Wednesday, May 8, 2013




Roti Sunshine said...

This chap, Vincent Lee is an old chap in the advertising business and a very successful one. You remember the car pooling advertisements approximately 15 years ago initiated by Ling Liong Sik, the then Minister of Transport? Well, Vincent Lee's company produced those adverts!

zorro said...

Sunshine......does that absolve him from all the shit he has passed out? Many crooks have found themselves into our dustbins of history.

Roti Sunshine said...

Hello Uncle Zorro,

He isn't absolved as he is also very successful in producing very spiteful ads in GE 13! He maybe successful but in these ads he is also very filthy!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I am very very mad at my missus who still buys the gutter stinking Star newspaper from time to time to browse the advertisement offers from Tesco, Giant, Aeon Big, Guardian, etc, etc. I told her many times that the Star newspaper stinks our home but to avoid a matrimony disaster, I have to give in to her two to three times a week. However after she has read the thrashy stinking paper, I immediately remove the stinking thrashy newspaper from my home but I could not find a proper place to dump the stinking thrash as the rubbish bin is too good a place to dump this thrash without the likes of Jocelyn, Barandan, Wong Chun Wai, et al leaving its stench in the rubbish bin.

Please advise where and what is the best method to dispose of such stinking thrash without polluting the environment. And please do not suggest my wife not buying the thrash paper or suggest that I get another wife who would not buy the Star or NST.

Yours truly,
Poor Husband

Anonymous said...

The recent ads in the Star during the recent run up to GE 13 was to create fear to the readers and I think it is not professional on the part as advertising company that does it.
This also prove that it is all misleading advertisements (without fact or figures) and against the ethic of the advertising industry.
It is only right thing for the advertising associations in the industry to haul up the culprits and take disciplinary action them for false information.

Anonymous said...

We all should boycott NST, The Star, Utusan, BT, Kosmo, Harian Metro and Sin Chew to reduce their circulation.

Anonymous said...

Anyone and everyone can come up with all kind of figures showing how unpopular Umno is, don’t blame the coalition partners for their poor performance in the elections. To begin with the candidates were not true representatives of the people they represent,.as such how can they be accepted. They were always known as your lackeys and always did and endorse what you want and that were the real reasons why you wanted and still want them to be seen as partners. So that all the (wrongdoings) Umno commit and the money the Umno warlords (grab) are always done in the name of the people they are supposed to represent.

In short they are just like soldiers Umno is sending to the battle fields without any arms, they are meant to to be defeated from the start. Umno is just asking these coalition candidates to (lose)! That was the main and perhaps the only reason why they were defeated !

As usual Umno is blaming the Chinese for their incompetence and most of all for their downfall. It is just like a half cooked doctor who can only treat a patient for their symptoms but never for the real causes. How can the poor patients ever be cured.

Najib is now blaming the Chinese tsunami for Umno’s down fall instead of accepting the downfall like a true gentleman. Please remember the Chinese Malaysians are NEVER your threat. Just look at it this way for those who never accepted the policies of Umno, they would immigrate rather than to go on to the street to protest. Why bother to fight a loosing battle ? Umno has got all their lackeys … appointed in all the critical places in the country over the years, just to ensure whatever can happen Umno will always be well looked after. For that reasons so many millions of them have immigrated rather than staying back to fight and protest for in the streets. The bulk of the Chinese Malaysians are only interested in making a decent living for themselves and above all for their descendants .

It is always the politicians who are out to find the Chinese to be their scapegoats. The real threats are from their own educated kind just like what is happening in Malaysia.

The recent GE is a typical example, Umno did not win the election but their lackeys … planned for them to ensure they remain as tenants in Putrajaya. The world is not blind to what is taking place in Malaysia but no doubt Umno is not worry of what can be seen or said of them as long as they can remain as the watchdogs !

Anonymous said...

malaysians voted for the following: a. to wipe out corruption b. to make malaysia a safe place so rakyat can have peace of mind and not robeed and killed c. to have a better education system d. improve our std of living and wipe out poverty e. less reliance on immigrants f. education for all g. no racialism h. no leaders who act like thugs and threats from politicians. Rakyat thought that BN has no leaders who can do that for the future so they voted the partty that can make a difference. What is BN going to do with the cow scandal, toyol scandal and the billions that have siphoned ( capital flight)

Anonymous said...


Being cursed with poor eyesight, I was a bit puzzled at the photo you had accompanying this article.

The picture looked very cryptic until I brought the screen closer to me for a closer look :)

I then realised it was a picture of the printing presses for the newspapers you mentioned :)

I could see a new edition of tomorrow's newspapers coming thru :)