Sunday, April 28, 2013



Justicer said...

Hi Uncle Zorro
We salute your passionate voice for positive change. At the same time, we hope you the best of health. Don't get agitated easily by those agent provocateurs as the change is happening very soon.
All the very best.
I think my words are also on behalf of thousands out there wishing you well. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

u pr lovers and supporters will be defeated on 5 may. accept the inevitable and move along.

Hussein ABDUL HAMID said...

Bernard just heard from Lillian Tan that you are due for sugery tomorrow...itu lah saya dah kata dulu take it easy! Kita orang tua guide more front line duty. Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal and Tok Guru all take Tonic Chop Gajah...sure strong lah...kita tak boleh compete. Please brother rehat for the 13th GE all is good. It's time for change and the time is now. This time next week we hope that it will all be over for Najib and gang. Take care...regards.


zorro said...

Justicer n Pak Hussein.....thanks for your good wishes.

Jong said...

Dear Bernard,
I'm sure you'll be alright. Have a good rest tonight and wake up chirpy tomorrow. All the very best!

wandererAUS said...

Let us get ready to bury "The Last Mile" UMNO Crime Minister. This will make my dream come true.
Bernard old chap, I have booked my ticket to reurn to Malaysia in a day or two. I will have my thoughts on you. Hope you have a smooth and successful surgery. Wishing you a quick recovery. Take care. wandererAUS.

Anonymous said...

All the best to you. Hope you'll be as fit as fiddle soon as we still have a long way to go. You've done a very good job so far!

May you be well and happy always.

Ivan Ho

thurai lingam lingam said...

We all want to be with you in ushering in a new and better malaysia / take care

flyer168 said...


As Pak Hussein says, do have a good rest before your surgery & May the Almighty Bless & Protect you and your loved ones always.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon buddy Berns! Look forward to 6 May.

HSingh said...

Hi Mr Khoo,

Just read about your op.
Please take care and God bless you with speedy recovery.
Met with Mrs. Holmes in Perth last week and gave her a pic of you from your blogspot.
Sent you her regards. She has fond memories of LSS and is doing well at 91 yrs.


H Singh

Anonymous said...

Brader Bernard. Stand up we must. One simple reason we need to stand up is to make Malaysia safe again. Look at the crime rates especially robberies and snatch thefts. We have 100,000 policemen.Where are their presence to fight crime? They don't work for the rakyat. They work for themselves. They work for themselves by taking actions against opposition parties, cari makan at traffic light areas, construction sites etc. Are they patrolling the crime prone areas such as the housing estates in the vicinity of universities and colleges. These places full of students are the favorite target areas of robbers and snatch thefts. Where the f*ck are the policemen? If you allocate 10,000 policemen each at KL, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh and Johor, you would still be left with 50,000 policemen. I repeat, where the f**k are the policemen?

Anonymous said...

umno/bn claimed that malaysian are living harmoniously together but it is okay for terrorist group like perkasa spilling racist remarks on other communities on the pretext of defending malay rights. Sowing racial hatreds and go unpunished!!!. These racist policies have been so deep down that the roots are getting to rot. Their version of living harmoniously is that umno/bn can put down the minorities and the minorities should just take it. They still dont understand and get it. You heard non on this matter in their election pledges.

Anonymous said...

Kita RAKYAT MALAYSIA sudah DITIPU 56 tahun = Cukuplah + Ubahlah + Ini kalilah = DSAI 7th MALAYSIA Prime Minister.

And Zorro will be the most influential blogge after this!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are still alive to see Keadilan's biggest defeat on May 6.
That DAP will lose many seats. And PAS will win the most seats.
That PAS will come together with Umno.
So you better sleep and hibernate. Come out from hiding in 5 years time.

Small boy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

May God Bless you with a speedy recovery and keep healthy!

A Single Vote said...

All the very best Zorro, your just reward will be waiting for you on 6May. Our pryers are with you.

Anonymous said...

News of vote buying during polling day has surfaced. The ploy by BN is to give voters marked ballot papers to be put into the boxes in return for unmarked ones. The voter will then be given money for the unmarked ones. This process will ensure that there will be a constant supply of ballot papers for BN to recycle. We must spoil BN's ploy by accepting the marked ballot slips and tearing them up instead. We must pretend to cooperate with BN BUT when in possession of the marked papers, destroy it. This will break their supply of ballot papers. There will be some greedy voters who will fully cooperate but we must do our best to destroy those marked ballot papers to ensure victory for Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

Let's rap all the way to GE13:

一样管到塌塌掂 塌塌掂
马华讲 要稳定 不要乱
阻止大选来变天 来变天
阿Jib哥 最烂贱
买 handbag 买 cincin
点到傻蟹团团转 团团转
话知Najib Muhyiddin
送鸠国阵上西天 上西天

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Indians, please vote PR comprising equal partners PKR, PAS & DAP unlike BN which is controlled by UMNOputras. Dont be fooled by some money given now & promised made by UMNOputras. BN have been in power for 56 years. In the last 30 over years, ever since Dr M came to power, corruptions & abuse of power by UMNOputras led BN have become worse siphoning off Billions of Ringgits through their Cronies including those in mCa & miC. Trillions of Riggits have been left the counrty, too. Put an end to these abuses now. Let us vote PR to power to establish a 2 party Parliamentary system which provides the much needed checks & blances to minmize abuse of power & corruption. Forget about other matters brought up to divert our attention including the so called independents who actually will be helping BN by spliting our votes. From now on Malaysians should not allow any party to stay in power for more than 2 terms to prevent corruption and abuse of power from striking root.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon - and God Bless U!
- an interested reader

wandererAUS said...

Zorr, do drop us a line how things are with you. We care, old chap.

Anonymous said...

Star is the people's toiletpaper. The refuge of journo-whores like Wong Chun Whore, Jostling Tart, Brothel Kuppusamy, Philip Godzilla. Prostitutes used to prop up tyranny. Led by the Porn Star President.

Anonymous said...

This is Ibrahim Ali:

Vote MCA = Vote Perkasa!

Anonymous said...

May Day Reminder:

A vote for Najib is a vote for Perkasa!

Ah Seng said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle,

Wish you all the best and may you get well soon !!! Will be waiting for your blog updates. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Please stay healthy for the big day 505!

mitchell said...

God bless you with a successful operation and a speedy recovery...

Anonymous said...

The better and more reason why everyone must go and cast your vote. Inform everyone & gather all people we know to vote in order to nullify the "stuff" and "shenanigans".

Here goes the lucky numbers.....

490715 06 5233 / 5137 / 5161

Who is this lucky person that struck SPR lottery three times? 3 persons with same IC numbers for three different voting locations.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news !

Illegal voters have been instructed to take photo of their voting slip to prove that they have voted for BN. Others are also asked to do the same in order to claim their money from BN. Bersih and the Police must compel the EC to prevent voters from bringing in their handphone during voting.

Anti CSL said...


thurai lingam lingam said...

tomarrow will be 6 th post op day / hope everything is ok / its getting interesting as we inch towards putra jaya / the rats are scrambling out from the mother ship / take care

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

TODAY is our last 17hrs communication and enlightenment for our Generals and infantries to the People and voters of Malysia! Hope they recap the salient points home!
My doa and prayers for their victories 050513! Same wishes for you too!
Am sure you will be much better to celebrate the dawn of a new GOM, IN SPITE ALL ODDs!
May ALLAH Grant us peace and harmony and a resounding VICTORY! HIDUP Pakatan!
Please pray the EC don't play numbers with Pakatan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard,
We miss you. Get well soon. Be there to cast your vote tomorrow.

All the best. You are the man.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Be strong to vote on 505.

Wish you all the best!