Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Two readers were quite annoyed with me for allowing the alleged MCA gigolo poster boy to get the POOP CHUTE award instead of the obnoxious Professor(???) RIDHUAN TEE:

A Bad Boy said...

I must protest in the strongest of terms against Ridhuan Tee being denied a Poop Chute Award immediately.

Ridhuan's previous efforts to make himself look a worthy PCA recipient have far far exceeded the efforts of Shen Yee Aun.

Pls do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that Shen has not worked hard for his Award.

Where Shen has attempted to use politics to justify his moronic blabberings, Ridhuan has used total and absolute gibberish to support his contentions.

It takes a very special type of idiot to deny one's own genetic makeup and in this, Ridhuan Tee has excelled well beyond what is necessary.

Ridhuan Tee's stupendous and monumental efforts to be The Complete Idiot (inclusive of mandatory missing parts) must surely make him ever so worthy of being an automatic and immediate recipient of the Poop Chute Award.

It would be terrible to have to wait for Ridhuan Tee to make further nonsensical statements to support his entitlement to a PCA.

Unlikely though it may be, can you afford the risks of Ridhuan Tee coming to his senses and thereby being ineligible for a prestgious award?

I mean, Ridhuan would probably remain in blissful ignorance of his rights to the PCA but there are those of us who feel that the fullest glory of the Poop Chute Award must descend upon his very personage.

I implore you, sir, on bended knee with hands clasped and head bowed, to immediately confer Ridhuan Tee with his very own Poop Chute Award.

I remain,

Ever your humblest servant

A Bad Boy

Anonymous said...
I agree with A Bad Boy. Please re-consider and give the award to Ridhuan Tee. He is an extremely tortured and tormented soul in a body that he does not want to own. They should make a movie about him, how he lived his many years in this extreme condition. I cried every time I read about what he said or do ... for his parents, for they must have wished they gave birth to a puppy instead.
As for this Shen kid, leave him alone with his tantrum and toys. He has been an angry child since his mom refuse to buy him an ice-cream when he was 3 years old. He has a lot of growing up to do. By writing about him, you are helping him to be famous.
May 27, 2013 at 1:29 PM

Dear Bad Boy and Anon129pm,
Thanks for your feedback. You would have noticed that I did not blog yesterday. There were too many mails to address. Loads of mails requested that I force-feed CuriZat (the name of our donor cow) to get her ready when we bring in the two treasonous fraudsters, the detestable EC duo.

They have to be buried in dung that is if our already pussy-whipped judiciary is incapable of bringing them to justice.

One caller even suggested that Bersih 4.0 be mobilized and like Bersih 1.0 meet at the Palace to send a memorandum to request the Agong to sack this putrid pair for bringing disrepute to a royally sanctioned appointment!
So wait a bit for your turn yah Ridhuan Tee. I suggest you sip (if Utusan can slip you some) the top-grade Pu-erh Chinese tee tea to sublimate anxiety, paranoia and conflict. Dang! I forgot you abhor anything Chinese…..this dialysis is getting to me. Need to rest now. 


Mooyudin said...

I would like to nominate this award to that half past six DPM(also the Education minister who has turned the education policy into topsy turvy gear and saying nonsensical things about how our standards are above those of USA and Germany)and recently defending that cow woman(Sharizat)of having sacrifice a lot by giving up her ministerial post(which was gotten by the back door).I strongly recommend the PCA to him since he is a VVIP and the next PM in line.

A Bad Boy said...


*Sigh* Those two clowns from the EC must have heard that Ridhuan Tee was the forerunner for the next Poop Chute Award and have decided to more vocal about their rightful place amongst the winners.

Look at the way they have elbowed their way to the front of the queue begging to be crowned in glory!!

I am sure CuriZat will have no problems squeezing out a bit more to accommodate Tweedledee and Tweedledum - she doesn't have a large posterior for nuffin :)

Also, you never know your luck, Ridhuan Tee could well come up with something to amuse you in case you get bored during your dialysis!!

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,
Oh man, please no, no, no, do not bury those detestable EC duo in cow dung if the pussy-whipped judiciary is incapable of bringing them to justice. They are not fit even to be buried in any kind of shit; horse shit, hog shit, donkey's shit, or whatever shit you can think of. You are only degrading fertilizers used by poor farmers around the world. Furthermore, cow's dung have better purpose to the lives of many people; besides being used as fertilizer they are being used as fuel for cooking and provide warmth during the cold winter nights in many parts of the world. Those EC duo are useless and good for nothing to the people. So do not equate them with cow-dung.

What I am saying is that those EC duo are worse than shit!

zorro said...

Mooyudin, cannot lah put the DPM in yet. We have to be fair. He has to contest against Najib and KuLi in November. This Johor landlord has two goliath to slay. If he "dies" we bury him in CuriZat's terd.

zorro said...

A Bad really are the BADDEST....not that I object!

zorro said...


OK if we INCENERATE them....deprive the maggots a distasteful feeding orgy?

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Those races for your PS must have tire you mentally and physically but I am lost for ideas for what should be oozing out the top orifice still for that YOgjakarta pendatang Zahid Hamidi!
As for RT he is just a plain Phd, so Dr only! But having started at the age of 20 as he ofttime claimed being immersed in Islam, he must be of the same calibre or genre as Dr., Muzafar Chandra!
Since I don't listen to him but Dr MAZA and the hilarious Ustaz, Azhar Idrus, I wonder whether all what RT expounded were indeed his innards speaking!He didn't seem to speak much the last time he visited my late Mum, just sat and stared while his wife did most of the talking!
He wasn;t a Dr yet then! Must be the lecturing position in U. ATM!

A Bad Boy said...



Actually, I have an elder brother called, A Badder Boy, and elder to that brother is, THE BADDEST BOY :)

So, really, I am just the youngest of three brothers and of cos, the nicest.

Just in case the Police Inspector General or Special Branch thinks I am an enemy of the State, allow me to say that I am a loyal Malaysian citizen who does not deserve your attention.

The real enemies of our country are sitting in Putrajaya.

I ask that other loyal Malaysians in PDRM find ways to pursue those enemies and their cronies in PDRM.

Anonymous said...

Zorro can create 2 categories of awards, one for senior and one for junior.

Both can get awards and everybody will be happy.

Mooyudin said...

Zorro,what is 'terd'?
Could it be 'herd'?

zorro said...

Moo, slip of the finger on keyboard. Should be turd.Thanks yah brother.