Friday, June 6, 2008


TOMORROW we celebrate our King's Birthday. Late last year, with one stroke of the pen you condemned five of the King's subjects into the Kamunting Camp on the pretext that they had still unprovened terrorists links. They had no chance to defend themselves. How can you do that to the King's people. You the protector of our Constitution went against the Constitution. Together with these 5, there are some 55 of His Majesty's subjects languishing in the said Camp. Why are these people held under the ISA, instead of them being charged in Court. Is it because the Judiciary was deemed an unclean body? Is the Judiciary still suspect since these 60 of the King's subjects are still incarcerated?

Remember what Reginald Hugh Hicklings said in 1989? He said:
"I could not imagine then that the time would come when the power of detention, carefully and deliberately interlocked with Article 149 of the Constitution, would be used against political opponents, welfare workers and others dedicated to non-violent, peaceful activities."

More recently in 2006:
In an interview in July 2006 before he celebrated his 86th birthday in Kuala Lumpur in August 2006:he opined that "Organised violence" was the key to the preamble of the ISA and that he had drafted it to detain communist insurgents without trial, but in later years, he emphasized, "a lot of people were being arrested who had nothing to do with organised violence (communist insurgencies) at all."

Mr Prime Minister Sir, it would be a fitting birthday present to the king if YOU, (because it can only be YOU) who can REPEAL THE ISA.

But you have to be brave. Be courageous. Be strong.

With one stroke of the brush, whitewash this hated stain from our history.


Do it for our King. Do it for Kak Endon. Do it for Jean. Do for all your grand children. Do it for all Malaysians. but most importantly DO IT FOR YOURSELF.




Anonymous said...

"be brave. Be courageous. Be strong" says uncle.

these are the three things he ain't!

keep the ISA, we'd use it on them baskets someday.

resident.wangsamaju said...

Badawi, f off.

Donplaypuks® said...

In the immortal words of John McEnroe 'You can't be serious, man!'

Hundraf5 & the temple issues were 2 of the most significant reasons why BN lost so much ground at GE2008.

So, the racists would rather come hell or high water and still will not release Hindraf5. Not for Norma Jean, King or Country.

You'll have to wait for a change of Govt!!

Unknown said...

The birthday present is already presented by way of higher petrol prices. Happy Birthday Agung and may one of the birthday honours be extended to a pardon and release of the ISA detainees.

Anonymous said...

hope springs eternal...but in this case of sleepyhead, you will be disappointed...nothing he has done to inspire confidence. When confronted with problems..elegant silence..when he makes a decision..every one almost flip flop. Liar extraordinary.

And the most unbelievable part of his govt is that UMNO thinks that he is best there is amongst the 3 million members to be President. How stoooopid umno members can be to be led by an proven incompetent jackass!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
The person in the graphic looks more like LLS than the PM.
So I don't think the PM will grant your appeal to repeal the ISA.
Wait till a new regime that has the leaders who have experienced the brutality of ISA comes into power.
He won't do it, he dare not do it, he is not obliged to do it, he doesn't care about it, he sees you, me and the rakyat as nobody to do it, or wait the 'bala' from Heaven,then may be he will do it, but it will too late then.

Anonymous said...

Like that is ever going to happen with the current administration. Reality check guys, this gomen put bloggers in jail for writing what they believe in.


Anonymous said...

I am extremely angry these few days and YOU, Badawi @ Bodohwi, are the cause! The ISA should be used on you now --- you raised petrol/diesel price to unprecedented >40%!! It caused public disorder (traffic jams) nationwide, inflation, heart-aching livelihood of the people and expectedly a proportionate rise in crime rate! Shouldn't you be a deserving reciepient of this ISA so liked by you? IGP Musa ... you dare to take action? Coward if you dare not!!

Old Fart said...

You trying to get Badawi to respond to something there Bernard?

Remember, he only responds if you got 30,000 Indian boys out there on the street fronting up to his FRU boys. And of course its got to be on Al Jazeera and CNN and BBC and all of that. Then only he can hear ma!!!

lanaibeach said...

ISA will stay
This much the BN sleepy hollow will do
No matter what groups said
BN will hold it in its sleep

This is the Act
To control power in their hands
The BN government will not allow it to disappear
We elected them; they forget about us
They have the power; we have nothing
Only our votes in the next election

So BN leaders will keep it
Catch the worms crawling on their walls
Put them in a nicely packaged can
Off they go to Kah Mun Ting

So these people won’t make trouble
For BN leaders to dig what lies underneath
In broad day light and at night
They sing their songs walking into their own

They put fear in our minds
They say it is for our own good
Malaysia a country of multi-racial glow
They think we are stupid to fall below

ISA must go
It isn’t good for the country in the end
Communists had surrendered decades ago
Why let ISA remain in the books?

It is for their power
The greed to hold on to it
Only we have to change the government
By our votes in the next election
Unless the white knight rides into our rescue
Then there will be something good in our way

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro
your post here is rather childish and in kindergarten class we refer to it as wishful thinking.

AAB is being used left right and centre and he is as senile as you !
do not waste time talking about him !


zorro said...

Adult. Thanks for your wise adult counsel. However, if you think this site borders on senility my childish advice is that you seek comfort in other sites. How about cheese-cake making sites. They are more therapeutic.Simply put...if you still dont get it: go jerk off somewhere else, ya? This site is for wishful thinkers. You remind me of an old saying of yore: your fart has more substance than your words. Have u noticed that Malaysiakini still list me in their top blogs category....and almost everytime I put up a post, feature that blog? Dang, man, I gotta be doing something OK in my senility. ....and I did not even graduate
from kindy. Anyway, you have a fun day at the chees-cake site...however if you find it too childish...try the site that teaches helps a lot in some self-esteem enhancement.

zorro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shanghai Fish said...,that's the way to talk to an elderly ex-teacher ? Education wasted ! You seem to forget your manners and yes it may sound kiddy-stuff, but remember all changes came with "wishful thinking" and if you sit on your arse and wallow in "wishful thinking" remain there while the rest of the world passes you by !
Don't talk of the obvious and it was the little wishes made from the heart and put in writing by you fore-fathers to educate the likes of you, that you are now, like a parasite, someone elses expense !!
Cheers man...go get yourself a drink,and if you can't afford it, it's on me, I'll pay ok ??

Anonymous said...

mr zorro and shanghaistephen

while the 2 of you exhaustingly aspire to be the peoples' heroes vis a vis the other parasites like me it might be good to ponder whether your supposedly white knight manouvers of late against the Empire's excesses are hitting the right heroic cords or are mere attempts to gain personal glories ( or incoherently disconnected runblings so to speak), or as the esteemed old teacher used to say in his younger days, a pseudo frustrated wayward outlet to let go some imaginary steam which might not have been adequately quenched by the excessively glorified single malts in the usual hypocritical dark hangouts.. While some of your posts are emminently readable ( and even fun )and on humanely target you do have an annoying propensity for irrelevant erratic outbursts oftentimes disproportionate or dislocated from the real issues and are a pain to read and which enamates a tiresome response from me. Do not for a second equate Malaysiakini's feature of your blog as abject endoresment nor sign of patriotism for isn't scratching each other's back a major part of devious political one-upmanship ? You , Mr Zorro Unmasked Sir are only as good as your last post and I hope I have shaken you up succintly to draw /lead you back on track. more thing , be receptive of constructive criticism as the real Zorro would have humbly welcomed. I am not your enemy, my friend.

clear and present danger

zorro said...

Adult now clear and present danger:
your verbosity is just as intriguing as your inability to remain anonymous under different nicks. Clearly you do not like my posting, so just dont visit. My postings do not meet your high standards of propriety and I do not write to satisfy, not to impress, but merely to express a take on whatever my subject is about. Why dont you start a blog and we might use yours as a benchmark....otherwise dont distract, please....your pomposity in language would be appropriate for receipe books...sorry, couldn't help taking potshots sometimes....merely destressing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

You seemed to have missed the news about His Royal Highness' response to the Hindraf 5's appeal to him. If I'm not mistaken, didn't the King himself respond that the 5 should serve their remaining detention thereby endorsing the use of this draconian Act? Lets focus on the "People" rather than the 5 year tenure "Kings".

Daulat Rakyat !!!

zorro said...

Anon last. I was hoping someone would think outside the box and capture the "double entrende" I was fishing for. Referemce: Merchant Of Venice when the Duke pleads for Shylock to put aside his seeking Antonio's "pound of flesh" when he could not come out with repaying the loan he made for Bassanio:The Duke pleads with Shylock to give “a gentle answer”, a double entrende on the word Gentile, which meant someone not a Jew. Shylock refuses to deny his bond. Yes of course the People is more powerful than the government. Thank you sir for reading this thread as it was intended. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro..

U might the next on ISA list!

Tinesh said...

Hey uncle Z! Isnt there like some pardon given to prisoners on the King's bday?

Didn't the popes of yesteryears do something like this?

I dont care whether you're going senile, I still like the way you write :D

zorro said... scaring me or warning me? Anyway, I went to the Kamunting Vigil prepared with my month's supply of my blood-pressure pills. Will put up a post on this.

Tinesh.....I don't think our king or PM is aware of this addage: To ERR IS HUMAN, TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE.
Thanks injected a correct dose of confidence.