threat to the prefects to withdraw their invitation to me and if not, the event would be cancelled.

I am upset with this. Let me explain to you why this threat by the teachers is so fundamentally wrong:-

  • this is a private function to be held outside the school;
  • every past and present prefect is entitled to attend this event; and
  • I was the Head Prefect for 1995/1996 and was one of the pioneers to start this yearly reunion for the prefects.
More here

To the Prefectorial Board: Who are the teachers who gave this directive? What is the role of the school principal in this? What is the Prefectorial Board's Advisor's role in this? Give me names, give me photos of the culprits. I will send them into my GAS CHAMBERS that played host to the current Minister of Tourism, the current Peteri chief, the former Chief Justice, the EC chief, and a host of BN lawmakers. here

To the teachers who engineered this withdrawal: Shame on you. You are a disgrace to this noble profession which I was part of for 19 years. How can you face your own children when you possess such warped behavior? If you were forced to do this by the school principal, didn't you stand up to this unfair demand. What values are you promoting as educators? So what they now say about teachers is proven true......BN brains to think, only springs to bow, stand and sit as instructed. Fortunately my kids have graduated and my three grandsons are away from such puerile influences.

To the Principal of SMK Subang Utama: Take optional retirement....there is nothing good that you can contribute to our future citizens. You have got to be UMNO imploded organisation! Off with you.....usless and poor reflection of a mother.

You know what you people this despicable character that EVEN THE GODS WOULD BE GREEN WITH ENVY here.

Latest update from Hannah's blog:

I have just received a call informing me that a meeting has been held in their school this morning further threatening the prefects and even the teachers - if they attend the reunion, they will be sacked. Some people think this is a minor issue.

This is not a petty or a political issue. Teachers who want to attend the function to see their ex-students also face the threat of losing their jobs. Looks like the leadership style of the principal or the education ministry is nothing but suppression.

Here is a gem of a piece on the same subject.


Anonymous said...

thats BN shameful style. Asked the deputy CM in penang. he is facing the same problem coz the stupid moronic education head is politicising the schools. now wonder, with such idiots around, the education system is producing so many unemployable graduates. by the way, even if the event is held in school whats wrong with her attendance afterall she was one of the initiators. and she is elected by the people of Subang to be their representative fair and square. if morons cannot understand this, then join the barbaric Mugabe gang in Zimbabwee.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard, well said, well said.

We do have a very sick and destructive education machinery... stifling our children, warping most of them, handicapping so many to face life with integrity and dignity!

The moronic Principal of SMK Subang Utama is a classic example of the product of the rotten system.

My children are all so sick of the education system here... as soon as each one is old enough, each applied for Asean Scholarship, and off they go to Singapore.

Heat the gas chamber up real stinky, please, to detoxify the perverse principal.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu ... you should taruk this principal to the maximum, its people like her that has down graded education level in this country ... Oi GuruBesar Fair play la sikit ... maybe we should organise a demo in front of the school ...Infact most of the head masters and mistress have become corrupted , I was told if you want to send your son to St John's you got pay RM7000 to PIBG fund , can you beat that ! Thats how corrupted the teachers are these days.
Cikgu Zorro, this ppl should be send to your Gas Chamber!

See you at BackYard Cikgu

God Bless You.

Donplaypuks® said...

Go after these Little Hitlers & Stalins for politicising this alma mater matter.

After all, when BN was in full control, they did not object to the looters, embezzlers and thieves from attending such functions, did they?

So, show them who's the boss now!!

Anonymous said...

The way things are being done show that in Malaysia, these people are really immature. How do our children grow up to be real good and understanding citizens with these fools around. I sincerely hope that Allah will be fair and punished these people as soon as they made incorrect decisions and because idiots like this don't listen anymore, I could only seek Allah"s help.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu ... you should taruk this principal to the maximum, its people like her that has down graded education level in this country ... Oi GuruBesar Fair play la sikit ... maybe we should organise a demo in front of the school ...Infact most of the head masters and mistress have become corrupted , I was told if you want to send your son to St John's you got pay RM7000 to PIBG fund , can you beat that ! Thats how corrupted the teachers are these days.
Cikgu Zorro, this ppl should be send to your Gas Chamber!

hey hey, don't go around accsuing teachers, whatever happens in the PTA, the teachers have no say, teachers are just puppets, it's the committee members and the so-called headmasters or headmistresses who decide on these issues.
remember! even if the school gets RM7000, the teacher gets nothing!

Anonymous said...

Can somebody post the name(s) of the teacher(s)/principal who orchestrated this in as many blogs as possible so that we can all cherish their pioneering efforts towards the "uplifting" of the Malaysian education system. I am sure their actions will make their families very proud. How can their contribuitons be left unrecorded.
There is a similar little Napolean (little Josephine to be gender accurate)in SMK BU4 who would not allow MPBJ personnel to fumigate the school because one of the PIBG committee members requested the assistance of the State Assembly woman of Bukit Lanjan(Opposition Party) for MBPJ to expedite the fumigation. She only relented when she was warned that she has to be accountable if there were dengue cases in the school. The school was earlier fined by MBPJ for not taking precautionary measure to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. Her other controversial actions earlier in the year were featured in Lim Kit Siang's blog.

Anonymous said...

They say in Bolehland education has gone to the dogs, how very true. This
'under qualified guru besar' properly needs to be a because it
is the colour of her skin that put her in that position. So don't bother too much to make sense to her... too dumb to understand anything!

Anonymous said...


This is shocking. I shudder at what this country is coming to. No we must stop such dangerous gangster-practices right in their tracks before it becomes another byzantine way of life.

Hannah does not belong to a triad. She belongs to a legitimate party that is protected by our Constitution.

I suggest that Hannah should togeher with the parents of all the Prefects proceed to make a joint official report and stand their ground.

Proceed with the gathering. Get a lawyer to act.

Do everything legitimate, reasonable and respectable to put these hounds to sleep forever.

We cannot go on and on with all these ganster tactics anymore if we are to love God, King and nation.

J. D. Lovrenciear

Donald G.H Tan said...

Aiyah! Why like this?

Just wtf is our PM's doing? Why he keep siding all those Ministers and giving so much 'un-educated' headaches? The world is watching and is he very proud that all these are happening? Are ALL our Guru Busat really educated? Why all this kind of 'gestapo' acts?
I pitty the kids. Just what the hell we are becoming?
Schools, damnit, schools are where young people intergrate and learn. Learn to be smart to face the greatest challenge......the world!
Not just a village, not for a race, a religon, a political party, a class ......... ....BODOH!!!!

I am getting to hate everything these days!

Anyway, Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking

Anonymous said...

My Hm in Ipoh was correct x 4 : " BETTER drop your legal suit against my good friend !
90% you are SURE to lose your case because there is NO JUSTICE in this world & malaysia is the SAME lah .....Now I am speaking to you
as your headmaster & SUPERIOR ,
... you BETTER think carefully about it !!"

Old Fart said...

Simple la. I am prepared to contribute towards a reunion dinner for the prefects past and present. Provided of course YB Hannah attends.

Really don't want to talk about pariahs. So beneath myself. If I bend down to see I will only hurt myself.

Zorro, you know where to get me!

Anonymous said...

politics politics...

wat is happening in our society?

sick people!

Anonymous said...

This is utterly disgusting!

Why Malaysians are not mature enough to differentiate between politics and education for education itself shouldn't even mix with politic in first place?

F88k these morons, for they deserve one.

johnny cheah said...

Hannah, I felt so sad for you. What type of teacher/principal we have. What gangster type of behaviour is this. Hannah, get the MPs' from Pakatan Rakyat to bring this up in the current parliament sitting. Since this happen in Selangor, maybe you can bring this up in your next council meeting. Still no words from MCA the running dogs for UMNO. MCA people, don't tell me you do not have your own children in that school?. YOU guy are worse than dogs. At least dogs know how to show their gratitude

Anonymous said...

Hello Zorro,

Why are you one sided? Always bashing BN only. The Selangor MB close aide got his ass hauled up by the ACA over some cleaning contracts. So, what is this talk about Pakatan Rakyat being clean and shit free???

Be subjective la. Dont just rant and bitch one side only.

lanaibeach said...

School administrators
They should leave politics alone
They shouldn’t play the games
Of little demons

If they want to involve politics
Go to the ground and be one
As school administrators and teachers
They should be neutral………..

Chief Ministers and other assemblypersons
Duly elected by the people for the people
School administrators and teachers
Don’t play ball for the ruling elite

These people must be crucified
For wasting talents of the students
Teaching students how to behave
Yet they don’t walk their talk

These little demons
They must be severely reprimanded
By the tax payers demonstrating in the schools
They shouldn’t play the game of BN

Put these little demons in the gas chamber in space
And let them burn internally until hell comes to roost
We don’t need these little demons to teach the young
In our schools displaying one sided moves

Anonymous said...

Another shameful practise inherited from the Mahathir era, where goverment servants consider themselves as BN employees and would even sell their souls for their "masters". If our so called educators behave like this, there is no hope for the future. I hope the prefects/good teachers stand up to the bullying.

zorro said...

Anon8:34am. Of course I an anti-BN. Of course I will bash them. Of course I will not be objective. Is that sinful? BUT that does not mean that PR is infallible. Evidently you are a new visitor lately. Let me refer you to my March 13 postings: IN YOU GO, KIT SIANG and KIT SIANG, SHUT THE FUCK UP...that elicited a total of 184 comments. That was big time DAP bashing.I take up issues only if the facts are very clear. If you dont like it, it is best you visit sites that teaches you how to make fish-head curry...those sites dont bash the BN and that would probably give you a hard-on. Run along, will ya?Run puppy run.

Anonymous said...

Teachers who are supposed to be educationists have become the running dogs of BN!
Shame on you all!

Anonymous said...

hiya cikgu Khoo, we got to think of our naik pangkat ma

Anonymous said...

hello uncle bernard

i like your reply to have the charisma and the sarcasm of RPK!! must be too close to YB RPK? :)

lets get the instigator of this to the fart chambers... make it more smelly ok?

keep up the good work!

Shanghai Fish said...


Anonymous said...

Just to add to your list of 'wonderful headmaster/headmistress', there is one in PJ who feels that only students and teachers of her religion should be helped or promoted.So what is so special about one who is politically inclined.This particular HM's victims doesn't even have a political blog to complain because 'religion' is deemed sensitive!

petluc said...

Uncle Bernard,
Thank you for picking this issue up in your BLOG...and the link to Norman's posting .. excellent piece.

Incidentally, I just came back from Hannah's place. While I was there she received a phone call from a teacher. The teacher started off saying that Hannah had brought shame to her school. The teacher was passionate and emotional.

Hannah explained her stand but I wonder if the teacher had even understood it fully by the end of the conversation.

The whole point now is that even our educators cannot comprehend the issue at hand. God save our Education System!

Both of them, truly love their school, but from different perspectives. But I was moved indeed when I heard Hannah tell her teacher;

"I love my school but I am willing to sacrifice it for the nation"

These words can only come from a woman of substance!

Uncle Bernard, lets hope bloggers can continue to take up this issue and in Norman's words "remove the dogs from education"

zorro said...

Petluc, I am rather disappointed with the prefects of the school. I appealed for some facts, name of teacher(s), headmistress etc. They read blogs dont they. They know that we will protect their anonymity. The most effective way to smoke them out is to reveal who they are. Is that too much to ask of the prefects. Yet not one stood up to be counted. IF YOU DO NOT HELP YOURSELF, NOBODY WILL. So what is the point to pursue this further. How can we get the dogs out of education when we do not know their identity. Until I get names I will not blog about this. The prefects need to prove to me that they deserved to be helped, otherwise we are up against a wall.

As for Hannah, she should march up to the school and demand an explanation. Dont't pull rank, just ask for an explanation on this arbitrary imposition on the prefects.