Saturday, May 4, 2013


Yes of course I am delighted to be given this go ahead, get leave from my hospital minders, to perform my duty as a citizen on this important day…..GE 13 Polling Day.

I am especially elated at this time to know that many are making the journey back home to put their X to the party of their choice. I knew that when my cousin, formerly editor of the Malay Mail, visited me in UH yesterday, he was back home from Melbourne to vote. Lita Soliano did the same and she is back earlier to participate in the ceremahs for Nurul.

Tomrrow, Karen together with Kevin and MaryN my d.i.l will come to UH’s Menara Timor with a wheelchair promised by my neighbor Shah, Sophie and Danny. I should be at my polling station to make it again the first to vote like I did in 2008.

One good thing that will come out of this GE.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that, Zorro!!!

You're the man!!! Take Care!

Ini Kalilah!!!!

SFGEMS said...

I knew it. Your will became a reality. Hugs again!

bumi-non-malay said...

URGENT!!! Make Citizen Arrest on Foreign Voters and declare the seat Null & Void Later!!!
This is the Last Post: ABU - UBAH

Confirming that many Indonesian Maids were given $300-$500 ringgit + IC to vote UMNO-BN-Dacing. banyak pekerja Asaing dapat $300-500 ringgit dan IC Biru untuk Undi Dacing. KITA Bagi Amaran dan Tangkap mereka yang bukan Warga Negara Malaysia. Bawa Video, Laptop dan guna IC Mereka untuk Siasat siapa mereka sebernanya. Ini Projek SPR + IC!! Jangan Takut, Buat berani kerana benar!!

Urging ABU & Mat Kilau ALL to Keep a LOOK OUT on Non Malaysian At Polling station and give WARNING before entering. Make CITIZEN ARREST ...Do Not Fear. Bring Video Recorder, Gigabyte and Video take pictures of AS MANY AS POSSIBLE those Voters. After Election we can use the evidence to Declare the Seat Null and Void due to Phantom Votes!!

So not suprising that 40,000 were flown in from everywhere to vote. EC/SPR/PDRM All buat tak Tahu.....TIPU PILIHAN RAYA, TURUN Jalan Raya......

bennymat7 said...

Hope you get better Zorro-you are one of the many brave & patriotic Malaysians who is laying the foundation for a better Malaysia for all.
Choice is between the control and misuse and looting of our nation wealth by a select group (we all know who you are ) and Good Men & Women who believe in Good Government for the people.
Massive fraud may well deny the choice of the Rakyat.
Still we all have to come out to vote for UBAH ! Hidup Pakatan !

bruno said...

Zorro,get well soon.God willing we will see a new gomen by Monday.Take care.Best regards.

mitchell said...

so happy to note that you are BACK!! Take care and UBAH!!!!!!

rahimismailali said...

Uncle, GREAT to hear that you are back. You are a TRUE Malaysian. We'll see a new Malaysia comes monday, InsyaALLAH.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
I am so glad you are up and about. Praise the Lord! After doing your duty as a patriotic citizen tomorrow, pls remember to rest more so that we can read your articles again.

aawilliam said...

Take care,my friend....From Sitiawan

wandererAUS said...

Zorro, very happy you are feeling much better and able to cast your vote. I flew in from Perth think in my mind...Pakatan or nothing! Cheers

mauriyaII said...

Great to hear you are voting tomorrow. You have been doing your utmost to bring awareness among Malaysians and their responsibility to vote for a clean, fair, transparent and accountable government. Tomorrow is the day to make that happen. Hope ALL registered voters will turn out in strength and vote for a new CORRUPTION FREE government. Hope and pray you will be fit as a fiddle after your op. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Take care are needed for many years to come...for wisdom and guidance...

Take care, after marking ur paper go get the rest...and come out for a new breath of fresh air

backStreetGluttons said...

Thats just great my friend !

Now, towards 6 May


Your Kakis

Anonymous said...

Praise God you are with us to cast our votes tomorrow. Have faith and all will be well.

Sam said...


Good to know that you had a successful op and in high spirit.
Hope we will get together and celebrate a new Pakatan federal government.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,

Selamat Mengundi.

Get well soon.

Pray we will awake tomorrow to a new era

PS. Had dinner at Hokano Japanese Restaurant this evening and thought of you

Jamal said...

Don Diego is riding his Tornado tomorrow.

Take Care.

Jong said...


They say time is a healer but I think it's GE-13 that's your great healer!
So glad you are so soon up and mobile again! Yes, the winds of change has reached our shores.

Anonymous said...

Take care fren. ABCD!

-PAS Kelate-

The Tank said...

Great to hear that u r OOOKKK. V R alive & kicking to see a new govt; swearing on Monday. Get well soon, take care & best regards Bro !

Roti Sunshine said...

i am a merdeka year baby. from the time i was born till now, my beloved nation has yet to see another federal government except the evil bn. but today's the day and now is the time to witness a change in government from bn to pr. ubah. ini kalilah!

Anonymous said...

Hidup Zorro!